Happy 2022, and welcome to the first Newsletter of the Global Ecovillage Network of the year!

In this edition, we want to thank you for all your support, as well as share with you some of our plans for 22, including our first course of the year, our Ecovillage Design Education live online programme starting in March, and our first International Research Colloquium happening this Wednesday! We also feature an urgent cry for help from Auroville Community in India, GENOA's ReGEN - Nations learning journey and NextGEN Europe's fundraising campaign.

We hope we are able to provide you with a systemic view of what's coming up next, and wish you a year full of reGENeration!

Our Ecovillage Design Course starts March 12!

Looking for a unique Ecovillage Design Course? GEN is excited to announce a special opportunity to attend a full Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) LIVE online, certified by Gaia Education and GEN, with top facilitators and experts from around the world.

After our first successful cohort, we’re excited to offer this programme from 12 March to 24 July 2022. This incredible 4.5 month live course is a transformative learning journey providing knowledge and practical skills for how to design thriving communities and societies within planetary boundaries.

Know more about the Ecovillage Design Education

The programme will explore the 4 areas of regeneration (social, ecology, economy and worldview) including formal classes with presentations, Q&A sessions, videos, exercises as well as group dynamics and deep sharing. Participants will create and co-develop group projects during the design sessions. 

In this Ecovillage Design Course you will gain:

  • A Certification as a Designer in Sustainability. You can download and print this, and it also integrates with your LinkedIn profile so you can show the world your accomplishment.
  • Integrative design skills in four areas of regeneration: social, ecology, economy, and worldview
  • New friends, ideas, inspiration, and hope!

Here's how past participants felt as they concluded their learning journey...


Thank You!      Danke schön!      Köszönöm!  ¡Gracias!     شكرا لك!      谢谢!     Merci!        Cảm ơn bạn!        Grazie!      Спасибо!      शुक्रिया!

From everyone at GEN-International, we want to extend our utmost gratitude to the 334+ individuals and groups who made a contribution to GEN during our Together We Thrive campaign. Wow! You helped us raise over £18,000! We are also grateful to everyone who reached out to us during this campaign with warm greetings, concerns, and encouragements of many kinds! For all of these gifts of time, enthusiasm, and funds, we are honoured. We commit to you that we will use these funds to continue GEN’s mission in the best way possible in the coming year. 
It’s not too late to support our 2022 programs, you can still donate here:
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GEN Research Colloquium - THIS WEDNESDAY!
Decolonial thinking in an age of uncertainty and transformation
WEDNESDAY 12 January, 15:30 UTC (Find your local time here.)
Free participation. Registration required

In this colloquium, we will reflect on how ecovillages provide alternative development paradigms and on the role of decolonial thinking as a means to challenge dominant paradigms
Register HERE
Auroville Community needs our help!
Auroville, an intentional township in South India, is facing an extremely difficult struggle within its community. Some of the forest, watersheds and homes are being bulldozed and destroyed. Auroville Town authorities started to bulldoze forests containing endangered trees without warning, while many Auroville residents tried to protect ecologically sensitive areas. 

Auroville town authorities are pushing for building a perfectly circular road which would cut through forest and precious water catchments. Concerned residents presented an alternative plan with minor changes allowing the protection of sensitive areas.

But the community's participatory decision-making is bypassed by Auroville government authorities, reinforcing the development plan through violent authoritarian measures. Protesting residents want Auroville to be developed sustainably – respecting nature and people's voices, and honoring the reforestation work of the past 50 years.

How can you help Auroville? Sign up the Petition!
Know more here:

ReGEN - Nations
Are you interested in resilience and regeneration design solutions? If so, you cannot miss the ReGEN-Nations program, an online learning journey and prototyping lab using whole system thinking by the GEN Oceania & Asia Projects team.

Meet Sarah Queblatin and the GENOA Projects team next 15th January in their free taster workshop. Just follow the link to register:
Support the NextGEN Europe Team!
NextGEN is the youth-led group of the Global Ecovillage Network with presence in all five regions of GEN, they stand as living examples of young people intentionally connecting with and taking action in their communities or ecovillages. NextGEN works to empower, educate, connect, and inspire youth to participate in the ecovillage movement, and contribute to community-led change for eco-social Regeneration.

NextGEN Europe is raising funds for 2022, know more and support them at:
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