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GEN International is hiring

We are looking for two new team members to take on important areas of our work and activities in the fields of Fundraising and both internal and network/movement focused IT systems and platforms.

If you are interested in applying, we strongly encourage you to read the Recruitment Pack where we explain more about GEN, what we do, our mission, our ways of working, the way we think about roles and our shared governance structure. These are all important to us, and hopefully to any future team member too.

👀 You can find it all following the link:

We look forward to hearing from you!

GEN Europe is also hiring

GEN Europe is hiring a project manager for a new project that will support the creation of new ecovillage networks.

Get the details on their jobs page here:

GEN Education

We are very pleased to invite you to embark with us on the Ecovillage Design Education course starting on March 12, 2022. The EDE programme is known to be life changing. Previous participants have become change agents, capable of playing active roles in transitioning their communities, organizations, and neighbourhoods to embrace more regenerative practices, as well as leading more meaningful, joyful, and healthier lives. Know more and register here:

Much of the success of the EDE programme lies in the diversity of both facilitators and participants – coming from all corners of the globe and a range of walks of life. We always strive to ensure our offerings are accessible to those who will make the most of them, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are fundraising to support participants in the next round – see here some of the profiles who need the scholarship. We welcome the abundance of donations to make our scholarships possible! The scholarships will serve participants from the Global South, non-majority backgrounds and/or crisis areas – any amount helps! Know more about the EDE Scholarships.

We also want to let you know that our online Permaculture Design Course is back! This special course explores Ecovillages as examples and sources of expertise for permaculture design in action. Mark your calendars, and help spread the word, our online PDC begins on May 7!  The 20% early bird discount still runs until 15th of March! You can find more information and the registration form here:

In Solidarity with the people and communities of Ukraine

What does it mean to be a global network? ⁠

To realize that you are just one type of human, connected not only by biology but by a common dream to humans from around this entire beautiful planet.⁠

To celebrate together, and on days like today, to mourn together, to support and to fight for each other. ⁠

We are humbled by the actions already taking place throughout the network: GEN Europe's efforts with the Ukraine chapter, the Danish eco society Landsforeningen for Økosamfund offering a "home away from home" and coordinating rooms for those fleeing Ukraine, and for all of the other ecovillages throughout our regions mobalizing in support.⁠

What does it mean to be in a global network? To be positioned for global action.⁠

Here are a list of organizations actively providing assistance. 

If you have knowledge of any further projects, organizations, or Ecovillages currently offering support please share them as we build community in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.⁠

We will continue to share updates on fundraisers within the network as they begin. ⁠

In Community, with love, ⁠

GEN International

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