Live Session, Friday April 14th
This is an invitation to you, to dive into an exploration of what heart to heart communication with your loved ones and your community could look like at this time.

As we are all being shaken by the events in the world, can we learn to recognise the edges where we touch individual or collective trauma in our relationships and communities? Can we become more present and compassionate rather than turning away when it feels painful or uncomfortable?

Rather than continuing to fit ourselves into a culture that has too little space for our love and care, let's transform our societies from the inside out.

Ww invite you to join our upcoming live session, and to register to the larger online experience this weekend.
Join us for a freely streamed event: How are indigenous and first nations communities responding to COVID-19 and weaving resilience in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Oceania overall? Island communities are flooded as cyclones hit and sea levels continue to rise. Communities in Sri Lanka remember the Easter killings 2019 that brought the the aftermath of civil war back to their doorsteps. Maori communities in New Zealand continue to guide their government into regenerative action with wisdom and perseverance. Trudy Juriansz from Sri Lanka and Thalea Tane from New Zealand with share their full hearts with us.

Date: Friday, April 14
Time: 9.45 CET, 19.45 NZST

In English with times suited to Asia & Oceania

with Kosha Joubert
  • April 17-19: Weaving Community in Times of Crisis- From Fear to Belonging
  • April 24-26: Regenerative Community Design – Responding to the Planetary Emergency
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“I have found so much of what I and our community group need right now! I can’t thank you enough for the sense of caring and love and beautiful facilitation in teaching us all the amazingness from GEN”
– Rachel, participant of the March Online Training
Em Português, com horários bons para a América do Sul, Europa e África
Com Taisa Mattos
24 – 26 Abril

Design de Comunidades Regenerativas
O Papel das Comunidades em Tempos de Crise
Clique aqui para saber mais:
“Foi uma linda experiência de conexão e aterramento, pude sentir que a transformação é palpável. Agora eu tenho experiência em me sintonizar e conectar com a base. Muito obrigada pela maneira maravilhosa de passar minha manhã e o resto da minha vida. Gratidão profunda a todos vocês.”
-Nicola, participante do curso online de março.
New products and special offers in the GEN Online Store

The online store has expanded its range and now we are happy to offer the New Edition of the Ecovillage Design Cards after gaining experience from working with the cards in communities and organisations in 35 countries on all continents, where GEN has gathered abundant feedback to upgrade and finetune GEN’s 32 Ecovillage Principles which translate into our 32 Ecovillage Design Cards.

Another new product in our Online Store is the book in German: Die Kraft der kollektiven Weisheit by Kosha Anja Joubert.

Furthermore we like to share our special offers with you. The first edition of the English cards (A5, A4, A3 and A6), A4 cards in German, Chinese and Armenian and A5 cards in Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Chinese are now sold at 50% off and with every sale we offer a free printed version of the annual report!
ESC Opportunity with the Global Ecovillage Network in Findhorn, Scotland
In July 2020 we will invite 2 ESC volunteers to the Global Ecovillage Network main office in the Findhorn ecovillage, Scotland to participate in our one year long ESC programme. You will be joining GEN at a very exciting time in our evolution as an organisation and will be working closely with passionate and inspirational individuals committed to strengthening connectivity between sustainable communities worldwide.

Who can apply: young people between the ages of 18-­30, who have not participated in an EVS/ESC programme before, from Germany or Portugal. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, click here to know more

Online Summit Raffle
For schools, universities and youth groups as well as for Ecovillages

GEN Online Summit Communities for Future – Our Response for the Climate Emergency was a tremendous success, with over 20,900 participants watching it live. The Summit is over, however, our journey together continues.

We are creating a raffle, where we give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities and 10 ecovillages, community projects, each month, starting this month, April, and then again in May. That means 40 packages in total will be given out!

If you want to know more or apply, click here:

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