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This week we feature a federation of communities with more than 46 years of experience in sustainable living: Damanhur, in Italy. Founded in 1975 from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco, Damanhur has slowly expanded into a United Nations award-winning sustainable eco-community, now home to about 600 people.

Watch our Education Director and Lead Link Anna Kovasna talk with Macaco Tamerice from Damanhur for free!

Macaco Tamerice shares the core insights and lessons of community-living and spirituality in Damanhur. She starts with the journey that took her to Damanhur and highlights the beauty and challenges of a balanced community-life and the core elements that make Damanhur a resilient community in these times.

The Damanhur Ecovillage talk will be available for free until Friday, September 24, 4pm UTC.

Watch Ecovillage Damanhur talk for free

We hope you enjoy it!

During the month of September, we bring the best of the Online Summit 2021, one free talk per week. Please let us know which speaker or ecovillage you would like to see in the following weeks.

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Ps: The Movement Building Panel - Rights of Nature, Sociocracy & Deep Adaptation and the Global Ecovillage Network is still available for free until Friday, September 17, 4pm UTC. Click here to watch the Movement Building Panel.

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