Building the New Normal

Until living from a place of love within becomes the New Normal, our global problems that are symptoms of that love’s absence, will remain.

At the heart of it, ecovillages are simply – yet profoundly – spaces where people are learning to live together from a place of connectedness: Love. This manifests in respect and appreciation of others and their diversity: Community. It also results in the dedicated care and stewardship of nature and all other forms of life: Regeneration.

To thrive in this endeavor and create truly global impact, we must stand together as one global community. Join us today in building a New Normal through ecovillages and communities all around the planet. Together, we have the power to co-create what is normal.

Ecovillage Highlight: ZEGG Ecovillage, Germany

Here is the story of Ena, of how she and the people in ZEGG Ecovillage have built their Human Connection. 

She shares: "We have developed a tool to grow personally and build trust among each other. When I step into the middle I let others be part of my inner life, struggle or celebration. Other community members will give feedback.

“Before my life here, people would never point out my potential or blind spots. Here, we try to meet each other with curiosity and find out what drives people to act in a certain way. This helps me to see beyond roles and opinions and judge less. We can address what bothers us with a loving intention. We can express ourselves deeply and let ourselves be touched by one another. This is the new normal I want to live in."

Click here to watch Ena tell her story

Strong human connections can totally be our normal! It will take an investment on our part, an effort to grow together, but with a shared intention we can work together to make that happen.

Every day ecovillages and communities around the world are building a more authentic, connected and regenerating way of life. They want this to be their normal, and rather than wait for the world to catch up, ecovillagers go ahead and build it themselves. They know in their hearts that it is not only possible – it is also destined to be.

Friends of GEN Building a New Normal is a campaign to celebrate the many people seeded around the planet who are building their own “new normal” through the very lives they live. Each one forms the bedrock of the Network, the Movement we are – saplings of regenerative planetary cultures. This campaign is a statement, a challenge, as well as an invitation to take action or join hands. We flourish together.

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Upcoming Online Learning Opportunities
Ecovillages and Their Transformational Potential for Rural Areas
Free participation, registration requred
Organised together with the YEEES Project and other partners, our aim is to exchange experiences, increase data sharing, identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for collaboration, and also to map and systematize research on ecovillages and related topics. In this colloquium, we will discuss the wider transformational and political impacts of Ecovillages beyond the communities - on the villages and regions in which the communities are based - and will also reflect on the concept of re-ruralization. 
Register FREE Here

Get inspired by our GEN ambassadors and their tips to speak and present yourself with more confidence while getting a taste of our coming course “The Art of Speaking and Presenting (GEN and your own story!)” 

Facilitated by Tessa Brock (Ambassador Coordinator and GEN Trainer) together with our ambassadors Rita Trombin and Alice Güntert.

Register FREE Here

$5- $30 USD.
Find your local time here.

The cultural dimension of the ecovillage design framework is unique to systems design and solutions. It looks at the role of our mental models and the cultural beliefs that shape the systems we inherit or design. To change our system, our worldviews must change and reconnect back to nature and everything.

Join inspiring innovators who have transformed the narrative of economic systems locally and globally. 

In a time of economic disruptions due to the pandemic and the climate crisis brought about by our dominant economic model, discover ways we can design regenerative economies for our well-being and long term resilience. Hear from the Maori wisdom of New Zealand as a circular, “donut” economic model with Teina Boasa-Dean; the impact of Community Supported Agriculture or CSAs with Shi Yan from China; and on designing mindful enterprise ecosystems for food sovereignty with Jon Jandai from Thailand. We aim to discover ways we can honor the indigenous practices of exchange and value, to enable relationships across actors in a food ecosystem, and designing mindful markets and economies to regenerate communities and their ecological ecosystems.

This workshop is a part of the economic dimension of the ReGEN-Nations program, a 6 month learning journey and prototyping lab using whole systems thinking to design solutions for sociological, cultural, economic, and ecological resilience and regeneration, created by the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia (GENOA).

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The learning opportunities and facilitating partners
on our platform continue to grow.

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GEN Regions Highlight: GEN Africa

Through a participatory and members engagement approach, 10 core team members have been selected to run the Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme (PAEDP). More news coming soon.

In addition, GEN Africa introduced an Award Scheme for members through a competitive call for proposals with reviews by an independent committee. Four member organizations received funds and have project implementation is underway.

We join them in celebrating Ghana Permaculture Institute represented by Dr. Paul Yeboah, ReSCOPE Zambia represented by Madam Annie Chikanji, Eco Clean Ghana represented by Charles Katare, and Centre Des Hommes Togo represented by Mr. Sego.

GEN Ambassador Highlight

Margarita Hamatsu leads the youth organisation, Adventures For Students, with the mission to inspire young people around the world to make a difference. They pride themselves in establishing partnerships with communities around the globe and supporting them by carrying out teaching, renovation, and environmental projects with the help of inspiring and friendly volunteers.

Some of their projects include renovating classrooms and libraries in remote Gambian village’s, cultural exchange projects in Poland and environmental programmes in Iceland and United Kingdom, emphasising the importance of sustainability for under-privileged children in the Chinese countryside province of Guangxi and in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
Adventures For Students was established in the United Kingdom and has recently opened an office in Iceland which aims to reach and empower children and young people, both locally and globally. They aim to teach young people and adults about sustainability, regenerative environment, resilience and existing eco communities in the hope that they feel inspired enough to promote this themselves and pass the information on to others.

Find Out More Here
Get to know the GEN Team

Have you ever wondered who is behind the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) International? Then this is your chance to find out! We are pleased to launch our GEN Staff Interview Series! Over the next few months you will regularly get to see interviews with different Staff members of the GEN International team. Find out who we are, what drives us and what we are currently working on!

Here's the first interview with Carolin Waldmann

Carolin, originally from Germany, started to work for GEN and live in Findhorn back in August 2019, initially for a year long internship as part of the European Solidarity Corps. Now she is serving as GEN’s Office Coordinator and Education Assistant. Before working with GEN, Carolin spent time abroad visiting different ecovillages and intentional communities in Germany and the UK and participated in a year-long program called Project Peace.

The interviews are done by Lara Muhsik, currently an intern in the GEN International Office, based in the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland. Through the European Solidarity Corps programme, young people get the chance to closely work with the team and be involved in different projects. Lara mainly supports the Communications Area. 

She shares: "Being with GEN for 5 months, I learned so much of what is happening behind the scenes. This is what this series of interviews is for - to show the people behind all the good work we are doing. Hopefully this will create a stronger connection between us - as an organisation, and you - who are in fact shaping what we are doing."

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Opportunities in the Network

In the beginning of February, we will open up the application for our next round of ESC volunteers in GEN. Starting in the beginning of August 2021, three young people of Germany, Norway and Spain between the age of 18-30 will have the chance to work with GEN for a year (fully funded!) in the main office of the Findhorn Ecovillage.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Facebook page and next newsletter to apply for this upcoming ESC opportunity.

The UrbanA team are delighted to announce the call for participants for the next UrbanA Arena 'Governance Arrangements for Just and Sustainable Cities' online 'in' Berlin, 18th-19th March 2021.

Application Deadline extended to 24th January.

Are you curious about how cities are addressing sustainability and justice together? Would you like to learn about, and engage with governance arrangements that may support your own initiative? 

At the ONLNE arena, you will engage in small groups with diverse practitioners and scholars from Berlin and across Europe to benefit from experiences made in other cities. Hear about how current initiatives in Berlin are struggling to achieve a more sustainable and just future, and how they have overcome some of the barriers they face. You will also have a chance to contribute to UrbanA’s findings on governance arrangements that support #sustainablejustcities.

We are keen to hear your thoughts on how these lessons can be translated from one city to another, and what kind of support you would need for establishing more just sustainability policies and practices in your city.

Find a brief schedule of the Arena's 5 sessions here, and apply here before January 24th, 2021 to join a diverse group of city makers for two days of learning and enriching discussions. UrbanA wants to hear from you!

For further information on our application process see the information sheet here.

For more information and to stay in touch, please see

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