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Did you get the Summit Package already? If not, get your access now. Packages sales are only available for another 24 hours. 

With the Summit Package you will get full and unlimited access to conversations with more than 60 ecovillages and speakers from 20 countries including Brasil, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Cameroon, USA, Australia, China, The Gambia and Mexico. Learn and get inspired by their stories, experiences, and knowledge. 

We want participation in our Summit Community to be free. Through selling the Summit Package we aim to cover the Summit costs. All income flows back into the preparations of the Summit 2022. 

Support us now and learn more about the ecovillage movement!  

Support GEN's work!
The Summit Package sale will close on Monday,
May 31, 2021, at 5pm UTC! 

If you would like to (re-)watch some of the other ecovillage interviews, we are inviting you to purchase the whole Summit Package. We are offering a sliding scale between 35-100 GBP to make it accessible and affordable for everyone. 
Get the Summit Package

Summit Package Raffle - win free access to all interviews!

We are excited to announce that we are creating a Summit Package Raffle, where we give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities, and 10 ecovillages, community projects, starting this month, May, and then again in June and July. That means 60 packages in total will be given out!

In order to be eligible for the raffle, please see the process and criteria below. 

  1. Send your application each month by the 30th via this form (ie. May 30, June 30, July 30).
  2. After this we will review all applications, including the eligibility criteria outlined here: 
    1. You are a youth group, youth initiative, school, university or other youth organisation 
    2. You are an ecovillage, traditional or indigenous community, eco-community, eco-project (which includes permaculture farms, learning centers, restoration sites) or a transition town
    3. Your community, project, organisation or group has a minimum of 10 people
    4. Your community, project, organisation or group has a financially low economic capacity
    5. Your community, project, organisation or group is actively working on and responding to climate change issues 
  3. On 5th of the following month (ie. June 5 and July 5) we will announce the lucky finalist via email.

If you are not one of the finalists in one month we invite you to apply again in the coming month. 

If you are a group that satisfies one of the above-mentioned categories and that has a high economic capacity, we would like to request that you buy the package (we offer a sliding scale of 35-100 GBP. This will enable and give the opportunity to other groups, who are unable to purchase the package, the chance  to participate in this raffle. 

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