The Times They Are A-Changin'
Greetings from the Global Ecovillage Network!

We are living in unprecedented times, and the challenges that we are facing in the world require that we adapt and transform. GEN is also changing, including the format of our monthly newsletter. You will notice that now we have different sections, reflecting the multiple fronts of the work we are doing.

We start with a special message from our Executive Director, demonstrating the depth of change we face. Next, the River of Life programme shows our support for women community leaders as agents of transformation. 

Every month we will feature a story from one of our five regional networks and NextGEN, our youth arm. We start with GEN Europe and their upcoming documentary 'Communities of Hope”. In addition, we will be highlighting one ecovillage: this month we present the Findhorn community in Scotland and their INNER CLIMATE CHANGE documentary.

GEN Ambassadors will have their own section. This month we introduce a podcast from Eco Village Voice, Australia, where they reflect on traditional principles of land ownership and how to transform the way we deal with property. Finally, we bring you upcoming events from GEN and our partners, that might further enrich your lives.

We hope to inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world!
A Special Message from our Executive Director
Dear friends,
After twelve years of deep engagement, the moment has come for me to move on from my role as CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network. The many years that I have been involved with this beautiful network and organisation have been a joy and accompanied by much inner and outer growth.

Many of the dreams I had for GEN when setting out on this journey have been achieved and I believe and feel that GEN is well positioned to continue fulfilling its potential in the world. I have given, received and learned so much.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who has helped to make this such a rich and fulfilling journey. I will be completing my role on 10th July 2020. I hope and trust that our paths will continue to weave together through space and time.

In community,
Kosha Joubert

We invite you to support one of our special programmes in GEN, the River of Life, a worldwide project through which women can express their solidarity with each other. This programme matches women in the Global North with women in the Global South, providing a steady financial support for women community leaders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Through your donation, you are not only supporting one woman but a whole community and even networks of communities. The solutions and care keep rippling out.

What we found from the pilot project is that women donors experienced deep joy and satisfaction in supporting a woman who is doing holistic community work and watching her grow with the help of their contribution. 

Women are powerful agents of transformation.   

Do you feel called to build a connection of hope to a woman from Latin America, Africa or Asia, to support her work in her community, strengthening the social fabric while regenerating ecosystems and livelihoods? 

If you are interested in learning more, please write to  and we will send you a short survey, so we can understand your unique interest and care.  

Highlights from the Regions
GEN Europe and The Great Relations Films have announced the launch of their documentary that takes us on a journey around the mandala of regeneration: how ecovillages relate to the social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions of sustainability. Featuring communities including Tamera (Portugal), Sunseed (Spain) and Solheimar (Iceland) and interviews with key members of the ecovillage movement, it offers pathways towards a new way of seeing the world, and a new way of living together. The full documentary will premiere online on June 4th 2020 with a special screening followed by discussion and Q&A with Diego and Lou as well as some of the ecovillagers featured in the film. There will be further screenings with subtitles and conversation in many other languages.
Find out more here
Highlights from Ecovillages

The Findhorn Foundation's documentary, INNER CLIMATE CHANGE, takes a journey to see how our inner climate relates to the topic of climate change and how changing from within will create the change we need. How do we navigate the intensity of emotions and reactions stirred up by climate change, or COVID-19 for that matter? How do we come to a place of peace, compassion, forgiveness and life-affirming action?

Balancing science and ancient wisdom, personal experiences and collective insights, the film draws from the Climate Change and Consciousness conference (CCC19) held in 2019 at the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, which included 350 participants, youngers and elders of multiple ethnicities and diverse genders from 45 countries.

Featured in the documentary are notable experts, as well as deeply committed climate activists including GEN's Executive Director, Kosha Joubert, as well as Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Charles Eisenstein, Christiana Figueres, Polly Higgins, Vandana Shiva, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, and more.

Tune in here
Highlights from GEN Ambassadors
Tune into the podcast, Ecovillage Voice, as some of our Ambassadors are interviewed about their land ownership model, which reflects as much as possible, First Nations principles.
Find out more and register here
Upcoming Workshops & Trainings
An international coalition of over 200 leaders from diverse backgrounds and 100 partner organizations representing over 10 million individuals from around the world will launch the Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit on May 22, 2020. The Summit is an initiative of Ubiquity University and GEN is a partner.
The Summit will transform critical conversations into actions that will create a sustainable post-pandemic world.
For the first time in human history, the whole world has been forced to fight
the same threat at the same time. Yet, even as we struggle to cope, this
crisis has given us an extraordinary opportunity to build a new world that is
more ecologically and socially regenerative, as well as more resilient to
future challenges. Let’s rise together and create a new future.
Find out more here
Stay tuned for more Online Workshops from GEN:
  • End of May - Live Q & A with GEN
  • June 5 - 7: Urban Ecovillages
  • June 23 - 25: Regenerative Community Design
  • June 30 - July 2: Journey of Regeneration
  • July 7 - 9: Trauma Informed Community Resilience

Online Summit Raffle
For schools, universities and youth groups as well as for Ecovillages

GEN Online Summit Communities for Future – Our Response for the Climate Emergency was a tremendous success, with over 20,900 participants watching it live. The Summit is over, however, our journey together continues.

We are creating a raffle, where we give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities and 10 ecovillages, community projects, each month, starting this month, April, and then again in May. That means 40 packages in total will be given out!

Apply Here
From our Partners
Learn from 16 of the most prominent actors and projects around the world to gain valuable knowledge to develop your own restoration plans, with small group facilitation. Explore the inner workings of ecosystem restoration projects and techniques, covering a wide range of ecosystems and biomes, and use these learnings to create a plan for how to restore an ecosystem close to your heart. Develop skills in restoring ecosystems in natural, agricultural, and urban areas, as well as learning from businesses that are regenerating their landscapes whilst creating and sustaining livelihoods. 
You can sign up for the whole course or per module.
Find out more and register here
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