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Welcome to the October Newsletter of the Global Ecovillage Network. GEN is a community - a network of networks - of around 6,000 ecovillages around the world. We're really really diverse, from indigenous communities and traditional networks of villages in the Global South to intentional and sustainable communities in the Global North.

At GEN International we are working to give ecovillages a global voice, to facilitate more and more exchange between us so that we can learn from each other and to simply support more and more people to switch into our dream of a self-realized grassroots empowered way of living in more harmony.

As we get ready to send an amazing delegation to bring the voice of the ecovillages to COP26, we ask you to support us in building this movement for planetary regeneration.
Meet GEN's COP26 Delegation!

We are delighted to announce that three amazing women will represent GEN at the upcoming COP26 talks in a few weeks: Anna Kovasna, Taisa Mattos, and Sarah Queblatin.

Anna Kovasna, Coordination Circle Lead; Taisa Mattos, Education & Research Coordinator; Sarah Queblatin, GEN Ambassador, GENOA.

These leaders will advocate on behalf of the network and be the voice of the ecovillage movement at this important international forum. For regenerative culture to thrive we need to bring it to every level of organization, from international climate talks to your own neighborhood group.

Show Anna, Taisa, and Sarah that we are behind them, supporting their good work, and please make a donation to support them! Donations will cover the expenses of travel, Covid testing, materials and displays, and staff time.

I support GEN’s delegation!
GEN's 1st online Permaculture course -  PDC
Permaculture teaches us to observe nature’s cycles to design regenerative systems that work with one another to create solutions. 

Learn Permaculture and Ecovillage Design online with experts and founders of the Permaculture and Ecovillage movements. Ranging from how to create a permaculture food garden to using the principles of permaculture in community design and beyond, this course is designed to give you the tools, connections, and capacity to skillfully bring permaculture into your life.
Find details of the course and Register HERE
Our free online workshop How to Design a Permaculture Mandala Garden - Regenerative Agriculture in your Backyard or Community Garden happens today, Thursday, Oct 21 at 8pm (UTC+1) - Register here!

Also check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for a series of videos we're posting on Permaculture, ecovillage case studies and introducing our amazing facilitators.
GEN Research Circle

28th October, 13:00 UTC.

Last month's edition of GEN's Research Colloquium Series on Ecovillages and Sustainable Lifestyles explored “Why We Need to Talk about Capitalism While Doing Ecovillage Research (and Why It Has Not Been Done Enough).” It was a great event with lively discussions and opportunities for networking among attendees. You can access recordings from the entire series here.

This month, the GEN Research Group will hold the first Ecovillage Research Circle, a space for researchers with ongoing research projects/ papers on ecovillages who would like to share about their current research and to get inputs from their fellow ecovillage researchers. 

If you currently engaged in a research project about ecovillages and would like to be a part of the first Research Circle, please register here.

UBUNTU - Racial Equity Tools  Event

5th, 6th, 7th November

Rise Ubuntu Network and partners are hosting an event to explore healing racism within us and our communities. Join experienced trainers and speakers who have been actively focusing on social justice in their communities and organizations. Participate in workshops and shared processing. 

Find Out More and Register Here
Ecovillage Economics, Abundance in Community,
hosted by GEN Europe
13th & 14th November

Explore successful economic models centred in trust, cooperation, ethical practice and wellbeing, whilst simultaneously providing financial sustenance to support ourselves, our communities and wider society. Delve into regenerative businesses that support the health of both people and the planet and how ecovillages are defining emerging field of ‘community economics.’   

Find the Full Programme and Register Here
Meet GEN's new ESC team members

The GEN head office in Findhorn welcomes fresh energy with the addition of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers: Karoline from Norway, Ann-Chris from Germany, and Irene from Mallorca, Spain. They will be supporting different projects that contribute to a more connected, resilient and sustainable ecovillage reality across the globe.

Read more about them and the ESC programme here and take a tour of the GEN head office below.

Connecting Communities and Academia for a Regenerative World

GEN celebrates ecovillager and long-term contributor to GEN's work, Rebeca Roysen, as she steps into the role of Coordinator of a research project “Ecovillages as Incubators for Sustainability Transitions” (EVIST) at the University of Basel, Switzerland. 

The aim of the project is to better understand the role ecovillages play in local sustainability transitions: what facilitates or hinders the diffusion of ecovillages’ innovations into their local social environments. They will study ecovillages in 25 countries across GEN's 5 regions.

Rebeca highlights that they do not want to "just take time" from ecovillages, but really to give something in return, for the research to result in processes and products that may be of service to the ecovillage movement.

Read more here

GEN Featured in Climate Adaptation Book

Launching at COP26, the book "Climate Adaptation: Accounts of Resilience, Self-Sufficiency and Systems Change" features an article on transformative potential of Ecovillages for rural areas. It covers case studies for adaptation around the world and strikes a balance between hope and realism. This timely publication of voices from different corners of the world calls for urgency amidst a climate crisis, a pandemic, and global trade bottlenecks. It is a pragmatic message for all stakeholders to reconstruct present world views and to think beyond what is generally taught in mainstream education systems. This collection details transdisciplinary issues that are clearly spelt out for the reader to absorb. Indeed, this book is for anyone who wants to become an agent of meaningful change when the situation calls for it.

Read more here

Call for Papers and Workshop Proposals on
''Co-Creating Community:
Evolving Models of Intentional Community"

The International Communal Studies Association will host its 14th conference in July 2022  with a hybrid format: some in-person events in Denmark and also available virtually. It will explore the ways intentional communities continually evolve in relation to one another, to the larger culture, and to political and ecological challenges.

They are welcoming paper, panel, and workshop proposals until 1 December on topics ranging from integrating elements of diverse communal models to the ways intentional communities have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic or to the rise of rightwing populism, among other themes.

Find Out More Here
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