Our Annual Report 2019 is here!

How the Global Ecovillage Network is catalysing communities for a regenerative world.

It is with great satisfaction that we release the Global Ecovillage Network Annual Report 2019. Our staff, partners, and members are diverse, creative, and driven by passion and commitment. We strive to ensure our projects and programmes are engaging, impactful, and contextually relevant.

When we reflect back on our accomplishments of 2019, we hope to ignite these qualities in our readers as well. Our annual report provides metrics, as we measure and track our progress and set new targets for the coming year. It also encompasses stories, bringing together perspectives from across the globe woven into our collective narrative.

From participating in the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP25) to engaging 20,000 people with the wisdom of 30 activists in our free online summit, from providing training across continents to hosting innovation labs in the global North and South, GEN continues to engage with a network of dedicated change-makers towards a regenerative world.

Whether you read our 2019 Annual Report cover to cover, dive into one region or focus area, or simply flip through and land on a page, we hope you’ll connect with our vision and feel compelled to join us in our mission.

If there is a little bit of hope – an ember of hope – I am going to blow on it and try to start a fire.
-Albert Bates, The Farm

Access the Global Ecovillage Network Annual Report 2019:

Communities on Edge Videos
Communities on the Edge: Our Response to the Climate Emergency is a series of videos from the Global Ecovillage Network, exploring how ecovillages and sustainable projects are being affected by, how they are responding to, and what the learnings are from the climate crisis.

This series is showcasing inspiring, practical experiences and successes from ecovillages, communities, and eco-projects from all over the world.
We have already published videos with Paul Yeboah (Ghana Permaculture Institute), Macaco Tamerice (Damanhur, Italy),Sarah Queblatin (Green Releaf Initiative, Philippines) and Marcus Dittrich (Tamera Ecovillage, Portugal). Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to hear first when new videos are premiered.
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Upcoming Online Trainings
Have you seen our new online learning platform? We warmly welcome you to head to to discover the first of a range of opportunities to build knowledge, skills, and capacity within the ecovillage movement!

We already have several online workshops available - three of which are brand new! These are also Kosha Joubert's final workshops as GEN's Executive Director: GEN Ambassadors, Volunteers, and Friends of GEN benefit from 50% off (ask your GEN contact person for the discount code). We also try to offer a few scholarships and genuinely appreciate the generosity of those in a strong financial position to support others, by providing a tiered payment option.
Know more and register
We continue the format of launching our workshops with a free, live streamed conversation with change-agents actively working in the area. Next Monday (June 22) at 19:00 BST, join us at the start of Regenerative Community Design with our special guests, Daniel Christian Wahl (Designing Regenerative Culture) and Mugove Walter Nyika (GEN Africa), facilitated by Kosha Joubert (GEN).

We will delve into questions such as: What strengths can we celebrate in terms of positive change? Where are our weak or blind points? Where are those leverage points which will ensure that things never go back to ‘business as usual?

The live event will be available on our main Facebook Page at and we invite your questions and comments during the conversation.
We strive to balance free, widely accessible content with opportunities to engage and interact. To continue into deeper discussion the following 2 days, you're invited to register for the workshop.
Friends of GEN
Now more than ever, we need to connect as a community and stand in solidarity to create the beautiful, interconnected world we all want to live in.

With a small monthly donation, Friends of GEN support GEN’s work at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards a regenerative world - and in the process become more closely involved with communities locally and globally who are building alternatives now.

You can become a Friend and start to receive exclusive benefits that bring you closer to the global ecovillage movement from as little as €5 per month.

Friends of GEN donating €10 per month or more receive a 20% discount to all of our trainings.

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