Live Sessions, Friday April 24th
Workshop Continues Saturday and Sunday
"This is such a fun way to get to learn the principles better!"  
-Audrée, Participant in last month'workshop.
Here's our final reminder that in about 12 hours we'll be Live Streaming from our Facebook page and invite you to tune in for free. 8:45am British Standard Time / 16:45 Japan Standard Time / 19:45 New Zealand Standard Time.

Explore with us: 
How could we emerge from this pandemic with a true, deep and permanent transformation of our communities and societies?

Para os nossos amigos de lingua portuguesa nos estaremos ao vivo as 16h Brasil / 20h Portugal / 21h Moçambique.

Explore conosco:
Como podemos emergir dessa pandemia com uma transformação verdadeira, profunda e permanente de nossas comunidades e sociedades?
If you feel drawn to go deeper into this conversation in a facilitated workshop, register to participate in the larger online experience this weekend. 
Bring your questions and have your voice heard by our network. 
If the times don't work for you, don't worry: Registered participants will have unlimited access to some of our resources and tools on this topic.

Mais informações sobre o workshop completo aqui.

“This format is so helpful, to those of us who would go to where the greatest needs are as well as where the weak links in the chain are to connect as needed based on deep listening. Great mirroring where community is
- and an amazing tool to share what’s possible.”

-Jiyun, participant in last month's workshop.

I will be going back often to the recordings to look for more wisdom from all of you wonderful people. Thank you for this intercultural space, so enriching,- a space of solidarity and love.

- Zoraya, participant in the similar workshop last month.
Em Português, com horários bons para a América do Sul, Europa e África
“Foi uma linda experiência de conexão e aterramento, pude sentir que a transformação é palpável. Agora eu tenho experiência em me sintonizar e conectar com a base. Muito obrigada pela maneira maravilhosa de passar minha manhã e o resto da minha vida. Gratidão profunda a todos vocês.”
-Nicola, participante do curso online de março.
New products and special offers in the GEN Online Store

The online store has expanded its range and now we are happy to offer the New Edition of the Ecovillage Design Cards after gaining experience from working with the cards in communities and organisations in 35 countries on all continents, where GEN has gathered abundant feedback to upgrade and finetune GEN’s 32 Ecovillage Principles which translate into our 32 Ecovillage Design Cards.

Another new product in our Online Store is the book in German: Die Kraft der kollektiven Weisheit by Kosha Anja Joubert.

Furthermore we like to share our special offers with you. The first edition of the English cards (A5, A4, A3 and A6), A4 cards in German, Chinese and Armenian and A5 cards in Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Chinese are now sold at 50% off and with every sale we offer a free printed version of the annual report!

Online Summit Raffle
For schools, universities and youth groups as well as for Ecovillages

GEN Online Summit Communities for Future – Our Response for the Climate Emergency was a tremendous success, with over 20,900 participants watching it live. The Summit is over, however, our journey together continues.

We are creating a raffle, where we give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities and 10 ecovillages, community projects, each month, starting this month, April, and then again in May. That means 40 packages in total will be given out!

If you want to know more or apply, click here:

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