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This week we feature a speaker committed to postpone the End of the World! Ailton Krenak is a Brazilian writer, journalist, philosopher and indigenous activist who brought together180 different indigenous nations of Brazil and worked tirelessly for Indigenous Rights to become part of the country’s official Constitution.

Watch our former President Jennifer Trujillo talk with Ailton Krenak on Ideas to Postpone the End of the World!

In this conversation, Ailton Krenak presents us a very clear picture of  how colonialism affected and still affects indigenous communities and the sustainable development in Latin America. Ailton also teaches us what a barking dog has to do with anthropocentrism.

"Life is not supposed to be useful. This is bullshit. Life is so wonderful that our mind seeks to give some utility to it. Life is fruition. Life is a dance. But it's a cosmic dance, and people want to reduce it to a ridiculous and utilitarian choreography. Reduce it to a biograph: someone was born, did this and that, founded a city, invented fordism, made a rocket, wenr into space...

All that, folks, is just a ridiculous little story... Life is much more than that. But if we want to make life become something useful, then here we go.... We need to have the courage to be radically alive. And not to compromise survival."

—Ailton Krenak.

Ailton Krenak's talk will be available for free until Friday, October 7, 4pm UTC.  His talk is in Portuguese, but we offer subtitles in English.

Watch Ailton Krenak talk for free

We hope you enjoy it!

During the month of September, we brought the best of the Online Summit 2021, one free talk per week. Stay tuned for exciting news in October!

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Ps: The free talk - Sekem Initiative: regenerating the desert in Egypt is still available for free until Friday, October 1, 4pm UTC. Click here to watch the Sekem Initiative talk.

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