Celebrating the End of 2020

The year that made humankind decelerate is finally ending. We are all experiencing at first hand what it means to be interconnected with all life on the planet, and we proved that when we collaborate in a global scale we are capable of amazing feats never deemed possible before.

Everyone everywhere had to lear how to adapt fast. Even though the sustainable communities movement have been preparing for decades for the climate breakdown, several ecovillages had to reinvent themselves to survive the challenges presented this year. Many people in our networks have been personally challenged by health or loss of loved ones and our hearts go out to all of you.

In times of crisis, it is important to reconnect to our common purpose. What unites us together?

The Global Ecovillage also faced deep transformations. We have new pathways and structures ahead, exciting and inspiring, moving towards the new together. After twelve years of deep engagement, the moment has come for Kosha Joubert to move on from her role as CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network. Since then, we are experimenting a new structure, with our four directors sharing the responsibility of stewarding the organization.

GEN's work is fundamentally based on solidarity, collaboration and mutual care. We have been brewing the most effective vacine against loneliness and individualism. We are a network of people holding hands together, foreseeing and preparing for the climate colapse, fighting to avoid it, and most importantly, creating new regenerative paths.

We are collectively building a better normal, far from normalizing the current tragedy under a supposed "new" normal. We summon you to join us in this new reality we are already creating. We need each and everyone of us, our abilities, dedication and intelligence to achieve the necessary changes in the world.

The 2021 edition of our Online Summit will be all about ecovillages, and your are the first to hear about it! Save the date. share it with your networks and make your pre-registration now:

We honor all you have achieved this year - we would not have survived without you! We wish you and your community to be safe and well, and we hope to inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world as we step into the festive season and the New Year.

In community,

Anna Kovasna, Esther Hirsch, Gabriel Siqueira and Trudy Juriansz
Circle of Directors - Global Ecovillage Network
Save the Date for GEN's 3rd Online Summit, 2021.
The third edition of the GEN Online Summit will take place 9-15 April 2021. This coming year will be all about ecovillages - we want to showcase how ecovillages contribute to the mitigation of climate crisis in the face and function as resilient communities of practice under the conditions of environmental breakdown. 

Together with internationally renowned speakers and ecovillages/communities from GEN’s five regions we go on an exploration of sociocultural transformation and finding responses and solutions to ecological, economic, and social crisis.
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Ecovillage Highlights

As the calendar year comes to a close and we approach the holiday season, we wish everyone a happy solstice! Those in the southern hemisphere witness the latest sunset and welcome summer. Those in the northern hemisphere celebrate the longest night and give gratitude for the growing light. Wherever you are around the globe, we share with you gratitude and reflection as we shift our perspectives and attune with the natural cycles.

With this in mind, we celebrate Peace Ark, a beautiful spiritually based collaboration between Peace Valley Australian Bush Retreat and Korogonas Ark in Greece, participants in GEN’s Twinning Project

Focalizers of the project, Maria Angelia (pictured above) and Joy Foley (below) developed a deep soul connection, meeting regularly on Zoom to share ideas and support and discovered common ethics and values around a future of peace, harmony and abundance for all  beings. The two projects on opposite sides of the globe exchanged inspiration on Unity Singing and Circle/Sacred Dance and hosted a joint event during the full moon. The project was even interviewed by the Australian Radio. They also ceremoniously planted two trees in the way of humanitree, one in Greece and one in Australia, sharing their joint intentions. It was fun and playful while also a deeply meaningful ceremony for peace and healing on our Earth.

Upcoming Online Events
$5- $30 USD
With appropriate intention, purpose, and design, we can head to adaptable solutions and contribute to carbon sequestration. Join this webinar to learn how to help restore damaged ecosystems timely and effectively.
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Free, registration required.
Join a constructive dialogue among researchers that study ecovillages and resilient lifestyles. The fourth colloquium will be on Sustainability from the Inside Out: Transformational Practices for a Viable Human Future.
In this event, organised by GEN Research and YEEES, we will reflect upon the interplay between personal, social, and ecological resilience - including an experiential dive into a restorative practice linking the personal and the planetary.
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With all of these offerings so far,
and already over 500 participants in our online learning platform,
we are curious to know what else you would like to see
and in which formats.

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GEN's Online Store

We have expanded and are now happy to offer the complete set of the Wisdom of Communities book series.

Since 1972, the Communities magazine, published by the Foundation for Intentional Community and now by GEN-US, has been collecting and disseminating the lessons and solutions of the ecovillage movement. This new book series now available as a digital download in GEN’s online store is the distillation of them into the 4 volume book series Wisdom of Communities with the following topics, depending on where you are in your journey:
1. Starting a Community
2. Finding a Community
3. Communication in Community
4. Sustainability in Community

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Call for Papers
Are you an Ecovillage Researcher? We warmly welcome you to send in your contribtions to an online conference in March 2021, where GEN and ECOLISE are happy to co-host track IV - Resilience through Community Action: lessons from ecovillages for wider societal transitions.

This track focuses on resilience through community action and lessons learned from ecovillages for wider societal transformation. We invite contributions that relate to the ecovillage principles, as summarised in the Global Ecovillage Network map of regeneration.

As a contributor to our track, you will also be invited to contribute to a GEN publication, the ECOLISE wiki, and GEN's impact assessment and solution library. The deadline for submissions is soon - December 22 - so don't hesitate if you feel like this is for you.

You can see the full call for papers here.
From Our Partners
Two of GEN's closest partners, Ecosystem Restoration Camps and Gaia Education have come together to create a 6 month learning journey in Ecosystem Restoration Design, which balances online case study exploration, collaboration with practitioners and peers around the world, and culminates in a hands-on practical project. No matter what you're background is, if you're looking to broaden your understanding of ecosystem restoration and gain practical knowledge in a supportive and inspiring environment, this course is for you! You'll learn from 18 of the best restoration practitioners around the world, as they share their knowledge and expertise on restoring ecosystems in every biome on earth. By the end of the course you'll be able to create a restoration plan for an ecosystem close to your heart, and a business plan to sustain it. The course starts on 18 January and the 10% Early Bird discount code is valid until 18 December.
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Opportunities in the Network
GEN Europe is looking for motivated young volunteers to join the ESC volunteer programme starting February 2021 in Arterra Bizimodu, Spain. If you...
• Are under 30 (decided by EU funding regulations)
• Have skills or interest in IT, Communications, Graphic Design, Events Management or Administration
• Are passionate and curious about sustainable community living
• Want to spend 10 months living and learning in an ecovillage with all costs covered - then apply today!
The deadline is this Sunday December 13th.
Find out More and Apply Here
If you have any news or events to share in the next newsletter (mid January), you are welcome to connect with us at by 10 January.
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