With deep gratitude for the continued support of the Gaia Trust, we're excited to welcome applications for this year's Hildur Jackson Award. Find out how to apply below.

In this edition of our newsletter, beyond presenting the Hildur Jackson Award, we feature GEN's self paced online trainings and our Twinning Project. We also highlight a message from our friends at Atlantida ecovillage, Colombia, and a video by GEN Ambassadors Andrew McLean and Claire Ogden from Australia.

We take this opportunity to remind you of the GEN Online Store which includes our new and upgraded edition of the Ecovillage Design Cards. Finally, we invite you to an upcoming event from our partners of PermaYouth.

GEN continues working to catalyze your communities, wherever you are! Keep cool and stay safe!

Together with Gaia Trust, GEN developed the Hildur Jackson Award, a €3,000 annual prize that supports and honours projects around the world that demonstrate regenerative best-practices in all dimensions of sustainability.

The 2020 Hildur Jackson Award will again honour an Extraordinary Project and is open to ecovillage communities or projects worldwide. Selection criteria includes innovative, long-lasting impact, and appeal to a wider audience. Projects must be updated in the GEN database by closing date. Extended deadline - applications are open until September 4. Find out more at our website:

Apply now to the Hildur Jackson Award
GEN Online Education
We bring news from our online education platform. Two of our trainings are now available on demand, self-paced format:
  • Designing Regenerative Communities: the heart of this course is the Global Ecovillage Network Map of Regeneration – bringing together the areas of culture, economy, ecology and social, with principles lay out a pathway of integral design, leading the transformation to a life-affirming future.
  • Journey of Regeneration: This workshop invites you to a personal exploration of the potential for true transformation that lies at the heart of our times. Are we going to return to ‘business as usual’? Or might we lift our hearts, take courage and reach for a new way of being – initiating and manifesting evolutionary shifts within and without?
Know more and register
GEN Twinning Project

For years there has been the practice of “twinning” within GEN, where ecovillages, eco-projects, and ecovillage networks form special friendships and support each other, evolving into mutually beneficial relationships. We now have wonderful examples of twinning relationships in GEN and are excited to streamline the twinning so more projects are able to find and support each other. 

The 2020 Twinning Projects represent each region and plan to work in all areas of regeneration. In no particular order, they are:

Peace Valley Bush Retreat (Australia) and Korogonas Ark (Greece) are working together on “Peace Ark.” The goal is to extend the field of work in bringing inner/outer peace and regeneration.

La Aldea (Colombia) and Aduna’m Espace Culturel et Agricole (Senegal) are working together on “Four Winds Spiral.” The goal is to support design techniques and small-scale building projects – clay oven, poultry farming plot, seedbed, & chicken tractor.

La Bolina (Spain) and Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (Togo) are working together on “New Story.” The goal is to improve local quality of life, increase awareness, knowledge & skills, and educate communities to increase self-sufficiency.

Obrobibini Peace Complex (Ghana) and Instituto Biorregional do Cerrado (Brazil) are working together on “Water is Life.”  The goal is to implement two sustainable rainwater harvesting, storage, and filtration systems using natural building materials. 

Govardhan Ecovillage (India) and Kibbutz Gezer (Israel) are working together on “Engaged community, water, and financial sustainability.” The goal is to engage both communities in economic issues and water resources.

Jacutinga do Caparaó (Brazil) and Catfarm (France) are working together on “Green Rivers Water Plant.” The goal is to build a water management plan that can be adapted to the different realities of both projects, based on the study of”water planting” technologies.

Nuestra Finca Sagrada (Nicaragua) and Familia Feliz (Spain) are working together on “Terra Preta.” The goal is to create a new composting toilet solution, enhancing soil health, and adding resilience to the yields of fruit orchards.

Ecovila nômade (Brazil) and La Rosina (Spain) are working together on “João de Barro Twins, Co-bioconstruindo.” The goal is to improve infrastructure of buildings in the eco learning centres using natural, ecological and low cost construction methods.

Badilisha (Kenya) and Kalamos and Kastos (Greece) are working together on Training for trainers in ecosystem protection and permaculture.” The goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills in community forest conservation and management and growing food forests.

While this round of twinning has now closed (July 2020), we hope to continue the project in the future.

Read about past success stories of Twinnings
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With a small monthly donation, Friends of GEN support GEN’s work at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards a regenerative world - and in the process become more closely involved with communities locally and globally who are building alternatives now.

You can become a Friend and start to receive exclusive benefits that bring you closer to the global ecovillage movement from as little as €5 per month.

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Highlights from Ecovillages

Atlantida is an ecovillage in the southwest of Colombia. This place has been instrumental over the past years to weave together several movements and networks, including CASA Latina, that was born during a gathering hosted there. In their latest video, Jorge Caleiro share some reflections on the pandemic and a visual tour to Atlantida ecovillage.

Watch the Atlantida Video
Highlights from GEN Ambassadors
GEN Ambassadors Andrew McLean and Claire Ogden released a 3-minute video about Maleny Eco Village in Australia. They discuss their financial and legal model, and how they have effectively locked the land away from the speculative market; leaving it open for affordable housing, environmental care, and community forever. Watch the video:
GEN Online Store
After a long journey of experimenting and co-creating with the Ecovillage Design Cards in communities and organisations in 35 countries on all continents, we now distilled all this experience and feedback into 32 upgraded and fine tuned Ecovillage Principles.

In this new edition, GEN’s Ecovillage Design Cards are now available with corresponding SDGs for each Ecovillage Principle as a practical guide to archiving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We are happy to offer the upgraded 32 Ecovillage Design Cards and their Instruction Booklet now in 10 different languages! 
Buy the Ecovillage Design Cards at GEN Online Store!
From our Partners
PermaYouth is a group of 11 to 16 year olds from all over the world that collectively want to make a positive change in their communities and believe that permaculture is great way to do this. The Global PermaYouth Festival is a series of free online events especially for youth. Their first edition happens from August 28 to 30!
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