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U.S. Coast Guard Warns of LED Lighting Interfering with VHF-FM Radio and AIS Reception

There is a very interesting article to read about LED lights which would also include navigation lights on the following link-
http://U.S. Coast Guard Warns of LED Lighting Interfering with VHF-FM Radio and AIS Reception

Part of the report details how we can check our vessels.

it may be possible to test for the presence of LED interference by using the following procedures:

1. Turn off LED light(s).
2. Tune the VHF radio to a quiet channel (e.g. Ch. 13).
3. Adjust the VHF radio’s squelch control until the radio outputs audio noise.
4. Re-adjust the VHF radio’s squelch control until the audio noise is quiet, only slightly above the noise threshold.
5. Turn on the LED light(s).
* If the radio now outputs audio noise, then the LED lights have raised the noise floor. (Noise floor is generally the amount of interfering signals / static received beyond the specific signal or channel being monitored.)
6. If the radio does not output audio noise, then the LED lights have not raised the noise floor.

If the noise floor is found to have been raised, then it is likely that both shipboard VHF marine radio and AIS reception are being degraded by LED lighting.

Operating a charter business in Greece.
a short resume of problems members have faced!!!

Over recent weeks I have been communicating with one of our members who operates in Greece

We often complain about the rules governing our industry which are present to ensure passenger and boat safety which is needed provided this that are actually operating outside legislation are dealt with by the authorities.

Mike has seen a massive change of rules in Greece and I was also made aware of rules making it hard to operate by another UK operator who runs a RIB in Southampton but had planned to work in Greece. provides luxury Skippered & Crewed Charter on motor yacht 'Giulietta II' in the Greek Cyclades Islands.

Mike reports that until March this year if you wanted to operate commercially in Greece,  you presented  UK documents to the Hellenic Registry and they said fine, OK, here is your Compliance Certificate although we operate under slightly different rules from Greek flagged boats. This is how it was done back in 2014.
What they have done now is to say that the Commercial Coding from ones home country, whether that be the UK, Holland, France, or wherever is now invalid and you now have be surveyed and get compliance exactly as if you a  Greek Registered Commercial Vessel. 

This decision maybe against EU law and reviews are now ongoing with coding authorities and MCA and IMO.

The survey is little more than a 20 minute visual inspection and covers only 20+ items. It does not include the gas installation, fire zero pipes in the engine compartment, fire extinguishers in the engine compartment, the condition of through hull fittings, sea cocks etc. But you are expected to have an oil storm lamp on board and have a certificate to say that the propeller shafts have been inspected! If you do not have that a lift out us required!  Then they require 1 x 3 kg + 1 × 6 kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, 1 in the saloon & 1 x anywhere else. 
UK Regs say 1 x 1 kg Dry Powder in each space / cabin. But that's now not legal in Greece! 
Under Greek regs there is also no need for an automatic system in the engine compartment.

These changes has meant to now operate exactly as if you are a Greek Registered boat with the difference being that we have done survey & compliance twice over, once in the UK and now a second time with the Hellenic Registry in Greece..
Under those Greek rules you cannot now move the boat, even for an engine test, or just to go out for a swim, without first driving to the main town & getting the papers stamped. 
Also in the 24 hour window before a charter you have to take 3 sets of a full crew & passenger list with Full Name, Sex, dob, Home Address, Passport Number & Country of Issue and a Contract no with original signatures, to the Port Police for stamping. 
In addition you now have to sign a form for every trip saying you are not carrying sludge, waste oil etc
Plus if the charterers signature was sent are scanned over the internet You must sign another form in front of the Port Police attesting that the signatures on the Contract are true & genuine.
And it gets better- if any passengers leave during the charter one is supposed to declare the Contract void and go the the Port Police wherever you are with a new Contract & Passenger List.....

Just a little story of how sudden legislation change can affect you business, hence we need to be at the table to ensure the UK maintains sensible operating rules and enforces those who work outside the regulations.  Certainly this story needs to be addressed by the MCA and licensing authorities. I will report changes later


We continue to be busy with our new SEO website managers

A gentle reminder please to check your entries, there has been a mass of work done and some corrections have been needed.  If everyone goes online and check their company entries for accuracy , images, text, phone numbers.

There has been a lot of work to get this live but I am sure we have missed some areas. If you dont have access to members area please ask and we will email you



Some of our members have been trialling a refuel option at Town Quay Southampton for diesel . The fuel is tankered to your location and then paid for at greatly reduced prices . Recent purchases as seen here have seen a price about 50p a litre which if purchased at some fuel depots has been 78p plus.

Clearly there needs to be an agreement for the marina to allow such fuel transfers.  At Southampton there is a safe area away from the berths where a vehicle can gain waterside access as seen here in the image.  If this interests you then please liaise with John Mckenzie firstly by his email

It is possible with a bigger fuel purchase we could see greater reductions, The power of membership ordering together.

Don't forget to look on line in our members area of the website for options on discounts. These vary from all safety equipment, fuel cleaning, anodes, flags, maintenance , electronics and other superb arrangements for members.

We have seen a large number of scam emails for limousine hire to our email account this last few weeks. I have emailed the company that advertises called  as it is possible they have ben used as a vehicle to send out these emails.  If you receive one please be careful and don't open.  Some are mentioning funerals. We have spoken with this advertising website and have been removed from their emails as we never signed up for them.
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