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From 24th September it is law for certain businesses to display the nhs track and trace QR code,  Tourism, leisure and hospitality MUST use this . Unless told to the contrary this place includes charter boats.

Business legally required to do this include all venues in the following sectors:
  • hospitality,
  • leisure and tourism,
  • close contact services,
  • places of worship,
  • local authority venues.
Customers will be able to download the NHS COVID-19 app and use the inbuilt QR scanned to record their visit to the venue.
Businesses will also need to have a log book to record details of any visitor who doesn’t have the app. People who have signed in using the app will not need to also be manually recorded. Venues will also need to collect this information for each member of staff, including the times and dates they have worked and contact details.
Any business not included in the required list, but where people are likely to gather within groups of more than six for over 15 minutes, are advised to also make use of the NHS test and trace QR poster system.

This is live from 24/9/20 and will not work before that date we are told but you can register and gain your business QR code links


Then more updates for England came in

We are catching up and will reviewing Scotland, Wales and N Ireland asap. We are keen to get these updates out before the 24th deadline. We are using Facebook to add fast updates as we get them

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement to the House of Commons this afternoon to outline the Government’s response to the rising number of Coronavirus cases, including new restrictions in England.
In summary:

From Thursday 24 September all pubs, bars, and restaurants must operate a table service only (except for takeaways)

Also, from Thursday, all hospitality venues must close at 10:00pm. Takeaways should also close, but they can continue to provide delivery services after 10:00pm

The requirement to wear face coverings has been extended to include staff in retail, all users of taxis/private hire and to staff and customers in indoor hospitality with the exception of when seated at a table to eat or drink.

In retail, leisure, tourism and hospitality settings, the Government’s COVID-19 secure guidelines will become legal obligations. Businesses will be fined and can be closed if they breach the rules.

From Monday 28 September a maximum of 15 people will be able to attend wedding ceremonies and receptions. Up to 30 will still be able to attend funerals.
Business events, and large sports events, will not be able to reopen from 1 October as intended.

Office workers who can work from home have been asked to do so. In professions where this is not possible, people should continue to go into their workplace.
The rule of six will be extended to all adult indoor team sports.

These rules will be enforced by tighter penalties. The penalty for breaking the rule of 6 or not wearing a mask when required will double to £200 for a first offence. The police will be provided with extra funding, and given the ability to draw on military support when needed.

It is clear that numbers of passengers will be restricted aboard vessels to a max of 6 passengers unless from the same household who are larger in number than 6. The hospitality rules apply for most of our trips but public transport regulation under COVID exist and are shown here  Additional numbers can be carried if being used as a transport role and then the charter comes out of Hospitality and moves to the Transport Covid regs. This means additional numbers could be carried but everyone must wear masks and the location must be covid secure and compliant again, so space will be the issue depending on vessel size. ( We are monitoring for any changes- nothing issued as of today 23-9-20)

Wales Updates 

There are 4 main things:

  • people should not gather indoors in groups of larger than 6 or with anyone who is not a member of their household (or extended household), unless they have a good reason
  • people must not gather outdoors in groups of more than 30
  • face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces (subject to certain exemptions and exceptions)
  • a small number of businesses remain closed

Gatherings of up to 30 people are now permitted outdoors. But you should continue to maintain physical and social distancing from people outside your household, or extended household if you have formed one. (conditions exist)

The coronavirus regulations include provisions for a fixed penalty notice to be issued for most types of breaches of the regulations, carrying a fine of £60; this is increased to £120 for a second offence and continues to double for repeated offences, up to a maximum of £1,920. If prosecuted, however, a court can impose any fine (it is not limited).

Organising an unlicensed music event of more than 30 people is a separate criminal offence. These are events that are not licensed or otherwise authorised under the Licensing Act 2003. A breach of this prohibition will be an offence punishable by conviction and an unlimited fine or, as an alternative to conviction, by a fixed penalty set at £10,000.  

The unlimited fine or significant fixed penalty for organisers of these illegal events reflects the potentially serious public health consequences at this time.

Scotland Updates

New rules mean that you must not make indoor social visits to other households. To stay safe and protect others, please follow these stricter rules now.
From 25 September, pubs, bars and restaurants must close at

Inside people’s homes (from tomorrow, Wednesday 23 2020)

  • Do not meet people from any other households in your home or another person’s home socially, unless they are in your extended household
  • These rules also apply to children
  • Children whose parents do not live in the same household can move between homes, as can non-cohabiting couples
  • Very limited exemptions apply for childcare, and for tradespeople

Private gardens or public outdoors spaces (from tomorrow, Wednesday 23 September 2020)

  • A maximum of six people from two households can meet in outdoor spaces
  • You should limit as far as possible the total number of households you meet in a day
  • Under-12s do not count towards the maximum number of households or number of people who can meet outdoors. Under-12s do not have to physically distance
  • A maximum of six 12 to 17 year olds can meet in outdoor spaces, with no household limit. Physical distancing is still required

Indoors in public spaces (from tomorrow, Wednesday September 23 2020)

  • A maximum of six people from two households can meet in public indoor spaces such as cafes, pubs and restaurants
  • Children under 12 from those two households do not count towards the limits

Hospitality (from 00:01 Friday 25 September 2020)

  • Pubs, restaurants and all hospitality settings will be required to close at 10pm
  • Table service will continue to be required in all hospitality premises

Car sharing

  • You should only car share with members of your own, or extended, household, and follow guidance when there is no alternative


  • You must continue to work from home where practicable

Northern Ireland

The following restrictions for all households in Northern Ireland were introduced from 6.00 pm on 22 September 2020:

  • no mixing of households in private dwellings, with exemptions for:
    • bubbling with one other household
    • caring responsibilities including childcare
    • building or maintenance work, or the services of any trade or profession
    • supported living arrangements
    • visits required for legal or medical purposes
    • a business operating from a person’s home
    • a funeral
    • a house move
    • marriage or civil partnership ceremony in a private dwelling where one partner is terminally ill
  • no more than six people to gather in a private garden from no more than two households - children aged 12 and under from those two households are not counted in this

    You should avoid visiting places where there is a chance that large numbers of people will gather and crowds will form.

    Gatherings indoors or outdoors, not in a private dwelling, of up to 15 people are permitted.

    The limit for gathering indoors and outdoors does not apply to gatherings of a particular nature, including those organised:

  • for cultural, entertainment, recreational, outdoor sports, social, community, educational, work, legal, religious or political purposes 
  • or

  • for an indoor sporting event or activity, provided the arena in which it takes place is not capable of accommodating more than 5,000 spectators
  • The organiser must have carried out a risk assessment which meets the requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 and take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

2020 Professional Charter Association AGM 

We had to cancel the earlier date for our AGM this year as the pandemic broke in the UK.  We set a date of TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 for the rescheduled event.  We have been monitoring the pandemic and what can run and also if the Hotel in Southampton can operate safely for us.  

We now plan a virtual screen for our AGM to join as usual.  We will keep you posted but please pencil in your diaries this date.  Locally we maybe able to have 6 persons together, I believe this will be two committee members then leave room for a few to join if they chose. This will be by appointment only

We may not know for some time if the Government guidelines will change on what we are permitted to do.

In the interim the date is set and we will send out next month the joining instruction for a ZOOM meeting on line

Thank you for your patience.

This was the earlier advice on rule of six which remains as such for most of us in England

On Wednesday 9 September 2020 The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced new restrictions on social gatherings in England, introducing the so-called rule of six. This new rule limits the numbers of people that can gather in social settings. It took effect on Monday 14 September - meaning it is now not be possible to gather in groups greater than six. The new rule replaces the previous advice on the size of gatherings and covers both indoor and outdoor social settings. From Friday 18 September some businesses will be required to collect contact details for their staff and customers, and to retain these for a period of 21 days. More information on the requirements can be found here

British Marine is seeking further clarification on how the rule of six affects hire boat operators. Presently the rule is being viewed that the crew are the suppliers and that they DO NOT COUNT in the number of 6 persons.  This follows the hospitality rules where staff are at work and are the suppliers to the 6 persons. We sent this information update out on 11th September via our Facebook account.[0]=68.ARCoCKFZO9h3BqvmyqrZ5D-OPR6luF3o1vfLoU-r7MtLuytR9dqnmTh3DucWE-y7nnaeTmtTN3mAF-PjEPiUAFR-Q1hYNhIOhja9rL0WzCDDC_F2pF6dOWF-NrFmWLjBaifr2uBrqW1sScUyx2skcwgS7Zpr5WhXHtV0HangYG29kuu-51UZ_Wnh_Z6FdV4jrAF74yqrTpxFz4r8aFrDwUYlyljYYuQUqj8MGQ-MDuw-vNxbxhX_ju80wCjNPf0Ym1ie6usEbpBDsLcimz5RRmiSN8zIxrKzr6rW9lhAlMG-OBAo9KRWPqCPiha_ZPrJj9EaXV1GhJLXHogXTgF2qysn&__tn__=-R

We also understand that the measures apply in England, and in the devolved nations there is some divergence. In particular:


In Wales, the “rule of Six” will only apply to people meeting indoors and all six people must all belong to the same “extended household group”. Outside, people will still be able to meet in groups of up to 30 under existing social distancing rules.

An “extended household group” can contain people from up to four separate households. 

Children under 12 will be exempt and will not count towards that total.

The Rule of six will not apply in Caerphilly because it is under a local lockdown so stricter rules are in place there.


In Scotland, the six people can only be from a maximum of two households.

However, like Wales, children under the age of 12, who are part of the two households will not count towards the limit of six people.

But, like England, the Scottish Rule of Six will apply in all public and private gatherings, both indoors and outdoors

There will be “some limited exceptions”, covering organised sports and places of worship.

Up to 20 people will be able to attend weddings, civil partnerships and funerals (and the associated receptions) 
We sent out this information on 12th September again on our Facebook account

Northern Ireland

No announcement on adopting a Rule of Six has been made in Northern Ireland yet

As our industry restarts from the lockdown, do you have any special deals or offers you wish to promote?

We have added a section to the public side of our website where you can advertise for free as a member.

Check out the page here:-

All you need to do is contact our great webteam John and Jaki by email at

Advertise those great deals on charters , training and trips for free.

Please make use of this before the season ends, from experience and talking to other operators and clients , everyone is looking for boat trips in the good weather and listening to clients are even planning next year staying in the UK


Facebook and Twitter

Hopefully everyone is aware we run a Facebook and Twitter account for the PCA.


Twitter @PCA_Charters

PLEASE LIKE and FOLLOW these pages,  and also if you are on Twitter and Facebook we can share and retweet your great posts, If you don't post we cant advertise you for free!!!

The PCA fully support this register of coded charter vessels and is part of your membership

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