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We’re all-in for CHANGE in 2020. Can you help fund our SwingLeft letter-writing project to register/engage voters in the 12 “Super States?" It will run through October and cost over $4000 (for postage, printing, supplies). Thanks for considering!


Upcoming Events

Virtual SwingLeft Letter Writing Parties

Writing to voters in targeted states that will make the difference in November. Click date below to register.

May 27 “Red & Rural” Messaging Webinar

  • 5pm. Register here

  • Presented by Indivisible National’s Rural Caucus. How to engage successfully in voter contact with our conservative neighbors.

May 27 Virtual Town Hall with Indivisible National and Elizabeth Warren

  • 2pm; RSVP here to register and to submit questions

  • Topic: How we can take action in every state to demand safe voting during the pandemic.

Indivisible Textbanking Training
Learn how to start texting for Indivisible National using their platform “TextOut.” Looking for volunteers to send 10 million texts before Election Day in a wide variety of campaigns. Sign up for one of the two trainings times:

June 27 Indivisible National’s “Rural Voices Virtual Summit"

  • 8am to 2:30pm

  • The Summit’s goal is to bring together rural Indivisible groups and rural organizers from across the country for a day of celebration, self-care, and rural power-building in preparation for the November election. Sessions include: Rural Coalition Building, Rural Successes and Failures, The Power of the Rural Electorate and Relational Organizing. For more information and to register, go here.

Nov 3 ELECTION DAY - Dump Trump! Flip the Senate!

Calls to Action

Contact Info for our Legislators
   OR:       Sen. Ron Wyden - Email  202-224-5244
                Sen. Jeff Merkley - Email 202-224-3753;
                Rep. GregWalden - Email 202-225-6730
   WA:      Sen. Patty Murray - Email 202-224-2621
                Sen. Maria Cantwell - Email 202-224-3441
                Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler - Email 202-225-3536
   Others: Find your federal reps here.
   HR County:       Rep. Anna Williams - Email 503-986-1452;
                             Sen. Chuck Thomsen - Email 503-986-1726
   W. Wasco Cty:  Rep. Daniel Bonham - Email 503-986-1459;
                             Sen. Lynn Findley - Email 503-986-1730

   Others:              Find your OR state reps here.

Sign IP 57 Petition to End Gerrymandering in OR

Oregon will be redrawing its district boundary maps (redistricting) when the 2020 census is completed, a process that recurs every 10 years. We expect to gain a sixth U.S. Congressional seat this time, based on population gains. Nationwide, a huge concern with redistricting is gerrymandering, a practice intended to establish an unfair political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries.

Under current law, Oregon politicians draw the boundaries for their own state and congressional districts, which of course represents an inherent conflict of interest. It allows them to draw districts to serve their interests, not those of our communities - like a fox in charge of a henhouse. We see this in places like Clackamas, Salem and Eugene where gerrymandering has divided each up into multiple oddly shaped districts to protect incumbent legislators.

The OR League of Women Voters and People Not Politicians have launched a statewide signature gathering campaign for IP 57, a ballot measure to create an impartial and fully transparent redistricting process. It will replace the legislator “foxes” managing redistricting with an independent, citizen-led redistricting commission. The commission would be made up of 12 citizens: 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans, and 4 people who are not affiliated with either party.

Help stop gerrymandering in Oregon. Sign the IP57 petition.

It’s easy! Here’s how:

Days of Mourning & Thanks

Across the country, Indivisible groups are observing days of mourning for all those lost to covid (now at almost 100,000). In many areas of the country, groups will include demonstrations against “reopen” terrorists and others driving ill-advised reopening. In OR, we are fortunate that Gov. Kate Brown has adopted a logical, cautious, science-based strategy for reopening. So our mission this week is to

THANK GOV. BROWN for this measured approach designed to protect our health.

Call: (503) 378-4582…3



Office of the Governor
900 Court Street NE, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047

Moving Forward

Making it happen: Week 23

Yep, did it again. ICG volunteers Pennie Burns, Linda Chamberlain, Dave Mason, Amy Nowatzki, Lani Roberts, and Sarah Bellinson & friends completed another 520 SwingLeft voter engagement letters this week! These letters are being stockpiled for mailing the last week of October, to encourage recipients to VOTE. The campaign we’re working on targets traditionally under-represented registered voters in Texas who SwingLeft believes are unlikely to move soon, and unlikely to vote. Woohoo! Gold stars on collars!

We’re grateful for donations to fund our letter-writing campaign from Amy Nowatzki, Ruth Tsu, Lani Roberts, Pennie Burns, and Claire Culbertson, and for the enthusiastic recruitment efforts of Pat Evenson-Brady and Krista Thie. Woohoo! More gold stars on more collars!

Make it happen: Choose your action!

DUMPING TRUMP and FLIPPING THE SENATE will only come from big efforts on our parts! How do you want to do your part?

  • Act on the two calls-to-action above.

  • Get in on our SwingLeft voter engagement letter campaign. Click here to request and pick up a prepared packet of letters and envelopes.

  • Not a letter-writer? OK… Can you donate to support others’ letter-writing efforts?


Trumpocracy, Trumpocalypse: More than Linguistic Change

Before 2018 we had not used or even heard the words “Trumpocracy” or “Trumpocalypse.” Before November 2016 we had not even imagined them. Things have changed.

In his 2018 book Trumpocracy, David Frum, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, argued that Trump and his Republican accomplices were forging a new U.S. regime type, one that challenged long-established political norms and mixed government, family and business “in the style of authoritarian Third World kleptocrat.” Now Frum has published a sequel, Trumpocalypse, in which he notes how Trump played down the threat of the coronavirus, squandered critical time during the early days of the crisis and, typically, deflected accountability.

Book reviewer Carlos Lozado sums up the reality of these expansions of our political lexicon: “If the first book described a system of governance, the second surveys the outcome of that system after nearly a full presidential term. One is prediction, the other, assessment.”

There is an emphasis on hope, however - the full title of the new book is TRUMPOCALYPSE: Restoring American Democracy. Frum envisions “feasible small reforms” such as ensuring that presidential candidates make their tax returns and financial assets public, finally killing off the Senate filibuster, providing statehood for D.C., adopting a modern Voting Rights Act, and depoliticizing federal law enforcement. Also a comprehensive carbon tax, an immigration overhaul, a reorganization of defense spending, and a long-term, reconciling change of heart and mind both within the U.S. and in the wider world. A BIG vision, to be sure, but the alternatives aren’t good.

[Content credit to WaPo book critic Carlos Lozado.]

An Incalculable Loss”

The cover of last Sunday’s New York Times lists the names of 1000 Americans, dead of Covid-19, just 1% of the current count of covid deaths in the U. S. The headline reads, “AN INCALCULABLE LOSS. They Were Not Simply Names on a List, They Were Us.” 

For the list, NYT scoured more than 1,000 obituaries and death notices honoring those who died. Some of the entries -

"emergency room doctor who died in husband's arms"

"volunteer youth football coach"

"first in her family to graduate college"

"liked his bacon and hash browns crispy"

"saved 56 Jewish families from the Gestapo"

Prof. Heather Cox Richardson, current national truth-sayer of historical perspective, points out that the dramatic cover is about more than just numbers. It’s a rejection of the toxic selfishness of the anti-mask crowd and the “reopening” terrorists, and “reminds us that we are all in this together… or should be. At least, this has been our principle in our better moments, and some people have taken it quite seriously indeed. On Monday, Memorial Day, we will honor those young men and women who did not believe that being an American meant refusing to inconvenience themselves to help their neighbors.”


Just think, a year from now, we might be enjoying a Memorial Day weekend, vaccinated against COVID-19, with President Biden in charge of our country, and Democrats in control of the senate.”

- Maggie, a mom in Idaho. On Twitter 5/23.

A perversity of today’s political culture is that those with the most time and inclination for full-time self-promotion, such as U.S. senators, eclipse those, such as governors, who are preoccupied with serious responsibilities.”

- In a WaPo article on Gina Raimondo, governor of Rhode Island, as a good VP possibility 5/24.

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