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We’re all-in for CHANGE in 2020. Our volunteers have written 10,000 (!!!) SwingLeft letters to register/engage voters in the 12 “Super States." We need an additional $3000 for postage to get these letters in the mail. Please help if you can.


Upcoming Events

Virtual SwingLeft Letter Writing Parties

  • Complete prepared letters to voters in targeted states that will make the difference in November!

  • Click to register for each date:

Sat, Aug 8, 12-2pm

Sat, Aug 15,12-2pm

Sat, Aug 29,12-2pm

Aug 4 ICG’s Virtual House Party / Fundraiser for Rep. Anna Williams

Aug 9 Sundaes on Sunday CANCELLED

Aug 17-20 [Virtual] Dem national convention

TBA, week of Sept 29 First Presidential Debate

Oct 13 OR voter registration deadline (11:59 pm postmark or online receipt)

TBA, week of Oct 15 Second Presidential Debate

Oct 14-20 OR ballots are mailed to voters

Nov 3 ELECTION DAY - Dump Trump! Flip the Senate!

  • OR: deadline for receipt of ballot in County Elections Office via mail or drop box is 8pm

Calls to Action

Contact Info for our Legislators
   OR:       Sen. Ron Wyden - Email  202-224-5244
                Sen. Jeff Merkley - Email 202-224-3753;
                Rep. GregWalden - Email 202-225-6730
   WA:      Sen. Patty Murray - Email 202-224-2621
                Sen. Maria Cantwell - Email 202-224-3441
                Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler - Email 202-225-3536
   Others: Find your federal reps here.
   HR County:       Rep. Anna Williams - Email 503-986-1452;
                             Sen. Chuck Thomsen - Email 503-986-1726
   W. Wasco Cty:  Rep. Daniel Bonham - Email 503-986-1459;
                             Sen. Lynn Findley - Email 503-986-1730

   Others:              Find your OR state reps here.

Real Covid Relief Now

Call/write your US Senators and Representative.


For Merkley & Wyden

I’m sickened by Republican messaging about people not wanting to work if they are given unemployment benefits (UB) OF more than 70% of minimum wage. I’m calling/writing to urge you to reject such racist nonsense, and the GOP’s ongoing ploys to give more money to the wealthy few at the expense of the rest of us. I urge you to insist any Covid relief bill includes:

  • $600/week unemployment benefit

  • eviction and foreclosure moratorium

  • funding for SNAP, the post office, vote by mail, and state, local, and tribal governments

  • no liability shield for employers, or a liability shield pegged to current CDC/OSHA recommendations

A bad deal on Covid relief is worse than no deal at all. People’s lives are at stake.

For Walden

The pandemic has wiped out a third of our economy and killed over 150,000 Americans. I urge you to put your constituents’ lives over your party’s attempts to avoid giving a lifeline to people who are truly suffering. Lives are at stake when the unemployment benefit is too little to live on, there’s no eviction moratorium, and employers are shielded from liability for refusing to protect those employees who even have jobs to return to. I am appalled that Trump is undermining the post office when vulnerable people will die without their medicines and take enormous risks voting in person, simply to further suppress voting that does not seem to be going his way. It is up to Republicans like you to stand up for our democracy and for your constituents.

Moving Forward

Making it happen: Week 13

Our letter-writing heroes this week added 250 voter engagement letters to our goal of 10,000 letter goal! Many thanks to Pennie Burns, Linda Chamberlain, Fran Finney, Buck Parker, Lani Roberts, Phoebe and Polly Wood, and Irene Zimmerman for making it happen. Woohoo! Gold stars on collars!

Text & Phone Your Way to a New President

Indivisible National is looking for thousands of volunteers to join its robust texting and phonebanking programs to advance candidates and engage voters in “SuperStates” where the difference will be made in November.

Yet More on Protect the Results

There continue to be lots of causes for concern over Trump’s undermining of the November election. He’s floated the idea of postponing the election, made false claims that absentee ballots will result in voter fraud, and refused to say whether or not he will accept the legitimate results of the election. Now his new head of the USPS, a staunch Trump loyalist, has created new “regulations” that are slowing delivery of letters (and ballots) to over 2 weeks. Trump’s focus now is clearly not on winning the election by popular vote, but on cheating his way to victory.

NPR recently interviewed Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University, about the bipartisan group of experts she gathered to game out what a contested November election might look like. Among the possibilities considered were the Trump campaign and loyalists

  • trying to stop the counting of mail-in ballots, asserting ballots were fraudulent
  • closing the post office to prevent additional ballots from reaching the ballot counters, in another case
  • seizing and trying to sequester ballots to prevent additional counting.
  • attempting to persuade legislators, state-level legislators and governors sympathetic to Trump to send rival slates of electors to Congress
  • attempting to mobilize street protesters
  • calling on governors to delay the election
  • mounting a disinformation campaign to keep people from turning out and voting (eg, announcing the day before that the election is cancelled; or broadcasting that the polls are closed, so people should bother to go to vote)
  • trying to convince justices, secretaries of state, or other elected officials to overturn the results.

A crisis of some sort is likely. Our Constitution does not anticipate or regulate such rogue misuses of power, so previous presidential transitions have relied on tradition and concern for the greater good. These are NOT Trump’s way. We all need to be ready to take action to protect the results and ensure a peaceful transition of power. Our democracy depends on it. Indivisible National and its many progressive partners will plan and coordinate actions as needed, and member groups like ICG will communicate and coordinate locally.

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