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We’re all-in for CHANGE in 2020. Can you help fund our SwingLeft letter-writing project to register/engage voters in the 12 “Super States?" It will run through October and cost over $4000 (for postage, printing, supplies). Thanks for considering!


Upcoming Events

Virtual SwingLeft Letter Writing Party

  • Complete prepared letters to voters in targeted states that will make the difference in November.

  • Click to register for each date:  Sat, June 27 12-2pm

June 27 Indivisible National’s “Rural Voices Virtual Summit"

  • 8am to 2:30pm

  • The Summit’s goal is to bring together rural Indivisible groups and rural organizers from across the country for a day of celebration, self-care, and rural power-building in preparation for the November election. Sessions include: Rural Coalition Building, Rural Successes and Failures, The Power of the Rural Electorate and Relational Organizing. For more information and to register, go here.

July 14 ICG quarterly general meeting

  • 6-7:30pm, at Jackson Park near the amphitheater

  • Masks and social distancing required.

  • Bring your own picnic/munchies and blankets/chairs.

July 27 Movie Watch Party - Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

Oct 13 OR voter registration deadline (11:59 pm postmark or online receipt)

Oct 14-20 OR ballots are mailed to voters

Nov 3 ELECTION DAY - Dump Trump! Flip the Senate!

  • OR: deadline for receipt of ballot in County Elections Office via mail or drop box is 8pm

Calls to Action

Contact Info for our Legislators
   OR:       Sen. Ron Wyden - Email  202-224-5244
                Sen. Jeff Merkley - Email 202-224-3753;
                Rep. GregWalden - Email 202-225-6730
   WA:      Sen. Patty Murray - Email 202-224-2621
                Sen. Maria Cantwell - Email 202-224-3441
                Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler - Email 202-225-3536
   Others: Find your federal reps here.
   HR County:       Rep. Anna Williams - Email 503-986-1452;
                             Sen. Chuck Thomsen - Email 503-986-1726
   W. Wasco Cty:  Rep. Daniel Bonham - Email 503-986-1459;
                             Sen. Lynn Findley - Email 503-986-1730

   Others:              Find your OR state reps here.

Policing input, support for special OR legislative session this Wed, 6/24

Oregon is having a rare legislative special session this Wednesday, June 24. The session will focus on two issues: police accountability and state COVID-19 response. Republicans said last week they want the session to deal with the budget, but that is not on the agenda, which means we may have another walk-out on our hands. In addition, three right-wing groups, likely armed, are expected to be intimidating/terrorizing at the Capitol that day. 

Our legislators need to hear from us!

Call/email your state senator and representative (contact info below), and urge them to support these measures for POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY:

1. Statewide database to prevent rehiring of officers discharged for abusive behavior.

2. Attorney General lead for use-of-force investigations.

3. Require mandatory reporting by officers who observe abusive behavior by other officers.

4. Bans on use of tear gas and military assault practices. 

5. Changes in law enforcement arbitration (HB 1567A, 2020).

6. Outlaw use of chokeholds.

Then show your support by tuning into the special session starting Wed at 8am, from their Facebook live event (here’s the link), or at this Stage Legislature link.


Extend Renters’ Eviction Moratorium

Call/write your 2 state reps. (contact info above)


I’m calling/writing to urge you to extend Gov. Brown’s eviction moratorium, set now to end on June 30, and to enact a repayment period. The impact of coronavirus has only gotten worse in the last few months for renters. The Legislature needs to extend the eviction moratorium so more people have a chance to get back to work, to access rent assistance, and prevent a wave of evictions.

Whenever the eviction moratorium does end, renters, particularly those with low incomes, won't just be able to pay any back rent that was due. They may need more time to
 access rent assistance, or to save up funds once they are back at work. The Legislature should enact a repayment period for six months, to give folks time to pay back any rent that was due during the moratorium.

Moving Forward

Making it happen: Week 19

Many thanks to Linda Chamberlain, Claire Culbertson, Lara Dunn, and Susan Bellinson & friends for completing 395 SwingLeft voter engagement letters this week! We are inching closer to our goal of 10,000 letters by the last week of October. Woohoo! Gold stars on collars!

Huge thanks, too, to Pat Evenson-Brady, who continues to do the admin work of creating packets for our volunteers - 31 new packets (775 letters and envelopes) this week! Woohoo! Gold stars on collar!

To keep making it happen, WE NEED HELP on funding for stamps (10,000 stamps = $5,400). Please DONATE if you can.

APPLY NOW: ICG Steering Committee

This is a critical time in U.S. politics, and ICG is working to make critical change. Are you ready to step up and join our leadership team, and help lead effort? Apply to, and please tell us:

1. What would you like to see our Indivisible group focus on this year?

2. What issues or [types of] actions would you like to champion?

3. What resistance/advocacy actions you’ve taken in the last year have been most meaningful to you?

Time to Step Up for Biden

PolitiFact, part of the nonprofit Poynter Institute, provides this analysis of Joe Biden’s progress toward a truly progressive platform:

There is a plausible case for Biden as the most progressive Democratic nominee in history.

Political scientists note that the Democratic Party as a whole has moved to the left in recent years. This is partly because of rising polarization between the parties…

On many issues during the 2020 primaries, such as gun policy, Biden’s positions were largely indistinguishable from those of his rivals. And on the issues where he did offer a more moderate vision than his Democratic primary opponents, such as health care and climate change, he still went further than Obama had during his presidency. On some issues, including health care, climate change and criminal justice reform, Biden has moved beyond Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Biden backs some policies that few previous Democratic nominees would have considered backing. These include a $15 minimum wage, a study of reparations for slavery, two years free public college, ending new oil and gas leases on federal land and offshore, creation of a national firearm registry, and scrapping past marijuana convictions.

Joe Biden needs our help. Please go to and send money, volunteer, buy a bumper sticker or a t-shirt. 


Biden “should have to report our costs [for the rally] to the [Federal Election Commission] as a contribution to his campaign.”

- a Trump campaign staffer, to White House reporter Andrew Feinberg, just after Trump’s 6/20 rally in Tulsa


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