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COUNTDOWN: 3 WEEKS a RATHER important election. OMG.

Upcoming Events

Phonebanking for Rep. Anna Williams - VOLUNTEERS WANTED

  • Note: With covid, phonebanking replaces canvassing. This is a tight race - Please help!
  • RSVP here for all phonebanking dates (and to see times).
  • Phonebanking training: Tuesdays, 2-3pm
  • Phonebanking dates: October 17, 20, 24, 27, 31.

Oct 15 Biden town hall
  • 5pm PST; to be televised and livestreamed on ABC
  • Host: George Stephanopoulos

Oct 21 Program: Election 2020 & the Constitution
  • 7-8+ pm; Register here to get the Zoom link.
  • They’re back! Judges Paul Crowley & John Kelly will facilitate a discussion on the Constitutional issues surrounding the upcoming presidential election.
  • You’re invited to submit questions for the discussion by email. This will help the presenters focus on issues of interest to the audience. 

Oct 22 Presidential Debate (details subject to change; stay tuned)
  • 6-7:30 PST; to be televised on all major networks.
  • Host: Belmont University in Nashville, TN
  • Moderator: Kristen Welker, a White House correspondent and anchor at NBC News

Oct 14-20 OR ballots are mailed to voters

Nov 3 “Election Day”
  • Spread the word: the final tally of votes around the country, and subsequent assignment of electoral college votes, will likely take additional days to weeks. Important for people to know and expect!
  • OR: deadline for receipt of ballot in County Elections Office via mail or drop box is 8pm

Nov 4 - Jan 20 Extreme political/social kerfluffle possible here. See Moving Forward below.

Jan 20 Inauguration Day

Calls to Action

Contact Info for our Legislators
   OR:       Sen. Ron Wyden - Email  202-224-5244
                Sen. Jeff Merkley - Email 202-224-3753;
                Rep. GregWalden - Email 202-225-6730
   WA:      Sen. Patty Murray - Email 202-224-2621
                Sen. Maria Cantwell - Email 202-224-3441
                Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler - Email 202-225-3536
   Others: Find your federal reps here.
   HR County:       Rep. Anna Williams - Email 503-986-1452;
                             Sen. Chuck Thomsen - Email 503-986-1726
   W. Wasco Cty:  Rep. Daniel Bonham - Email 503-986-1459;
                             Sen. Lynn Findley - Email 503-986-1730

   Others:              Find your OR state reps here.

Count Every Vote

Call/write your 3 federal representatives.

For Sens. Merkley and Wyden:
I know the Senator shares my commitment to ensuring that Trump’s efforts to steal this election are not successful.
I’m calling/writing to urge the Senator

  • to publicly pledge to ensure every vote is counted before election season ends, and
  • to publicly insist every MoC go on record pledging to ensure every vote is counted before election season ends, and call out any colleague who doesn't take the pledge.

For Rep. Walden:
I’m calling/writing to insist that Mr. Walden honor the will of the people, as expressed in our vote, and to go on record to protect that vote. I call on him to pledge that Election Season will continue until every vote is counted -- and then to insist his colleagues and the press do the same.

Final stretch! Write Postcards for Anna Williams

Help write the last batch of GOTV postcards for Rep. Anna WIlliams.  Email and Bonnie will have a packet ready for you to pick up in no time! Packet includes 25 spiffy postcards, stamps, instructions with message and addresses. Mailing date is October 21.

Moving Forward

Making it happen: Week 3

Our SwingLeft letter writing campaign, which started in mid-February, has finally wrapped up! Volunteers Lani Roberts, Nancy Clement, Irene Zimmerman, Pennie Burns, Marilyn Smith, Elise Tickner, and Claire Culbertson did the final honors by checking addresses and adding stamps to our 11,000+ voter turnout letters. They’re off now for THE BIG SEND - our contribution to 15 million letters written by activists all over the country. Yay for us!

ICG Endorsements - Local, State, & Federal

Mayor - Kate McBride
City Council (3) - Gladys Rivera, Megan Saunders, Mark Zanmiller (incumbent)

Attorney General - Ellen Rosenblum
Secretary of State - Shemia Fagan
State Treasurer - Tobias Reed
State Representative (HD52) - Anna Williams

YES on all state ballot measures:
·  Measure 107 Campaign Finance Limits Amendment
·  Measure 108 Tobacco and E-Cigarette Tax Increase for Health Programs Measure
·  Measure 109 Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative
·  Measure 110 Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative

President/VP - Joe Biden/Kamala Harris
US Senator - Jeff Merkley
US Representative (CD2) - Alex Spenser

America’s 2020 Election Nightmare, Part 3

This is the third in a series of Moving Forward articles outlining the plans of pro-Democracy groups around the country to respond to possible post-election-day scenarios in which Trump refuses to concede after losing the election. The first two articles covered Choose Democracy’s “10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup” (Daniel Hunter, 9/2020) and the Transition Integrity Project.

Protect the Results

Protect the Results is a plan for mass grassroots mobilization and protest organized by Indivisible National (IN), Stand Up America, and a broad coalition of partners. If Trump declares victory before all the votes are counted, makes unfounded claims that the election was “stolen,” tries to stop votes from being counted, or otherwise threatens the integrity of the election or the peaceful transition of power, mass mobilization will occur. It’s quite possible that one or more of these triggers will occur immediately on/after November 3, and that the first mobilization will be called for Wednesday, November 4.

Here are the basics:

Commitment to nonviolence: We commit to a nonviolent strategy for several reasons. First, we want to prioritize keeping people safe, especially those most at risk from rising threats of right-wing violence. Second, we want to win. Rigorous study of social movements has shown that nonviolent civil resistance is more effective than violence at resisting oppression and making change.

We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those who disagree with us. We expect all participants to respect one another and look out for one another.

Sustained mobilization: The first week following the election is extremely critical. If Trump challenges the integrity of the election or is otherwise sowing chaos, we will repond with sustained protests (see “Plan for local actions” below).

Increasing pressure: If the crisis lasts longer than that first critical week post-election, we will need to be ready to ramp up our pressure. The strategy(ies) chosen will depend on the scenario at the time.

Attention to risk and safety: Trump’s attempts to create chaos and his encouragement of state-sponsored and right-wing violence, combined with polarizing media, misinformation, and accusations of fraud, all increase the risk of post-election violence. We will learn and promote deescalation strategies, and seek to minimize the risk of violence in planning our response events.

Plan for local actions and communications:

ICG leadership will communicate plans for rallies/other actions in Hood River and/or The Dalles as developments unfold. Communication will be via ICG’s Facebook page and by “emergency alert” newsletter. Any gatherings will include social distancing and masks, and safety will be part of the planning.

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