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Upcoming Events

Virtual SwingLeft Letter Writing Parties with Indivisible OR

Virtual SwingLeft Letter Writing Parties with ICG/CGWAN
  • Wed, Sept 30 - 7-8:30pm
  • Wed, Oct 7 - 9:30-11am
  • Zoom link for all dates here. RSVP for events here.

Phonebanking for Rep. Anna Williams - VOLUNTEERS WANTED
  • Note: With covid, phonebanking replaces canvassing. This is a tight race - Please help!
  • RSVP here for all phonebanking dates blow.
  • Phonebanking training: Every Tues in Sept, 2-3pm
  • Phonebanking:
    • Every Tues thru end of October, 5-7pm
    • Every Sat through end of October, 11am-3pm

Sept 29 First Presidential Debate
  • 6-7:30 PST; to be televised on all major networks.
  • Debate will be at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace will moderate.

Oct 7 Vice-Presidential Debate
  • 6-7:30 PST; to be televised on all major networks.
  • Host: U of Utah
  • Moderator: Susan Page of USA Today  

Oct 13 OR voter registration deadline (11:59 pm postmark or online receipt)

Oct 15 Second Presidential Debate (details TBA)
  • 6-7:30 PST; to be televised on all major networks.
  • Host: Arsht Center for Performing Arts, Miami
  • Moderator: Steve Scully of C-SPAN  

Oct 21 Program: Election 2020 & the Constitution
  • 7-8+ pm; Register here to get the Zoom link.
  • They’re back! Judges Paul Crowley & John Kelly will facilitate a discussion on the Constitutional issues surrounding the upcoming presidential election.
  • You’re invited to submit questions for the discussion by email. This will help the presenters focus on issues of interest to the audience. 

Oct 22 Third Presidential Debate (details TBA)
  • 6-7:30 PST; to be televised on all major networks.
  • Host: Belmont University in Nashville, TN
  • Moderator: Kristen Welker, a White House correspondent and anchor at NBC News

Oct 14-20 OR ballots are mailed to voters

Nov 3 “Election Day”
  • Spread the word: the final tally of votes around the country, and subsequent assignment of electoral college votes, will likely take additional days to weeks. Important for people to know and expect!
  • OR: deadline for receipt of ballot in County Elections Office via mail or drop box is 8pm

Nov 4 - Jan 20 Extreme political/social kerfluffle possible here, along with annual sacrificial turkey rituals.

Jan 20 Inauguration Day

Calls to Action

Contact Info for our Legislators
   OR:       Sen. Ron Wyden - Email  202-224-5244
                Sen. Jeff Merkley - Email 202-224-3753;
                Rep. GregWalden - Email 202-225-6730
   WA:      Sen. Patty Murray - Email 202-224-2621
                Sen. Maria Cantwell - Email 202-224-3441
                Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler - Email 202-225-3536
   Others: Find your federal reps here.
   HR County:       Rep. Anna Williams - Email 503-986-1452;
                             Sen. Chuck Thomsen - Email 503-986-1726
   W. Wasco Cty:  Rep. Daniel Bonham - Email 503-986-1459;
                             Sen. Lynn Findley - Email 503-986-1730

   Others:              Find your OR state reps here.

ICG Endorsement Proposals for Your Vote

The ICG Steering Committee unanimously recommends for ICG’s endorsement the following candidates for City of Hood River positions:

  • Mayor - Kate McBride (incumbent)
  • City Council 1 - Gladys Rivera (incumbent)
  • City Council 2 - Megan Saunders (incumbent)
  • City Council 3 - Mark Zanmiller (incumbent)

We invite you to cast your vote for or against ICG’s endorsement of each of these four candidates by emailing before October 6. Your vote will be recorded anonymously.

The ICG Steering Committee unanimously recommends for ICG’s endorsement a YES vote for each of the following state ballot measures: Authorizes the state legislature and local governments to (1) enact laws or ordinances limiting campaign contributions and expenditures; (2) require disclosure of contributions and expenditures; and (3) require that political advertisements identify the people or entities that paid for them.
  • Measure 108 Tobacco and E-Cigarette Tax Increase for Health Programs Measure
Increases taxes on tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems (such as e-cigarettes) to fund the state's Medical Assistance Program and other healthcare-related programs.
  • Measure 109 Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative
Authorizes the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to create a program to permit licensed service providers to administer psilocybin-producing mushroom and fungi products to individuals 21 years of age or older.
  • Measure 110 Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative
Makes personal non-commercial possession of a controlled substance no more than a Class E violation (max fine of $100 fine), and establishes a drug addiction treatment and recovery program funded in part by the state's marijuana tax revenue and state prison savings.

We invite you to cast your vote for or against ICG’s endorsement of a YES vote for each of these four ballot measures by emailing before October 6. Your vote will be recorded anonymously.

Spanish speakers needed NOW for phonebanking to Florida!
  • Winning Florida is KEY in the presidential race, and Biden is gaining ground!
  • Call Spanish-speaking voters in FL and encourage them to sign up for Vote-by-Mail. Training provided.
  • Contact Phyllis Brown ( or 971-226-8392) to get started.

Join our virtual Postcards-to-Voters writing team
  • Help advance Dem candidates in key races around the country!
  • Instructions here to get started on your own. Supply your own postcards and stamps, or email to request a delivery, online purchase link, or other assistance.

Help with Voter Registration
  • Now through Oct 13; Led by League of Women Voters
  • Choose among many outdoor events & locations (farmers markets, etc.). Masks and social distancing.
  • To help, contact Fran Finney (, 541-354-1112)

Moving Forward

Making it happen: Week 5

Volunteer letter writers Nancy Clement, Kathy Pickering, Jana Castanares & friends, and Mimi Maduro & friends completed 775 more SwingLeft voter engagement letters! Woohoo! Gold stars on collars!

The postcarding team now numbers 43! We'll name them all here when the project is complete. The team is approaching 2700 postcards written and sent since late August, in support of targeted state GOTV campaigns and several close senate races across the country. Gold stars on collars!

Many thanks to Claire Culbertson, Beth Foster, Kathy Pickering, Cheryl Hollatz, and Carrie Fuentes for their generous contributions to fund stamps for our letter/postcard writing projects. Woohoo! Gold stars on collars!

America’s 2020 Election Nightmare

Our collective nightmare? Trump refusing to concede after losing re-election. He has been saying for months that he’ll do it. He is trying his best to steal the election - Russian interference, disabling the USPS, violence and threats of more violence, multiple methods of voter suppression. But it still may not be enough - Biden may (will) win. Trump has therefore stated preemptively that if he loses, it will be because of fraudulent voting and/or other underhanded Dem plots.
We’re not the only ones worrying about Trump refusing to concede after losing the election. “What’s a Coup? And What to Do?,” below, is the first in a series of Moving Forward articles outlining the plans of pro-Democracy groups around the country to respond to possible post-election-day scenarios in which Trump might attempt a power grab if (when) the election does not go his way. The weekly articles will cover

What’s a Coup? And What to Do?

Choose Democracy is a national effort to prep Americans for the possibility of a coup, while keeping people focused on a strong, robust election process. In “10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup,” author Daniel Hunter presents Choose Democracy’s10 guidelines for recognizing and responding to a coup. The guidelines were developed from experiences of the many countries that have had coups since World War II. These excerpts give some of the basics:
It will be a coup if the government: 
  • Stops counting votes;
  • Declares someone a winner who didn’t get the most votes; or
  • Allows Trump to stay in power if he doesn’t win the election.

We need to be ready for a coup, and if it happens, we need to call it that and respond quickly. …

Coups work only if the public honors them. When the public refuses to accept the coup as legitimate, coups fall apart. Refusal looks like millions of people using nonviolent tools to delegitimize the coup by demonstrating, resisting orders, and shutting down the country until democracy prevails. …

Mass resistance to coups wins by using walk-outs and strikes, refusing orders, and shutting down civil society until the rightful democratically elected leader is installed. For mass movements to succeed against coups, they should refuse to do violence to the other side. …

A group of DC insiders called the Transition Integrity Project ran multiple simulations on Trump attempting to hold onto power no matter what. In every simulation they concluded that a “show of numbers in the streets may be decisive.” Regular people make the difference. …

Another way to prepare is to get people into the mindset of taking action so they don’t “freeze.” The classic formulation of this is the “if-this-then-that” model, where people prepare themselves for an action by saying “If it comes to this bad thing, then I’ll act.” By signing a pledge before the crunch moment, you get wider buy-in.

In that spirit, Choose Democracy has created a pledge:
  • We will vote.
  • We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted.
  • We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted.
  • If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.

ICG encourages you to sign the pledge to choose democracy and join with folks across the political spectrum! These public commitments ahead of time increase the political cost of attempting a coup — because the best way to stop a coup is to deter it.

Oh, THOSE income taxes…

Laurence Tribe (Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard), via Twitter -
9/27: One thing not to overlook in the blockbuster NYT report on Trump’s taxes is his $410M in personal debt. That represents some pretty massive leverage by people or governments with interests that aren’t necessarily ours as Americans. Kompromat, anyone?

9/28: Trump’s worse than broke. He’s in hock to foreign powers who wish us ill. His desperation and indebtedness endanger every one of us. He must be swept from office by a tidal wave of patriotic voters. Rise up and VOTE.

9/28: A lot of Americans want to know: Will Chris Wallace ask Trump on Tuesday night: “Mr. Trump, to whom do you owe that $410M? -
9/28: Trump's taxes show he’s a national security threat. What trade-offs would a president with this level of indebtedness be willing to make to save face?

Heather C. Richardson, PhD (Professor of Political History) via her daily blog -
9/28: For ordinary Americans, even small debt can prevent obtaining a security clearance because it makes a person vulnerable to blackmail or other pressure.

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