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2016 Utah Dairy Convention
February 25-26 | St. George
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6700 pints of milk were distributed at 20 Refuel event across Utah this fall, and over 10,000 half-pints (all donated) were distributed at 10 Refuel events in Nevada. Our partnership with the Utah High School Activities Association and the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association to make chocolate milk the official beverage of high school sports is in its third year and going strong. We have a great group of student advocates who help execute the program in both Utah & Nevada.

Replenish Grant: 

To date, 75 Utah high schools have applied for our 2015/2016 Replenish grant - already up from last year’s total of 74. This year’s grant offers $500 for 1/2A schools, $1,000 for 3/4A schools and $1,500 for 5A schools. Numbers are up even though our monetary stipend is down from last year. We plan to offer last year’s larger award every 3 years.  


Greater Reach:

Salt Lake Community College athletes team up with Dairy Council to amplify the dairy message. Know Greater Heroes assemblies kicked off in November and will run through April next year. During the Know Greater Heroes Assembly athletes from Salt Lake Community College teach students and teachers the importance of eating right, including getting 3 servings of dairy every day , the benefits of chocolate milk as a refuel beverage, and to be a hero. Posters are distributed to students to reinforce the assembly messages.


School Meals - Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt is a popular and convenient food – for home and schools, and Utah schools have been putting the menu item to the test in the form of Yogurt Parfaits and in vending machines from north to south. Washington School District said when they served yogurt parfaits, 85% of the students choose the parfait. Canyon Schools District said parfaits are so popular that some students will choose them almost every day. Spanish Fork high school in Nebo district increased 150% in breakfast participation when the parfaits were served as part of a breakfast promotion.

Farm Tour Integration:

During 2015, we worked farm tours into the nutrition curriculum for each of the major Universities across the state. We also began farm tours for school food service employees.

Highlights - What is the #1 thing you took from this experience?

  • “Just because milk says no antibiotics or no hormones, doesn’t mean the others have that.”
  • “Dairy is way less scary than people make it seem. Thank you!”
  • “That milk is very well regulated. We should stop worrying so much about it!”

National Checkoff News:

MilkFat is back! Decades of checkoff-lead milkfat research and building relationships with health professional organizations have changed the thinking and conversation around dairy fat. Though the Dietary Guidelines will not likely change in 2015, a case is being made for the health benefits of your natural product.

Butter: McDonalds’ announcement to switch from margarine to butter in each of their 14,000 stores means an incremental 600 million additional pounds of milk equlvalent annually. McDonalds is spending their own money to advertise butter & the Real Seal. 

Domestic Cheese: Domestic cheese has been the strength of overall dairy sales ever since we started working with category leaders to make wholesale change. Domino’s Pizza ran a 50% off pizza promotion from 11/27 - 12/6 designed to sell pizza and move cheese. Sales results will be shared in the next newsletter. 

Video Series make an impact on consumers: The Udder Truth Campaign, a short series of 3 videos designed to set the record straight on animal care, antibiotic use, and large farming operations was a huge success with over 1.1 Million views. Acres and Avenues, a fun, millennial targeted series was viewed over 2.8 million times.

Download National Checkoff Highlights Piece


  • November 2015: Regional Crisis Drill held in Denver, CO
  • January 8: Northwest Regional Crisis Planning Meeting (Staff)
  • January 9: 2016 Dairy Ambassador Selection Brunch (Gardner Village)
  • February: Spring Refuel events begin
  • February 10: 2nd Annual Utah Ag Thoughtleader Summit (Little America Hotel)
  • February 25-26: Annual Utah Dairy Convention
  • March 2-3: Regional Planning Forum - Atlanta, GA
  • March 15: USU Dairy Farm Tour
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