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June 2019
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Brain Power Holds
Think Tank Event for Students & Alummi!
Dr. Karine Rashkovsky with our alumni and student volunteers at Brain Power's Think Tank
On May 11th, we had a Think Tank event, in which select Brain Power alumni and students worked with Brain Power families and advised them on high-school programs, university programs, volunteer work, and overall academic success!
Brain Power Celebrates
Entrance Exam Success!
Dr. Karine Rashkovsky and other instructors with successful Entrance Exam Prep students!

On May 11th, after our Think Tank Event (see above), we had a celebration party for our Entrance Exam Preparation students who made it into the program of their choice.  Over 90% of the students who trained with us got into the school and program of their choice. These prestigious programs include UTS, IB, MaCS, and TOPS! We are so proud of our students and their success!

Congratulations to these students on making into
their programs of choice!

Interested in joining our upcoming Entrance Exam Prep Program?
Classes take place over the summer and fall! Spaces are limited! 
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Brain Power Students'
Entrance Exam Successes!
Congratulations to our students who earned acceptance to special programs/schools this year!

Aadi Aggarwal - UTS
Alyssa Grant - MaCS
Charmaine Chui - IB
David Zhuang – IB
Dean Chen – UCC
Denis Goubkine – IB
Dora Zhao - IB
Hannah Park  - IB
Isabella Li – IB
Justin Li  – IB
Kaitlyn Leung - Havergal
Kiana Firoozian – IB
Margaret Medleva - IB
Mahbod Babeaei Jandaghi – IB, MaCS
Karim Elzokm– St. Andrew’s College, Cairo American College
Mikael Haji  - IB 
Mikhail G Alam – MaCS
Misba Momin -  IB 
Nathan Wang - IB
Parya Masoudian – IB
Rachel Pevsner - IB
Risha Reddy  - UTS, MaCS, TOPS
Samantha Ma - IB
Sai Sujay Anamangandla  - IB
Sheli Tonkonogi  - IB
Thomas Yang  – IB
Yaus Touri  - IB
Suraiya Jiwani  – HMST, MaCS
Yusuf Ali Jaffer – IB, AP
Zan Bajwa - IB
Upayan Roy - UTS
Soham Chakraborty - UTS
Daniel Lian - IB, TOPS, UTS
Michelle Beillis - IB
Tara Houman - IB
Parmida Moulayi-Bazneh - IB
Vahman Rajasiva– UCC
Aashna Nadarajah - IB
Adam Price - IB
Aiden Hilkowitz - IB

Ava Hilkowitz – IB
Alex Sun - IB, MaCS
Catherine Shevelevich - IB
Charles Chen - IB 
Dana Korolov – IB
Daniel Feldman - IB
Farin Liravi - IB
Ishan Garg - MaCS, HMST
Jarmin Weng - UTS
Jerry Di – IB
Karan Minaei - IB, TOPS
Mehka Gnanendran - IB
Naveen Singh –  HMST
Erica Samareanu - TOPS
Nicholas Afonin – IB
Nick Zhong Han Chen – IB
Owen Wang - IB
Peter Ip - IB
Rania Qureshi - IB
Rebecca Beagley - IB
Samara Mathew - IB
Sarah Stolarsky - IB
Zainab Khan - IB
Heavin An - UTS
Daria Picu- UTS
Michael Su - UTS
Gurleen Toor - IB
Iris Lee – UTS, Branksome Hall
Stefan Zorcic - IB
Ray Chen - IB
Yuri Kotelnikov - IB 
Emily Xu – IB, Havergal (Scholarship)
Ana Mocanu - MaCS
Jason Kim  - MaCS
Eunice Lau - IB
Maya Berinde - IB
Isaac Ching – IB
Priya Bordoloi - IB
Eva Illion - TOPS
Saesha Kukreja - TOPS

University Entrance Success Stories!
Brain Power is thrilled to share some university entrance success stories from students who attended our University Preparation workshop this past fall!
Michal Moshkovich has chosen to attend McMaster's Health Sciences program with a $2,500 scholarship offer. She was also offered admission to Queen's Health Sciences (Chancellor's Scholarship - $36,000), Guelph University Biomedical Science (Board of Governors' Scholarship - $20,000), and Western University Medical Science (Scholar's Elective Program Admission).

Kelsey Gao has chosen to attend McMaster's Health Sciences program with a $2,500 scholarship offer. She was also offered admission to McGill Biological, Biomedical, Life Sciences; McGill Math, Physical, Computer, Earth Sciences; Queen's Computing ($2,000); Queen's Arts - English ($2,000); Western Medical Sciences ($10,000), Western Computer Science ($10,000); University of Toronto Computer Science.

Vishva Purolit has been accepted to Ryerson's Engineering program with a $10,000 scholarship offer.

Max Tang has chosen to attend the University of Waterloo's Computer Science program with a $4,000 scholarship offer.

Yaroslava Samokhina has chosen to attend York University's Health Management program with a $1,500 scholarship offer.

Patricia Poiana has chosen to attend the McEwan School of Architecture in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program.

Natalie Kwong has chosen to attend the Integrated Sciences program at McMaster University.

Ishan Garg Accepted to
2019 BEAM Summer Program at UC Irvine!

Public Speaking student Ishan Garg has been accepted to the 2019 BEAM Summer Program at the University of California, Irvine! This program is offered by the Division of Undergraduate Education at UC Irvine. Even more impressive is that Ishan has been accepted as a BEAM Fellow, and he has been awarded prestigious scholarships to attend the summer program in California.

"Gifted And Talented Institute (GATI) provides hyper-intensive immersion programs in various fields for high school students from all over the globe who show enthusiasm, intelligence and talent."

More about this incredible program here:


Ally Zhao Wins
York Region Youth Champion Award!

On May 30, Brain Power Senior 2 student Ally Zhao won the York Region Youth Champion award. This award was presented at the Evening of Recognition by York Region's ClimateWise Business Network. Brain Power's Director and Founder, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, was asked to speak at the event and present Ally with the prize.

This honour is awarded to an individual in our community who is between 15 to 24 years of age and who has shown outstanding commitment to driving sustainability forward in York Region.

Some of Ally's achievements include:

* Selected as 1 out 120 high-school students in the world to receive a scholarship and represent Canada on the "Students on Ice" Arctic expedition to study Climate Change from leading experts. 

* Executive Director of Eco Club for Thornhill Secondary School

* Founder of an organization called Seeds of Awareness that hands out native plant species to the school community to educate about these plants and their environmental value.

* Key Leader in Thornhill Secondary School's achieving the Platinum Award for Eco Schools (recognizing the efforts schools across Ontario have made towards stopping climate change).

We are so proud of  you, Ally!

Brain Power Public Speaking Students
Make Annual Trip to a Professional Recording Studio
Every year, Brain Power's Public Speaking students have a special field trip to a professional recording studio where they record self-made podcasts and speeches. The students, who have been practicing a range of presentation skills, worked with a professional voice coach and sound engineer to perfect their final products.

They had an amazing time and learned so much! 
The students' fascinating topics included some of the below: 
* the pitfalls of modern music
* the climate change crisis
* the future of automation
* school policies that desperately need change
* why being an entrepreneur is a great decision
* the sadness of losing a pet
* how to choose a career that aligns with one's passions
* the beauty of the overlooked: light and its role in our lives
Eric Lu is Accepted into
Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth!

Elementary 1 student Eric Lu has been accepted to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth! This is incredible news! 


We can't wait to hear all about your experience!

Are you interested in Johns Hopkins CTY ? Check out our Ivy League Prep - Training for Talent Program (below)!

Ivy League Prep: Training for Talent
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Want to train to have what it takes to be recruited by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY) or other Ivy League schools? Take one or all of the "Training for Talent" programs at Brain Power this summer! Tailored specifically to your child, this program will train students (one-one or semi-private - your choice) for the Johns Hopkins CTY assessment test (SCAT) and similar Ivy League entrance examinations. It will also deepen your child's knowledge and strengthen his/her abilities in one or all of three subjects: Math, English, and/or Spatial Reasoning. 
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*Brain Power is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Johns Hopkins University or the Center for Talented Youth.
Did you know? Johns Hopkins University is very prestigious for more than its Center for Talented Youth. It is known to be a top-ranking (in the world) research university and it also excels in many scientific areas. Its biomedical engineering program as well as its medical school are ranked #1. Johns Hopkins University is ranked 5th best in the world for Life Sciences and Medicine.
For More Information on Johns Hopkins CTY - CLICK HERE!
Brain Power Supports
Operation Med School - Toronto 2019

Brain Power was proud to support Operation Med School (OMS) - Toronto 2019, which took place on May 5! This student-run conference educates and informs students about different opportunities in medicine. They invite amazing guest speakers and aim to encourage students in their pursuit of a medical career.

OMS is a non-profit organization and all ticket sales from the event are donated to the Hospital for Sick Children. What an incredible student-led and student-run initiative!

We are so proud of the fact that Brain Power alumnus Ben Levy was one of the first executives of OMS in Toronto! This year's exec team was made up of Brain Power alumni, including Michal Moshkovich, Denesh Kumar, and Romy Levy!

Over 400 students attended this year's OMS, which was held at the University of Toronto's Medical Science Centre. Brain Power's Director & Founder, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, was a keynote speaker. Her speech was about the power of soft skills and networking for students and professionals. It was a great turn out and there was a huge line up for the Q&A!

Congratulations to the organizers on an incredible and very successful event!

Brain Power at the 
Spirit of Hope Benefit
On June 18th, 2019, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky (pictured) attended the Spirit of Hope Benefit at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with Public Speaking alumni Andy Gong and Mike Shulman (also pictured).

Andy was invited to Spirit of Hope thanks to his big win (3rd in Ontario!) in Speakers Idol 2019.  Mike Shulman (currently studying BioMedical Engineering at Ryerson University) - Brain Power alumni - was a pleasant surprise addition to our evening's entourage!
The keynote speaker for the evening was Nikki R. Haley - US Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley was interviewed on stage by CNN's political commentator David Axelrod (former chief strategist and senior advisor to Barack Obama).

The Spirit of Hope Benefit is one of the most iconic human rights fundraising events in the City of Toronto bringing together top business leaders, philanthropists, community and political leaders in a celebration of the rights and freedoms championed by Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. 
Lada Birbraer Appears
on Breakfast Television!
Incredible news from Brain Power Intermediate 2 student Lada Birbraer! Lada is a member of the News and Film Club at Blessed Trinity Elementary School in Maple! Her club recently appeared on Breakfast Television and the student members were interviewed by the morning reporters!

Blessed Trinity's News and Film Club won 2nd prize in MindShare Learning's "The Classroom of the Future Contest" for the 2018-2019 school year!

Serena Ge Elected
Grade 10 Student Council Representative!

Senior 2 and Public Speaking student Serena Ge was recently elected as Grade 10 representative for her school's student council! She thanked Brain Power's Director and Founder, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, for helping her with her speech! She wrote a sweet note to Karine after finding out she was elected:

"I really feel like I wouldn't have done this without you guiding us in public speaking. I don't think I would have gone on stage at all. I just want to thank you for all the stuff you taught me and friends, and I really feel blessed to have such an amazing, smart and nice teacher like you!"


Andreea Murariu Places 11th in
Northern Debate Tournament!

Senior 1 and Public Speaking student Andreea Murariu placed 11th out of nearly 100 participants in the Northern Debate Tournament in Toronto!

Andreea and her partner (pictured) made it to semifinals of the tournament, and Andreea placed 11th for Individual Speakers Score.


Interested in learning more about our Public Speaking Program? Check out our website:

Dr. Karine Rashkovsky
on SSHRC-Winning Research Team
Nominated for CSPN Women in Leadership Entrepreneur of the Year!
Brain Power's Founder & Director, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky (pictured), is a research collaborator on a project at York University!

The team of researchers, which Karine is a part of, just won the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant competition for their project entitled “International students in Ontario secondary schools: Policies, protocols, and practices.”


Karine has also been nominated for the 3rd annual CSPN Women in Leadership - Entrepreneur of the Year Award! 

The awards celebrate "tenacious, impactful, and successful women who work hard everyday to strengthen their brand, their community, and advance the customer experience industry."  
Brain Power Supports 10th Annual
SUP4MS Paddleboard Fund Raiser

Brain Power is a proud supporter of the 10th Annual SUP4MS - Paddleboard Fund Raiser on Lake Ontario! This event raises valuable funds for the MS Society of Canada and is hosted by Surf Ontario.
This year, this incredible event is taking place on Sunday, July 7th!

"The SUP4MS started as a 65km fundraising paddle by Mike Sandusky and Grant Kennedy from Hamilton to Toronto. To date we've raised over $91,000 in funds for MS! The event has grown to include over 100 paddlers on the water."

Check out their website here:

Alumni of the Month:
Bryan Mailloux

Education: University of Waterloo, Mechatronics Engineering (Bachelor of Applied Science)

Awards: University of Waterloo President's Scholarship of Distinction

Thoughts about Brain Power: It’s easy to think that to succeed in engineering, you only need to be good at math and science. But the humanities play an important role as well. Being able to empathize with the general public offers an engineer the insight required to design products that don’t just work, but that people love to use.  I’ll be a far better engineer thanks to the skills and training in both math and the humanities that I received from Brain Power.


"To encourage the joy of reading, the Foundation has developed the Mensa for Kids Excellence in Reading Program. Earn a commemorative certificate in recognition of your outstanding achievement and get an Excellence in Reading T-shirt, too! [...] This program is open internationally to any and all readers under 18 years of age, their teachers, and librarians."

How it works: 
1) Find your or your child's appropriate level on the Mensa for Kids website. 
2) Print off the appropriate reading list and start reading!
3) Read all the books on the list and submit the form. 
4) Receive a recognition certificate and T-shirt in the mail!

For More Information: CLICK HERE!
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
Interested in Gifted Testing?
Make an Appointment with Nanci Goldman
Gifted testing provides information on a child's abilities and exceptionalities and results may be utilized for certain advanced-placement academic programs in various private and public schools.

Brain Power can help by connecting you with our in-house specialist Nanci Goldman (pictured left). 

Nanci has over 15 years of experience as a Psychoeducational Consultant in the public school board.  In this setting, she provides consultation and comprehensive assessment of children/adolescents with diverse needs (e.g. intellectual, academic, social, emotional, behavioural).  
Nanci completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  She is registered in the area of school psychology with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. 
Contact us at or (905) 303-5457
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