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May 2020
Brain Power Families Review
our Online Virtual Lessons - and it's LOVE!
In the last few weeks, Brain Power's instructors and staff have put a lot of work and time into ensuring that all of our students continue to receive an enriched learning experience from the comforts of their own homes.

This effort has not gone unnoticed by Brain Power students, parents, and guardians, many of whom have sent us great messages of support and thanks.
Here are a few of the MANY kind messages we have received:
I would like to send you a note to let you [Hannah Merchant] know that you do an amazing job with the online lessons! It must be lots of hard work. Thank you for your tremendous effort.  - Sharon  
We watched the latest video lesson last night. I cannot express how unbelievably lucky I am to find your program! Great lecture by Dr. Jason Boulet! We loved his passionate discussion of dead metaphors, references to the Garden of Eden, Lord Byron, Magical Realism and so much more! I went to bed feeling happy! Thank you very much, and please convey my gratitude to Jason!  - Elena  
I found the virtual class to be really good and informative. After we read the story, Dr. Jenn Chenkin did a thorough explanation of the passage, which was extremely helpful. I think Jenn does a great job! - Sarina
I just want to let you [Justin Bimbrahw] know that these Brain Power math videos and tutorials are very helpful to [our daughter] Kaitlyn, especially with new concepts like absolute values. She can easily re-view these videos to help solidify new material! -  Gary
Education continues. Interaction with classmates continues.
Learning goals have been preserved. Enrichment excellence has been achieved. 

Brain Power is here for YOU!
For More on Our Response to COVID-19 - CLICK HERE
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#1 in Ontario!!!
Brain Power Public Speaking Students WIN: Speakers Idol 2020!

Our Brain Power Public Speaking students had big wins at Speakers Idol 2020! 
There are hundreds of entries from across the province annually for this competition!

Achinthyaa Kaveri (top left) placed FIRST in ALL OF ONTARIO in the Grades 6-8 category, winning her own Macbook!

Mariah Rui (top right) placed THIRD in ALL OF ONTARIO in the Grades 9-12 category, collecting a prize sum of money!

Bill Han (top middle) placed in the TOP 5 in ALL OF ONTARIO in the Grades 9-12 category!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bill, Mariah, & Achinthyaa!

Registration for our Summer and Fall-Winter Public Speaking programs is now OPEN! Message us if you have any questions about the program or registration process!

Watch Our Winners in Action - CLICK HERE!
For Information About Public Speaking - CLICK HERE!
Brain Power Students' Success:
We provided training, and they... were ACCEPTED!
UTS, TOPS, MaCS, IB, UCC, HMST, MaST, and more!

Congratulations to our Entrance Exam Prep students who earned acceptance to special programs/schools this year!
Our success rate was over 90%!

Aiden Kim - IB, MaCS
Aiden Ko - MaCS, HMST
Aishani Indu - MaCS, TOPS
Albert Pham - UTS
Alexandra Rebarber - IB
Andrew Chen - UTS
Asil Gilani - UTS
Barron Liu - IB
Belle Yuen - IB
Brooke Quast - IB
Chloe Kimball - UTS
Chris Sarkissian - IB, AP
Christian Mite  - AP
Christopher Lee - STEM, IB
Claire An - UTS
Claire Hao - UTS
Dan Duong - HMST
Devika Menon - UTS
Durga Sivakumar - AP
Emilie Teller - IB
Emily Yang - Havergale, Branksome Hall, UTS
Emma Wang - IB
Eric An - HMST
Eric An - UCC, TOPS
Eric Lu - UTS
Gabriella Suciu - IB
Gavin An - MaCS, TOPS
Helen Lin - TOPS
Ilana Moshkovich - IB
Iris Zhang - IB
Jade Guo - UTS
Jaden Zhu - IB
Jayred Robles - STEM
Joanna Jin - UTS
John Jiang - UTS
Karina Nemirovski - IB
Katia Makarytchev - IB, AP, MaCS
Keshav Vyas - UTS
Kevin Xue - IB
Lada Birbraer - AP
Lauren Weintraub - UTS
Luca Neculai - IB
Lucas Dan - IB
Lucas Kim - MaCS, TOPS
Matthew Li - UCC
Mia Beinert - MaCS
Mya Epstein - MaCS, TOPS, MAST
Mysha Gilani - UTS
Naitra Nimalan - IB
Nathanyel Ng - HMST
Naumana Bajwa - MaCS, IB
Nicholas Semenov - St Andrew’s
Nicholas Zhu - IB
Olivia Hui - UTS
Paul Safronov - IB
Pranav Reddy - UTS
Ryan Bayan - AP, HMST
Ryan Chen - MaCS
Ryan Deng - UTS
Selma Marin - IB
Shiv Kanade - MaCS
Shreeya Pai - HMST
Simon Zhang - UTS
Sion Gang - IB, HMST, STEM, MaCS
Sofia Cruz - MaCS
Sophia Libourkine - IB
Sophie Wong - IB
Sebastian Stefenel - IB
Sharmin Dabidiyan - MaCS
Susannah Kim - IB
Tristan Ko - MaCS, HMST
Tyler Wen - IB
Veda Aditri Gadde - AP
Victor Vasilev - MaCS, HMST
Yonatan Moshkovich - IB
Zak Nanji - UCC
Want to Learn More About Entrance Exam Prep? - CLICK HERE!
Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers:
This Month's Brain Power Alumni 
Graduate School Success Stories
CONGRATULATIONS to some of our Brain Power alumni on their recent graduate school success stories!
Maryam Mahjoob
Maryam (top row, left) has been accepted to the MASc program in Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto! 

Maya Provad
Maya (top row, centre) has graduated from University of Ottawa Law School! 

Harry Wang
Harry (top row, right) has been accepted to the University of Ottawa's Medical School!

Kevin Liu
Kevin (bottom row, left) has been accepted to the McMaster DeGroote School of Medicine!

Ben Levy
Ben (bottom row, middle) has been accepted to the University of Toronto Medical School!

Sharon Slobidker 
Sharon (bottom row, right) has been admitted to Osgoode Law School (York U.)!
Austin Wang Places on the Honour Roll
of the Cayley Math Contest!
Senior 2 student Austin Wang was placed on the honour roll for the Waterloo University Cayley Math Contest, in which he participated at the end of February. 

He is in the second highest mark group nationwide, and he achieved the highest mark at his high school.

Brain Power Alumnus Eric Asgari
Wins Prestigious Fellowship!

Huge congratulations goes out to Brain Power alumnus Eric Asgari (pictured) for becoming one of the 10 recipients of the David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery (DBCAD) & Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR) Undergraduate Summer Student Fellowship!

 Eric, who is studying Health Sciences at McMaster University, will be conducting a project surrounding research on bacterial biofilms and antibiotic resistance.

We are so proud of you and your research endeavours!

Registration for FALL/WINTER 2020-21
& SUMMER 2020 is on NOW!
Registration for Fall/Winter 2020-21 and Summer 2020 at Brain Power is on now!
Join us for more enlightening, challenging, and fun learning in 2020-21! 

Spaces are limited, and they fill up quickly!
Fall/Winter 2020-21 Schedule - CLICK HERE!
Summer 2020 Schedule - CLICK HERE!
Alumni of the Month:
Yossef Bisk

Education: York U., Bachelors in Mathematics for commerce (actuarial stream) and Masters in applied Mathematics; Schulich School of Business, graduate diploma in Financial Engineering

Awards/Accomplishments: Dean’s undergraduate research award, “Most Viable Startup Award” at Yale U., York U. Renewable Energy Scholarship

Currently: Data Engineer at Virtual Graffiti

Thoughts on Brain Power: A very personalized and meaningful experience: I always felt I was the most important student in the classroom, and I think every other student felt that way too.

To See More of Our Alumni - CLICK HERE!
Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture Inc. (CYSA) delivers an annual, bilingual youth competition at the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair as part of Youth Weekend. This national competition provides youth an opportunity to develop public speaking and communication skills by expressing their opinions and ideas on current topics related to agriculture and agri-food. 

The competition includes both junior (11-15) and senior (16-24) categories and is judged by bilingual communications and industry professionals from across the agriculture and agri-food sectors. Cash prizes are awarded to finalists and there is significant opportunity for competitors to enjoy the media spotlight, potential employer exposure, and subsequent speaking engagements.
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
For More Information - CLICK HERE!
Interested in Gifted Testing?
Make an Appointment with Nanci Goldman
Gifted testing provides information on a child's abilities and exceptionalities and results may be utilized for certain advanced-placement academic programs in various private and public schools.

Brain Power can help by connecting you with our in-house specialist Nanci Goldman (pictured left). 

Nanci has over 15 years of experience as a Psychoeducational Consultant in the public school board.  In this setting, she provides consultation and comprehensive assessment of children/adolescents with diverse needs (e.g. intellectual, academic, social, emotional, behavioural).  
Nanci completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  She is registered in the area of school psychology with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. 
Contact us at or (905) 303-5457
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