February 2016

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Policy numbers

Set aside public opinion, economic conditions and political discord for a moment. More and more state agencies are turning to big data to address critical policy issues. A University of Michigan lab is partnering with state government to harness the power of big data to shape policy and essentially improve the welfare of Michigan.

Shock absorber

A prototype being developed by U-M engineers, with financial backing from the NFL, could blunt some dangerous physics that today's helmets ignore.

Mission to Mars

The spacecraft engine that someday will help transport humans to Mars could be based on a prototype developed by U-M engineers.

Big banks

A U-M study found that most of the top shareholders of the largest U.S. banks are identical, which has plenty of implications for consumers.

Pregnancy and PTSD

Contrary to what many researchers expected, a U-M study shows that pregnancy may actually reduce women's PTSD symptoms.

Farming in India

U-M students used silt to fertilize farms in India. Their unique approach helped reduce fertilizers by 36% and increased the crop yield by 50%.

The good fight

A class of compounds discovered by U-M researchers show promise against drug-resistant bacteria linked to infections commonly acquired in hospitals.

In perspective

Flint water crisis
U-M associate professor Terese Olson weighs in on the science behind the ongoing Flint water crisis.

"A lack of due diligence in planning will always cost more in the end."
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