May 27, 2020
The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) developed this weekly e-newsletter to share important news, resources and funding opportunities related to COVID-19.

Research re-engagement begins

In a pilot phase that was launched last week, six U-M units have started to ramp-up research activity in eight campus buildings. 

Researchers should work closely with their unit leadership (department chairs or research associate deans) on approvals of individual lab safety plans and completing the necessary training requirements before returning to on-campus activity.

Research leadership is actively assessing this first wave of re-engagement for safety, health and compliance with state guidelines. These evaluations will inform plans for a more expansive second wave of research activity in coming weeks.

Researchers in other buildings who were previously approved to access labs for essential activities may continue to do so.

FAQs are updated regularly on UMOR's COVID-19 Research Portal:  

Internal funding to support COVID-19 research

U-M has partnered with the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and Duke University for the COVID Decision Modeling Initiative (CDMI) to develop and advance new ideas and scalable approaches to address healthcare uncertainties in the face of the viral threat. CDMI will fund 6-10 grants of up to $50,000 each to projects catalyzing innovation in COVID-19 response decision models for rapid uptake and impact. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until June 30. See details for internal applications, or explore examples of uncertainties, questions and issues amenable to decision modeling during the pandemic.

Additional internal funding for COVID-19 research:

How to help scientists combat the pandemic

Researchers are working at lightning speed to better understand the new coronavirus, develop ways to test, prevent and treat COVID-19, track its spread, and assess its impacts on people and society.

The Michigan Medicine communications team has compiled a list of ways that everyone can help the research community advance its efforts--everything from reporting symptoms to participating in a clinical trial to taking online surveys to explain how COVID-19 is affecting you.

Read the full article at the U-M Health Blog

COVID-19 Research Index

U-M researchers across a variety of disciplines are using their expertise to address the global COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to increase awareness and foster collaboration among U-M researchers studying the novel coronavirus, OVPR created a COVID-19 Research Index that lists more than 250 projects in all stages of development — from planning to fully launched.

Access the research index

Index your COVID-19 research

RD support to help mobilize research teams

UMOR's Research Development team offers funding consultations and proposal development services for pulling together external applications, as well as virtual facilitation services for ideation sessions or project planning. The team can help you brainstorm with old and new collaborators, hone research questions, generate specific aims and develop plans for propelling the project forward.

Contact Jill Jividen, Director of Research Development, for more information (, or 803-429-6320).


Funding opportunities to support COVID-19 research are available at the link below:

Newest External Funding Opportunities

Artist Relief: COVID-19 Grant for Artists and Creative Workers: Cycle III

Full Application Deadline
June 17, 2020

Economic Development Association:  PWEAAP and CARES Act Funding

Full Application Deadline

DRK Foundation: Coronavirus Urgent Response Initiative
Full Application Deadline
Pfizer: Vaccine Preventable Diseases: COVID-19
Full Application Deadline

Rolling deadline until June 17, 2020

UK-RAS Network:  Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge 2020

Video Entry
September 30, 2020



A comprehensive list of U-M publications related to COVID-19 research is available here. The following have been published since May 8, 2020:
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