December 2015

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Beyond the bars

U.S. prisons housed about 1.5 million inmates last year. Some will regain their freedom, but their struggle will likely continue as they reintegrate back into society. A number of U-M researchers study prisoner reentry and highlight how incarceration impacts communities, families and the economy.

Buyer beware

Tis the season for online shopping. But with each purchase, advertisers stockpile personal data to predict what you will buy and how much you will pay.

Park it

Drivers may one day be able to find a parking space on their smartphones instead of hunting for one along a crowded street.

Get fit

Young adults who had greater endurance in treadmill tests lived longer and were less likely to suffer heart attacks or stroke later in life.

Death and taxes

A dollar can go a long way. A new study shows that for every $1 tax increase per pack of cigarettes, about two infant deaths were averted each day.

Baby weight

Gaining weight from one pregnancy to the next can increase the risk that women will lose their second babies within the first year of life.

Health in hand

An emerging area of research could change how people are supported in coping with a range of medical and behavioral problems.

In perspective

Predictive policing
H V Jagadish weighs in on how big data could impact the way police tackle crime.
"Predicting a crime with certainty is something that science fiction can have a field day with. But as a data scientist, I can assure you that in reality we can come nowhere close to certainty, even with advanced technology."
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