March 2016

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Numbers game

The statistics inked on the back of trading cards are merely a snapshot of athletic performance. Coaches and athletes now turn to analytics to gain a competitive advantage. U-M researchers are working with sports teams, analyzing complex datasets that could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Ice repellent

A new spray-on formula being developed by U-M engineers could save you from an unpleasant wintry wakeup call: an icy windshield.

Finding Flint lead

A new map developed by UM-Flint researchers identifies lead pipes in the city and could help find solutions to the water crisis.

Gender gap

Why are some male managers surrounded by a diverse group of subordinates, while other bosses only hire other men?

Help from a mouse

Children with brain cancer could benefit from a novel approach being developed by U-M scientists that will make it easier and faster to test new treatments.

Salmon shortage

Lake Huron anglers, beware. The Chinook salmon fishery will likely never return to its glory days based on a shortage of its main food source.

Shapeshifting wings

A detailed analysis of bird flight, led by a U-M engineer, could lead to the production of more efficient unmanned aircraft.

In perspective

Car emissions
U-M research professor John DeCicco discusses gas prices and their impact on the environment.

"What does cheap gasoline mean for the country's progress in reducing emissions?"
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