Pi Day Pies and SCP Pop Up!

Hello Pie Lovers,

March is a big month for pie.  Pi Day is celebrated this month and is the biggest pie holiday next to Thanksgiving for Sweetcie Pie.  Pi is celebrated on March 14th not only because it is Albert Einstein's birthday, but it also approximates the irrational mathematical constant, 3.14.  You can demonstrate your enthusiasm for math (or circles) and celebrate Pi Day with some pie.  Check out the pie offerings for Pi Day here.

Strawberries are becoming significantly more plentiful this week.  I saw a delivery of California berries at my Trader Joe's today!  I expect the price of the Blue Ribbon Strawberry Pie to come down soon.

I had planned to bring the strawberry pie in later this season because of the high cost of berries, but so many of you were asking for it, that I was compelled to put it on the menu (at a higher price).  I'm sure that you've noticed the increase in price of the Boysenberry Pie as well.  The Boysenberries are frozen from places like Oregon, Chile, and even New Zealand!  There really isn't a season that I can discern from this multi-continent market, and it's just a matter of supply and demand.  Hopefully, the price will go back down.  (FYI, the current boysenberries are from New Zealand, and are gianormous. Twice the size, juice, and fragrance). 

Strawberries are a different story, as we are at the epicenter of their production.  I can guess the size, flavor, and abundance (or not) of local strawberries by the weather at home.  I'm an Orange County girl all my life, after all.  Strawberries will become plentiful during the season, and the price of delicious berries will follow suit.  I made a gamble and set the price for Blue Ribbon Strawberry Pie at $32 for Pi Day. I am expecting the price will go back down to $30 around April.

I have more exciting news for Pi Day!  Sweetcie Pie will be popping up for Pi Day on  March 14th at South Coast Plaza.  See the Sweetcie Pie Happenings below for more details.  

And please remember the Claremont Pie Festival, Saturday March 21.  Sweetcie Pie will be there helping to satisfy the pie appetite of thousands of pie lovers.  Other OC pie makers With Love From Scratch will also be there.

Flavors Available Now:
Wild Blueberry
Cherry Amaretto

Blue Ribbon Strawberry
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A Sweetcie Pie wedding on Leap Day. 

Sweetcie Pie Happenings
Friday's in March, Party Pies at Honeymee - Harvard Place.
Keep watch on Sweetcie Pie's Instagram Stories for the Party Pie flavors.  Available throughout the weekend until sold out.  Enjoy them with the smooth and creamy soft-serve vanilla on the side.

Throughout March, GET IT NOW Pies
You forgot to order ahead?  You suddenly need a pie the last minute?  Look for pies up on the shop that are ready for you to GET IT NOW.  They will begin to appear on Fridays throughout the weekend and will be available for pick up at Honeymee through Monday until sold out.  You must still purchase online, but can pick up immediately.  (Quantities will be very limited.  It is still best to order ahead.)  Sign up for the Fresh Pie Alerts to be notified of each availability, or keep an eye on Sweetcie Pie's Instagram feed.

Fri March 13, Pi Day Pie Pick Up at  Honeymee
Sweetcie Pie will be baking up Pi Day themed pies for all the teachers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and all quasi-nerds who exalt the value of Pi.  Check out the Pi Day Menu up on the shop.  9" pies and 3" Party Pies are dressed up with the greek symbol for pi.  5" Pies will be available only at the South Coast Plaza Pop Up with Terrace.

Sat Mar 14, Pi Day at Terrace by Mix Mix, South Coast Plaza
Sweetcie Pie is so excited to be popping up and serving up all flavors of 5" Pies for Pi Day. The pop up is hosted by friends at Terrace by Mix Mix.  If you follow the Bridge of Gardens to the Crystal Court side, you will find us at the top level near the escalators.  Follow Sweetcie Pie's Instagram feed for more details to come.

Mon Mar 16, St. Patrick's Day CCWOC O'Gold Pick Up at Honeymee
Chocolate Chip Walnut Oatmeal Cookies (CCWOC) specially gilded for the pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow.  Menu is up on the shop.

Sat Mar 21, Claremont Pie Festival
This is the biggest pie event in Southern California, from pie baking contests to pie eating contests.  You will definitely find much to enjoy here.  Music, food, fashion, cars, and PIE!  Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking is the featured speaker and demonstrator.   Hosted by the I Like Pie Bake Shop and Claremont Village, it is a superb show of pies.

Thu Mar 26 - Tue Mar 31, Sweetcie Pie Closed
Sweetcie Pie will be closed on these days.

As always, I welcome any comments and opinions regarding Sweetcie Pie products and service.  I look forward to serving you.
Best regards,
Karen Uyeda
CPM (Chief Pie Maker)
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