Quick COVID-19 - IRCC Weekly Report II -REVISED EDITION With Urgent Contrtactor Response Survey !
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PLEASE NOTE:  We take our contractor's concerns regarding this nationwide 'health control' crisis seriously.   For any concerns regarding current requirements,  please contact John Upshaw at 209-232-7633. 
The office continues to be open as defined in 'essential' services list , data management related to 'certifications' connected to 'construction' services;  however,  Julie (Temp work Phone Direct:: 209-319-6006) and TJ (Temp work Phone Direct:: 209-552-1296) have chosen the option of working at home during the current 'shelter in place' protocols.  We will be forwarding calls to them.  And, we will follow-up on emails and other requests per usual.   Phone availability:  8:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m..   (JU and Lorelei: between 8:00 and 5:00 pm).
Q & A on "Essential Service Environment"  Regs.
NRCA Executive Director & Staff Leaders Respond To Roofing Contractors' Concerns In Well Executed Nationwide Conference Call*

NRCA Executive Director Reid Ribble hosted a TownHall meeting on Monday afternoon (3/30/20)  along with a panel of key NRCA executives, to include: NRCA General Counsel Trent Cotney  (also CEO of Cotney Construction Law);  VP of Governmental Relations, Duane Musser; VP of Risk Management & Executive Education, Tom Shanahan; and, VP of Technical Services, Mark Graham.  Contractor/NRCA Chairman of the Board: Nick Sabino.
* A full recorded version of this highly informative       Q & A will soon be posted on the NRCA's new COVID-19 information page:  see top link in adjacent column.
Essential COVID-19 Links & Resources:
Synopsis From Town-Hall:

Submitted by John Upshaw, IRCC E.D.

After a brief introduction from CEO Reid Ribble the session began with a commentary from current NRCA President Nick Sabino,  a contractor from Cincinatti Ohio,  who decribed the practices his service crews had adopted in conforming with COVID-19 mitigation protocols which included mandatory restriction on travel to job sites by service crews wherein all trucks dispatched to a job site with one driver and no passengers;   second workers took personal car to the site to remedy six foot distancing rules and new "tailgate" advisory  on the new NRCA Website-Page (re: C-19).  All workers' temperatures are taken before being allowed on the job sites:  the preferred method is with an infa-red thermometer which is pointed a a workers head from a distance of 2 to 6 inches,  according to Sabino.

Expanding on Sabino's explanation of processes now emerging in the roofing industry to handle these emerging techniques,  was Tom Shanahan,  who addressed a full range whole range of exposure protocols and necessary personal protective equipment and in-work requirements;  as well as other contractor specific questions   (Please see related articles on the NRCA  Covid 19 webiste).

Tom also covered related concerns from town-hall questions from participants who were instructed to dail a question number (*3) to submit their questions in the background.   Tom said that it appeared that the insurance industry was being challenged (overwhelmed) on the coverage for 'business interruption" for the related shut downs occuring in the market place -- as well as the "emerging question"  of Workers Comp and the rationale that environmental controls in the workplace,  or lack thereof:   These two areas of concern,  including a host of others are being constantly monitored by NRCA staff,  and will be updated throughout this curtrent health crisis.  


VP of Technical Services, Mark Graham,   reported that the indications are that roofing contractors, material manufacturers,  suppliers continue to be busy, working and servicing existing contracts,  but some report slow down at the sales end in getting new contracts signed;  but,it's not a total stoppage.   However,  materials,  those from out of country, are depleting quickly -- such as 'roofing shingle nails' and metals -  many of which are of Chinese origin.   And many building inspectors are not on duty it appears.  

VP of Govermental Affairs, Duane Musser did a good job of unpacking the $2 Trillion "CARES" act signed by the President last week - covering paycheck protection, unemployment,  and incentives for companies to rehire workers after current peak restrictions begin to hopefully recede;  he also discussed small business loans that will be available to most businesses to retain employees,  and the direct tax credits to business and "forgiveness" for such loans where they are verifiably shown to sustain employment numbers after crisis begins to slow down.    Musser's summaries on these pieces of legislation will be added to the NRCA C-19 site.

NRCA General Counsel, Trent Cotney,  got into state and local variations and jurisdictional orders, regulations and authorities;  as well as expanding on the "paid family leave" issues.    Trent's reports are backed up on line,  also at the NRCA website,  they are linked here to his Cotney Construction Lawfirm:  Related article list.
Again,  the full recording of this discussion will be posted soon on the NRCA COVID-19 Website. 

NOTE:  The IRCC is an Affiliate organization of the NRCA;  pleasenote that some of the produced reports linked to this article may be blocked to non-NRCA members,  or may require a member-sign in to retrieve.    

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