Quick COVID-19 Reference Guide To Contractors/Roofers (In Essential Service Industry)
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PLEASE NOTE:  We take our contractor's concerns regarding this nationwide 'health control' crisis seriously.   For any concerns regarding current requirements,  please contact John Upshaw at 209-232-7633. 

The office continues to be open as defined in 'essential' services list , data management related to 'certifications' connected to 'construction' services;  however,  Julie and TJ have chosen the option of working at home during the current 'shelter in place' protocols.  We will be forwarding calls to them.  And, will follow up on emails and other requests per usual.   

Essential COVID-19 Links & Resources:
An Update on Training and Temporary Class Postponement
We fortunately got in under the wire for the completion of the Winter classes,   but have had to postpone the seven Spring courses in the pipeline until we get a green light from the Community colleges (Chabot and Santa Rosa).   But if at all possible we are planning to reschedule and complete these courses not wanting to disrupt the advancement of the apprentices,  with a good contingent scheduled for graduation well before the end of the year.   We hope to be finishing those up in May and June -- but,  all these are purely hypothetical at the moment.

Looking at Remote Classroom Alternatives

This is obviously a good time to attempt to get a waiver on current roadblocks we've experienced with the LEA's on possible remote learning alternatives - real time virtual training etc.  In  the past, community college apprenticeship overseers have some strict guidelines on such methods.   But we will be looking for a temporary 'waiver' at least in accomodating the 'social-distancing' circumstances which we must now deal with.   More to come - next week's report.

 And the CAC,  has been highly skeptical of the non-traditional use of this kind of training for the building trades.  It may be that they perceive it as a lack of control somehow;    Similarly,  the State Chancellor’s have been cautious remote learning/virtual classroom concept going for the construction trades also.    There’s significant checks and balances the LEA will need for all that kind of ‘credited training’ to be approved.    Mechanisms for guaranteed hours attendance is the big one.  There’s too many ways to cheat..  apparently.   

But these are rather unusual times – and we have begun a push.    We also have had some experience in petitioning for remote training with CAFSA---  Yes –zoom conferences are straight forward -  but the individual tracking mechanism – pretty stringent.     Allowing apprentices to take from home – is apparently out of the question -   but at employers’ shops this may be more plausible,  wherein appropriate equipment is more likely across the board and monitored.    

I, John Upshaw,  am preparing a general weekly update for the total membership.  Both TJ and Julie Coffee have agreed to a home schedule of work – and myself or Lorelei will be handling the normal flow of mail,  and accounting – with the Trust in full operation,  as work hopefully continues.  We are temporarily sending layoff notices to the instructors who as employees claim a portion of their unemployment insurance.   The links above should cover most of the details and new rules surrounding unemployment and coronavirus sick leave.
There are a number of projects that the class shut time enables me to focus on and develop – while we pray for this unsettling phenomena to end so we can all get fully back to work.   Though,  honestly – it seems a bit surreal,  particularly as I roll up my sleeves for the following:
  • Developing the logistics for the annual (10/19/2020)  golf tournament;  and,
  • Ramping up the campaign as discussed to expand contractor membership keying off the outline developed at last month’s planning meeting..  residential and small commercial contractors.
  • Refining the new membership participation levels of the CRU.  
  • Incorporating general political push of recognition of parallel definition of 'skilled and trained' – to provide incentives for Industry recognized certifications in roofing -  push for amendment.
  • New Marketing push for w/Facebook and blog – industry input and blog – with guest articles related to “new directions” in training.
  • I am getting some minor work done at the Sacramento site’s office  – which is used by our lead instructor Vince for staging required test documentation and distribution of quizzes and final exams.  We are also modifying some of our mock-ups for modular storage and portability.  We are moving one of the mock-ups for use at the IRCC Salinas site.
Simultaneously,   Lorelei continues to work with staff on classes and coordination with the schools, compliance issues,  contractor education (human resource)  and possible alternative grant options.  She is delegating work at home duties to TJ and Julie -  which have been difficult to get to during the regular school year and CRU season.

We are all healthy -- which is good news ...   and wish you all health and vitality as we all go through this thing together;  albeit at a distance.

John Upshaw
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