Sign-Up For January NRCA Pro-Certification Test Dates In January (9th & 10th) 2020
October 10, 2019               The Independent Roofing Contractors Of California, Inc.        
This notice applies to all registered Journeymen who are subscribed to the IRCC's California Roofer University.   

On  January 10, 2020 we are pleased to commence registration of IRCC Contractor,  employer-verified,* CRU Journeymen who meet the requirements of the NRCA's "Readiness"checklists  (Thermo-Document  & Asphalt Shingle-Document)  in either or both of the ProCertification online exams  & on-site timed field assessment.   Candidate time per certification 2 -1/2 hrs.   Schedules per candidate will be worked out for each candidate based on proximity and convenience where possible.
By registering your experienced qualified installers and certifying them through the NRCA's national registry,  your company will be among the very first in California,  if not the first, to tout ProCertified installers;  roofing specialists whose skills have been validated against a nationally recognized standard of best practice performance evaluation,  and independent "third-party", on-line proctored knowledge test for each certification.  
IRCC/CRU subscribing contractor must fill out an application on the for each installer to be registered.   Make sure you indicate you are a member of the NRCA, also.   For your convenience we have linked the photograph of the application form to the right to the specific page on the website,  to start the process.    By the way,  if you are having difficulty signing up on the site,   the ProCertification Administrative Manager , Denise Malcolm at the NRCA  Direct: 847.493.7560 (,  will be happy to lend a little time to help[ you with the process.    

The IRCC Board (contractor members)  test-ran the process for their candidates;  and Denise was very helpful in addressing their initial issues,  most specifically the failure to include the filled out:  Employer Verification Form,   which is linked to the same process,  but somehow is still missing with a few applicants,  even though they paid for the candidate online. 

These form needs to be filled out in order to secure the date(s) of the examination.   So far, sixteen IRCC/CRU registrations are in the cue with the NRCA, for the January exams.  I have linked two PDF's of these files here:   IMPORTANT:  The PDFs are just for your review of what's on the online version.   I strongly suggest that before you go online you fill out the "dummies" PDF version,  so that you can quickly execute that process when you get into the NRCA sign-up  

Thermoplastic Installer Employer Verification & Asphalt Shingle Installer Employer Verification.

Attached is a link to the September 18, 2019 IRCC luncheon meeting, also for further clarification of the exam process.   The specific verbiage on ProCertification is as follows:
"What is ProCertification ? Well,  It's Not A Certificate Of Training Completion or 'Participation Award'"

"Goodman was particularly interested in emphasizing that a ProCertification certificate is not related to specific training a person has had in terms of state apprenticeship or other local programs.   He explained that the two-part evaluation consisted of an online test (Spanish & English & Visual options) which is aimed at measuring an experienced installer (in whatever roofing discipline being tested) and that should be possessed by an installer who has had 2 - 3 years of current or recent and consistent experience with the discipline being assessed.   The Field test -- is a timed process which evaluates competency and efficient "best practices"  for the product being installed --

See Installation Readiness Guide
(not the same as Installer readiness above)

Link Below
NRCA ProCert Installation Guide PDF

Please call John Upshaw at 209-253-4004,  if you have any questions, or email:
VERY IMPORTANT :    We (IRCC Admin),   want to have a side-by-side list of the candidates you have chosen as candidates for either of the two certifications your experienced installers are registering on the NRCA site.   

The NRCA will send us a list of the registrations every day through December 1, 2019.  It is important to monitor the list to make sure those installers you have selected are on the list,  and that the discount has been applied,   and that the full registration process is  completed.

When you determine which candidates from your company you wish to certify.  It is requested that you fill out the three question listing on the Survey Monkey Link.   It takes about one minute,  and it will help us at the IRCC admin track your intended candidates you are registering on 
IRCC/CRU - Associate Collaborative/Prep/Refresh
Class Notices Will be Sent out on Friday October 18th.  

December 13 Low Slope Thermoplastic Prep/Review/ Sacramento IRCC Training Site:  Associate Trainer Assistance:  TREMCO & Safety Compliance Company:  8:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm

December 16 Asphalt Shingle  Prep/Review/ Sacramento IRCC Training Site:  Associate Trainer Assistance:  CertainTeed & Safety Compliance Company :  8:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm
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