Newsom's Executive Action On Workers Comp Threat to State Fund
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As Promissed,  Governor Gavin Newsom Officialy Shields Unions H&W Plans From Suffering Hit    From Corona-Virus Claims From Employees; Exec Order Puts on Back of Workers' Compensation 
Yes,  despite incredulity and opposition,  the  CA building trades called in their political leverage  on a beholding Governor by demanding that  he  protect their respective trust funds,  who were in panic mode at the thought of  bearing the brunt of corona-virus costs for a disease normally delegated to the private insurer,  despite the fact that workplace origin is not only a hard tie-down -- but a near catostrophic blow to the worker's comp system:   

As reported by Richard Markuson, the IRCC's Legislative Affairs Liason, 
" In response to a cost-estimate request this month from the Assembly Insurance Committee, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California estimated such a change could cost somewhere from $2.2 billion to $33.6 billion on an annualized basis. The bureau’s mid-range estimate of $11.2 billion amounts to 61 percent of the annual cost of the total workers’ compensation system before the pandemic. "

He noted:  "Alaska's legislature recently passed a relief package containing such an amendment, and labor groups like the California Labor Federation, have been pushing for California to follow suit. 

"Employers and WC carriers have argued, so-far unsuccessfully, that the cost of COVID-19 care - should be borne by the general fund - not just the employer community that has WC insurance. They cite concern that rates could possibly double - depending on the extent of claims - and that some carriers could exit the market - leaving only State-Fund as the carrier of last resort.

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