Keep your roses happy!

  • Roses need a well-amended and well-draining soil. Prepare the site with compost and amendments, and take care not to plant too deep. Leave the root flare visible above the soil line.

  • When selecting a spot, always pay attention to the mature size and leave room to grow.

  • Water deeply, but infrequently. After two years in the ground, roses should only require a deep watering about twice a month during the hottest months, and less during the winter.

  • Roses need at least 6hrs of sun. Remember that plants in hotter, sunnier areas may require more frequent water.

  • Add compost and optional fertilizer twice a year -- once in spring and again in fall. Pruning is best done around Valentine’s Day.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When we experience warm days with cool nights, different types of fungal disease and other problems can take root. To keep your landscape in best health, preventatively spray with a biological fungicide or garlic concentrate. Pay special attention to fruit trees such as peaches, apples, pears, or plums, as well as tomatoes, rosebushes, and your lawn. For extra happy plants, also treat them to our aerobic compost tea!