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the bulletin: May 2019

Just Imagine.

Dear <<First Name>>

We occasionally find ourselves longing for a small thing to emerge from the political turmoil that seemingly engulfs our lives... either to give us a glimmer of hope or, simply to provide us with a minor source of amusement. We think we may have such an example.

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President Trump seems to be 'trumping' Brexit in the headlines, as he endeavours to bring a more equalised balance to the trading relationship between the US and China. Whilst his tweeting receives by far the greater attention, it is obvious there are wiser heads in the US State Department pushing for changes which the President would happily have everyone believe are his own personal ideas.
Compromise will eventually be the order of the day, as the huge economies of China and the US are now so deeply entwined that neither side could possibly benefit from a full scale trade war.

Back home Brexit has become such a conundrum for the Nation that many would now agree to almost anything, simply to bring it to a conclusion... which is, perhaps, precisely what many politicians and the wider political establishment want.


High Street Woes

The economies of the World in general continue to prosper although there are hiccups in particular sectors, such as High Street Retail which is under immense pressure from Internet Retail... with its hugely reduced cost base and a tendency to side-step taxation on profits!

It is also interesting to note how governments are beginning to become concerned about the way in which global technology (particularly social media) appears to behave with extreme self-interest... often avoiding or at least minimising their responsibility for any decline in general morality. Hopefully, common sense will eventually prevail.
Summer finally seems to be around the corner and we trust that, like us, you have a well-earned holiday to look forward to. 



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