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the bulletin: November 2018

Brexit deal moves a step closer

Dear <<First Name>>

A Brexit agreement appears to have been agreed with Brussels and will now be put before Parliament for their approval. With so much conflicting comment from politicians and media it is difficult for 'the man on the street' to understand the potential implications of what has actually been agreed but, one can only hope that normal service will resume in our lives sooner rather than later.

Sadly (but perhaps not unexpectedly) all this activity combined with events in the USA have brought turmoil to the World markets, with the consequence that gains made within portfolios throughout the year to date have essentially been lost over just a few weeks. Furthermore, rumours surrounding Brexit have impacted on Sterling and depressed the value of our companies trading around the Globe.

The economies of the USA, the UK and Europe continue to enjoy growth and broadly speaking are strong, yet the questionable behaviour of politicians has brought confusion into our lives. We continue to have faith in these economies and believe that, once there is clarity, the restoration of order and some unity regarding our future relationship with Europe, we will see the investments within your portfolio growing once again.

There seems very little point in making any changes to core investments until such clarity replaces guess-work, although we will remain ever vigilant in our broader search for new opportunities. This is a difficult period and whilst we don’t claim to have all the answers, we are happy to discuss any concerns you might have about your financial arrangements.


Perhaps you’d like to discuss the topics raised above in the context of your own personal circumstances, or perhaps you’d just like to talk about another, unconnected financial matter?

We are always here to help. We don’t claim to have all the answers, to every question that clients throw in our direction, but we’ll do our very best to help, or at the very least we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can.

There are lots of ‘immediate’ ways of getting in touch. You can phone of course
01442 842538 or you could use Skype, or even FaceTime if you have an iPhone. However, if you’d initially like to think a matter through in greater detail and then send us an email instead that’s fine too and we promise to get back to you, just as soon as we can.
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