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June Wellness News

Since March 2020 the world has been committed to one main subject, one that we will refrain from mentioning as I think we are all tiring of this topic! suffice it to say that the worldwide disturbance has increased our awareness of all things health: from the physical through how best to support our immunity, to mental health and how it was both positively and negatively impacted as we toed the fine line between enjoying a slowed pace and feeling the heaviness that came with isolation.  Spiritually our health was also challenged as many felt comfort in surrendering to a higher power while others questioned what force would allow such massive heartache, and sometimes we felt both simultaneously.  We are so grateful to have been in a position, and continue to be, that can provide support to our community through the services we provide and being able to assist you with all aspects of your health.

We hope that through our monthly newsletters with their high quality health news, tips, research and recipes as well as through the wide variety of services we offer: Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Counseling, Somatic Experiencing and soon Craniosacral Therapy and Holistic Esthetics (read on for more info on these!) not to mention a retail location for top quality natural health products, we have come to be a place you can rely on to support you no matter what your health needs and goals. 
Thanks for being an integral part in our success as your number one choice for integrative health care in Regina!

Thank you for your support of our Naturopathic Medicine Week 2021 Virtual Open House that took place via zoom on May 20th!  Drs. Brittany, Julie and Michelle hosted the event on behalf of our team of NDs at Prairie Sky, and all NDs in the province and country!  We all agree that the Naturopathic Medicine Principle: Docere (Doctor as Teacher) is not only one of our principles of practice but also a key therapeutic modality: education and empowerment!  The open house ,was a great opportunity to engage
in lively discussion about our profession and to answer questions from: What are the top supplements you recommend for overall health? (unanimously Magnesium, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids came out on top) to What do you suggest for sleep? (from well-steeped chamomile tea to powerful yet safe nervines like passionflower, lemon balm and skullcap)  We also passed out some of our favorite recipes so we wanted to pass them on to all of you, they include many refreshing summer treats.  All easy to make, nutritious and super delicious.
Watch for upcoming community events come fall!  Thanks again for your support of Naturopathic Medicine!
Practitioner introduction:  We are excited to welcome Elaine Hanson-Loo to the team at Prairie Sky Integrative Health.  Elaine will be starting with us on Thursday June 3rd and offering her skills using Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BDCT) and Natural Facial Rejuvenation which is a brilliant synthesis between Traditional Chinese Acupressure and BDCT.
Craniosacral therapy has a long history as a highly effective, hands-on, non-invasive therapeutic modality and is well-supported through evidence-based research for many conditions from pain to fibromyalgia.  
You can find out much more about Elaine, her training and background and how to book with her through her website: or send her an email.
Starting in July~ Sam is certified in a variety of aesthetic and beauty services. As a 200hr yoga teacher and Reiki Master, she is passionate about combining wellness and beauty together to offer the ultimate self-care experience. Many of her services offer a deeply relaxing and blissful experience. Many products she uses for services are focused on
holistic wellness.  She offers Spa Facials, Body treatments, Facial Cupping and manicures along with other beauty and aesthetic services.

For the month of July and August, Sam will be offering a 25% off special on services to welcome clients to her new space. For more information or to book, please visit . 
Spotlighting our registered massage therapists!  Since early 2021 we have been thrilled to have introduced massage therapy to the services offered within Prairie Sky Integrative Health.  To learn more about either Lisa Mann or Ryan Schaffer, please check out their websites and contact your preferred therapist directly to book your appointment!  
A reminder to stay tuned to our CLINIC BLOG on a regular basis to read all about the good stuff we have going on at Prairie Sky Health.

We update the blog weekly with a variety of helpful articles on anything you might want to know about any aspect of health!!

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Have you ever thought about studying Reflexology?

Chris Shirley has been practicing and teaching reflexology since 1978!  Having moved to Regina from Vancouver last October, Chris is excited to once again offer his Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Weekend Certificate Course, and he will be hosting this from our boardroom space at Prairie Sky Integrative Healh over the weekend of June 18-20th, 2021.

This course prepares participants to practice foot reflexology competently and is accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada as well as the Reflexology Association of B.C..
For more details, please visit 
Lauren MacDonald is a registered Social Worker who joined our team in April.  She offers a private practice with a special focus of interest in the realm of substance abuse.  She also runs weekly support groups from the second floor boardroom in our clinic space.

Join her:
Monday evenings at 6:45 for Relapse Prevention and/ or 
Thursday evenings at 6:45 for Women in Recovery.

Because space is limited please contact her via EMAIL or call her at (306) 570-9038.  Both methods of contact can also be used for inquires or appointment bookings.

What is Community Acupuncture??
Community acupuncture involves group acupuncture treatments that can be done in a cost-effective, accessible and efficient manner. Lunar community acupuncture is the name of our pilot project and we will be offering this service every second Wednesday afternoon/ evening. 
Click HERE for more information on community acupuncture, including what types of conditions can benefit from acupuncture in this format and why you might be a great candidate for this service!  or BOOK NOW!
From all of us at Prairie Sky Integrative Health,
thank you for your support and the dedication you have to us and to your health!
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