AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.  

The Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek branch promotes and supports our AAUW mission through local scholarships, AAUW program support, panel discussions, and topical guest speakers.  
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The Advocate

The AAUW Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek branch newsletter              February, 2016

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Upcoming Branch Events

February 27 Expanding Your Horizons

March 12 International Program: Cuba Today

April 15 - 17 AAUW CA Convention, San Mateo

May 5 - 6 16th Annual DAW Garden Tour

TBD Installation & Scholarship Awards

Where You'll Find Us

Featured In This Issue:

  • Presidents' Message:
  • Expanding Your Horizons, Tri-Valley Middle School Conference, February 27, 2016
  • Cuba: On the Cusp of Change, International Program, March 12, 2016
  • Tech Trek Thanks You For Your Support
  • Holiday Home Tour Thanks You For Your Support
  • AAUW's Annual Art Contest Is In Progress
  • The Advocate Would Like to Feature Your Artwork
  • Special Interest Group Activities in February
  • Human Trafficking: A Message from AAUW CA
  • Our Sponsors

Presidents' Message

Kathy McKnight & 
Liz Williams,


Happy New Year, all! 

This New Year brings the need to think about our organization and leadership for the 2016-2017 year.  In a nutshell, WE NEED YOU, ALL OF YOU, to think about what you can do to further the success of the Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek branch.

We are not just Interest Groups and Neighborhood Groups, as important as those are to all of us.  We are also an organization dedicated to furthering and improving the lives of other women through scholarships, camperships, and volunteerism.

We need members to fill board positions for the coming year---some on the elected board and some on the appointed board. We have been trying to make these 2-3 person positions to ease the time commitment for everyone. Talk to a friend, maybe two of you would be interested in a position to share.

Positions vary from Program VP, Publicity, Treasurer, International Relations, Hospitality, to Public Policy and many others  If you are interested, please contact Kathy McKnightLiz Williams, or 
Melanie Wade.  

Please call (we're all in the directory!) and let’s talk about your interests and talents and see what position would be a good match for you!  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks.
Expanding Your Horizons 
Conference for 6th-9th Grade Girls

Susan Terzuoli, Expanding Your Horizons Chair
Saturday, February 27
Las Positas College, Livermore  


We look forward to a great, inspiring day and many interesting workshops .  
Do you know any 6th - 9th grade girls in our tri-valley area?  All information about the conference, including registration, is online at https:/
You can be a part of this wonderful opportunity to increase interest and foster awareness of careers in science and math for junior and senior high school girls! 
Our branch is providing the workshop monitors and we still need volunteers for the morning and afternoon workshops.  We hope you can join us. Please contact Susan Terzuoli to volunteer and join us for a rewarding day.   

International Program:  
Cuba Today


Asha Bajaj & Caroline Sanchez, International Relations Co-Chairs

Saturday, March 12, 2016
9:30 AM - 12 Noon
Danville Ranch Clubhouse, 1895 Ridgeland Circle, Danville

Please join us for an entertaining and informative morning to explore equity of Cuban women, domestic violence, women in government, and women in non-traditional professions.  Lenore Gallin, DVC Professor and AAUW Piedmont branch member, has journeyed throughout Cuba many times and will share her experiences and knowledge with us.

Light refreshments will be provided.  This event is free, however you must register to attend. Contact Caroline Sanchez or Asha register or request additional information.

Thank You For Your Tech Trek 2016 Donation


Loretta Altshuler Tech Trek Chair

Special thanks to all branch members who contributed to funding Tech Trek 2016. Your generous contributions of time and money will send 12 girls to Sonoma State University this summer for a week of camp filled with exciting experiences. A thank you to all holiday home tour volunteers and docents, especially our co-chairs Teresa Cheung and Roseanne Krane and their terrific team. Individual thanks to Holiday Home Tour Giving Tree Coordinator Jeanne Chiodo, our Special Interest Group 3rd Wednesday Bridge Club, and Loretta Altshuler, Marilyn Bressler, Joyce Briggs, Bette Felton, Anna Freitas, Charla Gabert, Luisa Hansen, Carol Highton, Mavis Hoffman, Mary Kelly, Mimi Knox, Sara Lautenbach, Catherine Reed, Christine Ritter, Holly Sauer, Cindy Silva, Nona Thomas,and Carolyn Watson

Thank you all for making 2016 Tech Trek Camp possible for 12 seventh grade girls with a real interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Our 2015 Holiday Home Tour Was A Big Success!

Teresa Cheung &
Roseann Krane,
Holiday Home Tour Co-Chairs
Thank You to all AAUW members who helped with the Holiday Home Tour.  You made a successful tour possible, earning around $17,000.  Our community really enjoyed the tour.  Head house docents reported delightfully positive reviews from attendees.  

Proceeds will be used to provide undergraduate and graduate scholarships to women and Tech Trek scholarships for middle school girls within our own communities.

We are very grateful for the outpouring of support for the tour.  It does take a village (and more) to put on this important event.
AAUW's Annual Art Contest Is In Progress

Vote for our Branch Members Now
The eighth annual AAUW Art Contest has begun!  Two of our branch members, Dora-Thea Porter and Caroline Sanchez, have entered the contest.  Please view their entries on our Website Homepage and vote for their entries on the AAUW National Art Page., Voting is open February 3 - 29.  Members may vote one time for up to 10 entries.  The winning entries will be printed in a collection of AAUW note cards and mailed to members and supporters this spring.

The Advocate Would Like to Feature Your Art Work

Please share your art work!  Each month offers the opportunity to highlight our members' artistic talents in the banner of our Advocate newsletter.  To be included, please send a JPEG or PNG formatted picture to our newsletter editor, Holly Sauer, at any time.  If you are a writer, you may also send me a brief poem or excerpt that will fit into a space no larger than the size of a picture. One piece will be featured each month, If I receive more than one or it arrives too late for the current Advocate in progress, it will be featured in an upcoming month.

Dora-Thea Porter's photograph in the banner and this painting by Caroline Sanchez have been submitted to the 2016 AAUW Art Contest.  To see their additional entries, visit our Website Homepage and vote for their entries on the AAUW National Art Page.

Epicurians Dinner Group

The next dinner presented by the Epicureans Gourmet Group is scheduled for February 20th at the home of Liz Williams. Please contact Liz if interested.

Art & Garden Group

Wednesday, February 3, Art & Garden meets at the Blackhawk Gallery, Blackhawk Plaza, Danville, for a 10:30 AM tour of their "illuminations" Exhibit.  This exhibit features local Alamo and Danville artists.  Cost is $3 per person.  Blackhawk Gallery is a cooperative gallery operated by members of the Alamo Danville Artists' Society (ADAS).  ADAS provides monetary contributions to support art programs in the San Ramon Valley School District and has disbursed over $130,000 in grants since 1995.  After the tour, we'll lunch at Blackhawk Plaza. Contact Jacque Schubert to sign up or for more information.

Human Trafficking in the Modern Era

By Michele St.Clair
Public Policy Director, Healdsburg branch Board of Directors
Public Policy Committee of AAUW-CA

Human trafficking is not remote. It’s right here in California, in our own neighborhoods. And there are things we can do to help curb it.  California has a disproportionately large share of this extreme violation of human rights, in spite of a series of laws that the California legislature has passed to try to reduce its incidence.
As globalization erases the borders between countries, the challenges of stopping the flood of human exploitation continue to multiply. Human trafficking has grown to be one of the largest organized criminal activities in the world, second only to drug trafficking. Social scientists estimate that 27 million women, men, and children are victims at any given time. AAUW reports that human trafficking has also emerged in the past decade as one of the fastest-growing criminal activities in the world. And the consequent human suffering is immense.
Traffickers use violence, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to manipulate victims into engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against their will. Much of human trafficking is done for the purpose of extracting labor services.  Labor-trafficked victims are coerced, but instead of being sexually exploited, victims are abused in a variety of labor settings including domestic work, small businesses, large farms, and factories.
Surprisingly, in bedroom communities some unscrupulous couples keep housekeepers and nannies in modern bondage. Teachers are brought from overseas and forced to sign over 10 percent of their salaries. Undocumented agricultural workers are often taken advantage of by “coyotes” and agribusiness to work long hours for little or no pay. Underage boys and girls are tricked into sex slavery. (In fact, due to their extreme vulnerability, all sex workers under the age of 18 are considered to be trafficking victims.)
Though the epidemic of human trafficking affects people from all backgrounds, social classes, and cultures, it disproportionately affects women and girls who account for 55 percent of forced labor and 75 percent of all trafficked victims around the world.
This is why AAUW has made human trafficking one of the issues it officially works to eliminate. Inform your friends and family, and your neighbors about the widespread incidence of human trafficking. Be alert to possible instances of labor-trafficking in your community. When meeting with elected officials, inform them about the facts and your concerns. Sign up for AAUW Action Alerts and follow up when AAUW emails them to you.  Should you become aware of suspicious activity that suggests human trafficking, it’s important to report it. To do so, call one of these hotline numbers:
  • The National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline
    • 1-888-373-7888 or
  • The U.S. Department of Justice Hotline
    • 1-888-428-7581

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The Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek branch promotes and supports our AAUW mission through local scholarships, AAUW program support, panel discussions, and topical guest speakers.  
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