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Newsletter 7.12.19


"It's not like I'm here for an easy life."

In an interview this past week, Stella McCartney said this to outline that the challenges she's currently facing is a product of being bold, not complacent. Stella is known for her commitments in building a sustainable fashion company regardless of what other players are doing in the space. In fashion, with fast production and efficiency being the main success factors, being mindful of sustainable manufacturing and materials often slows things down as creators are trying to reinvent the wheel. For designers like Stella, the process is difficult, which compels her even more to go through with it. 

I look up Stella, along with so many women like her who can stand shoulder to shoulder with others that encourage you to go the easy way, but you do the opposite – knowing that it may take longer to get to the finish line, but paving a new process makes it worth it. Embracing difficulty is what makes life interesting (not to mention stressful) and is something that should be part of one's expertise. Life isn't meant to be easy, so we shouldn't try to make it less difficult. Let's join in on the challenge and make it easier for the women who have been doing the hard work for years.

Here's to challenges,
Maya Frai, Founder of Let's Hear It


The latest news on women.
An #Instaworthy Deal: Reformation, the Fashion Brand, Sells a Majority Stake
“We feel that the business has reached a stage where we need a significant partner in order to really grow and meet our ambitions, be it entering into new international markets or opening new stores or developing new product lines,” Ms. Aflalo said this week. She added that she had been “shocked” that some prospective investors “still see sustainable fashion as a fad.”
 NYTimes, July 10, 2019
Research: Women Score Higher Than Men in Most Leadership Skills
“This data continues to reinforce our observations from our previous research — women make highly competent leaders, according to those who work most closely with them — and what’s holding them back is not lack of capability but a dearth of opportunity. When given those opportunities, women are just as likely to succeed in higher level positions as men.Harvard Business Review, June 25, 2019
Fortune 40 under 40: Audrey Gelman, Lauren Kassan, and Diedra Nelson
“The all-woman leadership team, including cofounders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan and CFO Diedra Nelson, oversees an empire that is expanding faster than WeWork or SoulCycle at this stage in its history. The original location opened in October 2016; by this fall The Wing will have 10 outposts, including its first international space, in London. The team has raised more than $117 million in two years, and The Wing is close to hitting 10,000 members." Fortune, July 2019
Publication features on women and their careers. 
Interview with Stella McCartney for the Guardian

"I’m not going to use PVC because the challenge will make me more creative.’ It’s like, ‘Well, that fucking sucks, and I’ve also only got three sequins that I can use in two colourways as opposed to 5,000 that everyone else will use.’ If everyone else was sustainable, we could have a level playing field, so it does feel unfair – but it’s my choice and I believe very much in my reasons for working in that way. You know what? It’s not like I’m here for an easy life.”

Stella McCartney and her unwavering moral commitments have put her in an interesting position as an activist in the fashion business, which she describes as the second most harmful industry to the planet. Read the full interview here.
Models for McCartney's new collection "All Together Now" inspired by her father Paul's Beatles legacy.
Op-eds and letters on advice, experiences, and inspiration.

I turn over, exhausted from lack of sleep, thoughts still spinning in my head. Why can’t I express my frustrations like everyone else? If I were a man, would I be in this situation? What makes me so different? Is it because I’m a woman? I stop myself to avoid getting worked up. I tell myself, “You’ve been through so much, you’ve endured so much, time will allow me to heal, and soon this will be just another memory that made me the strong woman, athlete, and mother I am today.”

Serena Williams, "Opening up about last year's controversial match at the US Open" –– Harper's Bazaar

“We witnessed an America in which you can dye your hair pink and nobody questions whether or not you’re worthy of being taken seriously. And perhaps, most significantly, we saw an America where hard work pays off. Soon after the team’s victory on Sunday a fourth star was sewn onto each player’s jersey; they’ll wear it forever. The stars serve as proof: It’s not hate or fear, but courage and poise, that make America."

Lauren Peace, "The Women’s World Cup Team Is the Most American Thing Out There" –– NYTimes

“The amount of new women's streetwear drops has increased by 38 per cent over the last 12 months. “In the last year or so there has been so much movement, not least from brands like Nike, who are now realising what a power women can be." With women’s influence on streetwear continuing to rise, it is sparking interesting conversations around inclusivity, body issues and politics. As May says, “Fashion should speak to the person and their experiences. We are adding more stories to it.”

Annachiara Bondi, "Is streetwear finally ready for women?" –– Vogue

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