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Newsletter 8.9.19


One of my favorite books I read last year was Grit by Angela Duckworth. The quick TLDR is that hard work and persistence trumps talent. Resilience when encountering adversity is what makes you "grittier" and therefore better equipped to handle incoming challenges. 

The women featured this week are primary examples of how grit enables progress. From Ivy Ross persuading the Google executive team to fund a Design Lab focused on the development of hardware designers, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris' persistence in fighting for a country affected by widespread violence fueled by nationalism and divisive party lines, to Ty Haney and Emily Weiss re-thinking brands to make a dent in saturated industries where the Estée Lauders and Lululemons claim market share.  

 Toughness gives you an edge in being able to pick yourself up when challenges undermine your abilities. You can call it grit, persistence, or your innate intuition – it's a practiced trait that allows you to keep moving forward when the going gets tough. 

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The latest news on women.
Re:Store Brings Digital-first Brands to Flagship on San Francisco’s Maiden Lane
"I'm trying to combine Glossier and The Wing and make that turnkey for the brands to tap into, because every brand wants to be connected with customers," said founder Selene Cruz. On Thursday, on the same block of Maiden Lane as luxury leaders Hermès and Fendi, and fashion-tech upstarts Warby Parker, Cuyana and Rent the Runway, she will open Re:Store, a new retail concept backed by Sequoia Capital, which also helped finance Glossier, Airbnb and YouTube, among others. WWD, August 6, 2019
Toni Morrison, Towering Novelist of the Black Experience, Dies at 88
She was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1993, Ms. Morrison was the author of 11 novels as well as children’s books and essay collections. Among them were celebrated works like “Song of Solomon,” which received the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1977, and “Beloved,” which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. NYTimes, August 6, 2019
Inside Google's Design Lab Led by Ivy Ross
The 70,000-square-foot Design Lab houses around 150 designers and dozens of top-secret projects under the leadership of vice president and head of hardware design Ivy Ross, a former jewelry artist who has led the company’s push into gadgets ranging from the groundbreaking Google Home Mini speaker to the playful line of Pixel phones. “We’re the company that digitized the world’s information,” says Ross, “[but] sometimes, designers need to hold things.” FastCompany, August 6, 2019
‘Warren has built a monster’: Inside the Democrats’ battle for Nevada
Among 17 Democratic strategists, activists and experts interviewed by POLITICO for this story, Warren’s campaign was mentioned most often as the most impressive of the field, followed by Harris'. The standing of the two women speaks to their early organizing in the state, the on-the-ground experience of their staffs and one of Nevada’s unique political distinctions: the power of women. Politico August 7, 2019
Publication features on women and their careers. 
Photo: FT.
Interview with Glossier’s Emily Weiss: ‘We’re creating the Estée Lauder of the future’

I got a message this weekend from someone saying, “I want Glossier tampons, I want a Glossier razor . . . ” Someone else wrote: “I want Glossier condominiums.” It speaks to people’s perception of Glossier as more than just beauty products. We have no plans to make condominiums . . . but I’m really excited because I think for so long the beauty industry has been about cause and effect and problem-solution, and to have the opportunity as a company to stand for something that is much broader is an honour.

In this interview with the Financial Times, Emily Weiss discusses growth and expansion plans for Glossier, the company's $1.2Bn valuation, and next steps for the beauty industry. Read more here.
Op-eds and letters on advice, experiences, and inspiration.

Yesterday in El Paso, 20 people lost their lives at a shopping mall. It was a Saturday afternoon. They were killed by a man with an assault rifle, and it was over in minutes. And then, late last night, nine people were killed during a mass shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio, by a man wearing body armor, wielding what has been described as an “assault-style weapon.” The shooting lasted no more than 1 minute.

Kamala Harris, "No more thoughts and prayers" –– Medium

Everyone should be clear that what Trump said on Monday wasn’t nearly enough. He has stoked right-wing violence and his administration has actively opposed efforts to fight it. Further, he’s escalating his incitement of racial grievance as he runs for re-election, as shown by his attacks on the four congresswomen of color known as the squad, as well as the African-American congressman Elijah Cummings. One desultory speech does not erase Trump’s politics of arson, or the complicity of the Republicans who continue to enable it.

Michelle Goldberg, "Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism" –– NYTimes

Because #ReadingThings is just as good as #DoingThings
The Recreationalist

"This is an opportunity for us to establish that two-way conversation. One thing is our community to date has been so willing to have an open dialogue with us as a brand. We always thought internally there are always so many interesting things going on that our community is flagging to us, and now we have a place to put it.”

Here a two of my fav reads:

→ Ty Haney on a hike in Vancouver with Chip Wilson, CEO of Lululemon: Read here.
→ Take Ten with Elena Parasco, Young Female Director: Read here.
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