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Newsletter 4.26.19


Earth Day kicked off this week with a surge of women sponsoring campaigns and new initiatives. The latest updates on women include Bumble's Whitney Wolfe Herd on cleaning up the Internet, how social influence has fueled brand-building, and Tarana Burke on the global mission of #MeToo.

In this week's newsletter, we're featuring our latest interview with Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College and renown cognitive scientist. We're also featuring LHI advice on tips when cold-emailing someone for contributions and advice. Lastly, check out our announcements section to view LHI's update on winning two awards at Cornell University's annual project showcase.

With gratitude,
Maya Frai, Founder of Let's Hear It

The latest news on women.
Supreme Court Will Hear Cases On LGBTQ Discrimination Protections For Employees
"The Supreme Court has accepted three cases that ask whether federal anti-discrimination laws should apply to sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace, putting the court on track to consider high-profile LGBTQ issues after its next term begins this fall.NPR, April 22, 2019
Facebook Exec Fidji Simo: Restricting Facebook Live Could Hurt Minorities
"Simo said that much of Facebook’s work these days was focused on safety and security. “This is priority number one, for sure,” she said. And while the company was still struggling with issues like how to police live streams, Simo argued that Facebook had undergone a major transition since the 2016 election. “We are fundamentally not the same company that we were a year ago." Variety, April 22, 2019
Bumble says it will soon detect lewd images sent on its app
"The company, which launched as a female-focused dating app but has since expanded its service to networking for friends and jobs, announced Wednesday plans to introduce a feature in June that uses artificial intelligence to flag inappropriate images sent through direct messages. Recipients of the images will be able to choose how to respond: View the image, block it, or report it to Bumble.CNN, April 24, 2019
Tarana Burke: ‘Me Too Is Not A Women’s Movement’
"Me Too creator Tarana Burke wants the current movement to be more inclusive to people of all genders. “Me Too is not a women’s movement,” Burke said during the Time 100 Summit in New York City on Tuesday. “Yes, it was women that came forward and talked about it. Yes, it was about women in Hollywood initially coming forward. But men’s first role in this movement is as survivors." Huffington Post, April 24, 2019
Publication features on women and their careers. 
LHI Interview with Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College and Cognitive Scientist

"We know that simple things like getting your worries down on paper can help download them from your mind. We know that focusing on why you should succeed rather than why you should fail works as well. Our thoughts can get the best of us and instead of worrying, we can actually harness them in a way that can be productive."

In this interview, Sian talks pursuing a career in academia and equipping young female students with tools and resources to overcome self-doubt. She details her experiences as well as techniques in tackling anxiety and performing up to one's utmost potential. 

Check out the written interview here and listen to the podcast episode here.
Op-eds and letters on advice, experiences, and inspiration.
LHI Advice from the Editor:
This past week, I've been getting a lot of questions about cold-emailing and what are the best ways to reach out to people and seek out help, advice, collaborations, or contributions. As someone who is always looking for the next woman to feature on the platform, I've practiced a lot on creating the best email to solicit interest. Here's a few tips when cold-emailing someone:

1. Introduce yourself in less than 1-2 sentences. Let the person know who are you are off the bat and the relevant project you're working on that might interest the recipient. 

2. Introduce your project/initiative in 1-2 sentences. It's also best to include some achievements you've made recently or updates on how it's going.

3. Do your research. If you're trying to get someone involved in something you're doing, try to find a relevant reason why they might be interested. This could be a recent article they've written, a conference they've attended, or even the profession they're in.

4. Ask! Don't be afraid to directly ask what you're trying to elicit from them. Tell them why they'd be a great fit and what the next steps are if they're interested. 

If you found this helpful, let me know your feedback by replying to this email. :)


Many of today’s young female entrepreneurs are as comfortable narrating their morning routines on Instagram Stories as they are leading financial negotiations in boardrooms. Some have mastered the art of social media to the point of amassing tens—and even hundreds—of thousands of followers, becoming the sort of brand ambassadors that companies have traditionally paid to align with. Though these founders may not fully embrace the much-loathed designation “influencer,” they are plenty influential.

Carrie Battan, "The Instagram trap: Social influence is helping women build brands" –– Fast Company

The path to profitability can vastly differ from brand to brand, and CEOs must perpetually balance investing in growth with generating cash flow. Ultimately though the deciding factor boils down to the basics: the product itself. “I think the question is how sustainable is your innovation?” said Cowen’s Chen. “If you don’t have a product that makes sense, your whole income statement won’t make sense.”

Cathaleen Chen, "How Online Brands Can Pave a Path to Profitability" –– Business of Fashion

The latest on what's happening with LHI.

LHI at Technology Project Showcase, Cornell University
Maya Frai, the founder behind LHI, recently showcased Let's Hear It's efforts at the annual BOOM Technology Showcase, sponsored by Cornell Engineering and the Computer and Information Science Department. LHI won two awards for $1,500 from Goldman Sachs and EY. We're so happy to have the support of students and faculty of Cornell University and the corporate sponsors in attendance. This is a major win for the community of women and we're looking forward to many more. 

Because Earth Day is everyday.
Photo: Tread By Everlane.
Everlane Tread Trainers

Everlane recently launched the teaser for Tread, their sub-brand for a new kind of sneaker. The mission: Make the world’s lowest-impact sneakers. Make them to last. Make them carbon neutral. And never stop pushing to make them better.

Join the movement here.
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