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Newsletter 5.24.19


Power is often in the hands of those with financial means. Start-up funding, wealth management, and negotiation are all topics around financing that put women on the lower end. This week, LHI features commentary and news surrounding personal finance and how women can take control of their financial power. Along with that, learn about notable women who are using their acquired power for good.

Here's to knowing your worth,
Maya Frai, Founder of Let's Hear It

The latest news on women.
Graphic design platform Canva valued at $2.5B with new funds
“The Canva team are building their platform around three trends – content, community and commerce – that we’ve been observing in some of the world’s fastest growing companies,” Meeker, an investor in Slack, Airbnb and more, said in a statement. “With its global user base of more than 15 million monthly active users, Canva is a clear leader providing a platform that empowers users to create compelling, data-rich visuals and gain design fluency through collaboration and feedback.” TechCrunch, May 20, 2019
What Fashion Statements Mean on the TED Talk Stage
Maria Cornejo, the designer behind the women-owned, locally produced New York label, Zero + Maria Cornejo told WWD that women are drawn to the designs because “we design with a heart.” On the partnership with TED, Cornejo said, “It’s more about supporting women in any way I can. I just want them to go out there, and do their thing and forget about what they are wearing.”
 WWD, May 21, 2019
Melinda Gates is funding this Wall Street rebel who is teaching women to invest and stick it to the banks
Sallie Krawcheck has refashioned herself as an outsider, out to crack the code on making investing friendlier to women. From a woman’s perspective, investing is not about beating the market, or winning the loser’s game, or about any game at all, she says: It’s about reaching your goals (which might include making a lot of money) and not being talked down to. CNBC, May 23, 2019

AOC calls out the vicious circle of white men building biased face AI
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is good at cutting to the heart of matters in her questioning of witnesses during hearings. That ability was on full display during today’s House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on facial recognition technology.  FastCompany, May 22, 2019

Publication features on women and their careers. 
Rihanna Opens Up About Her New Clothing Line, the Future of Fashion and Her Next Album

“I’m going to do whatever I want to do, I’m taking control of my vision, my sound, my clothes.” I also embraced change along the way — things that make me a better woman, a better human being. Like, even the way I communicate: I’m really proud of my growth on that. I’m proud to walk into any building as this person. Nothing about me makes me embarrassed about me.

Rihanna talks to T Magazine about her latest joint venture with LVMH as well as how she separates her music from fashion and beauty. Through her efforts, Rihanna has changed the way a brand targets women, by not just focusing on one particular type of women, but embraces a multi-faceted and diverse approach to her brand audience. In this interview, we get a strong glimpse into who Rihanna aspires to be and how she's stuck to her guns throughout her music and fashion journey. NYTimes Mag, May 19, 2019
Secrets of Wealthy Women: How Pro Golfer Kelley Brooke Learned About Money

“Make sure you’re in control of your financial destiny.”

In the WSJ Wealthy Women Podcast, Kelley Brooke talks about breaking into a male-dominated sport and learning about managing her personal finance while others treated it as a taboo subject.  WSJ, May 19, 2019
Op-eds and letters on advice, experiences, and inspiration.

The alcohol industry hasn’t changed since prohibition. It’s ruled by a three-tier system where distributors and bartenders are the gatekeepers, ultimately deciding what you drink. The industry is like a mafia. It’s basically impossible to get around them. So our generation is stuck with high-octane, high-sugar, highly processed alcohol options that don’t work for them. We’re launching Haus, an alcohol brand designed for the way millennials drink today.

Helena Price Hambrecht, "In Pursuit of a Better Way to Drink" –– Medium

Ms. Lusardi, at George Washington University, said research showed that one in five American high school students lacked even basic financial skills — such as the ability to interpret a pay stub to determine how much money will be deposited into their bank account or the savvy to avoid being tricked into sharing an online bank account logon.

Ann Carrns, "As College Debt Rises, So Does Interest in Teaching Financial Literacy" –– NYTimes

Because knowing your worth is power.
Photo: Ladies Get Paid.
Ladies Get Paid: Resource for Financial Power

“I joined LGP because I was desperate for advice, help, & solidarity after an unsuccessful salary negotiation. I learned SO much from all of you, and went into my negotiation this time around with confidence and pulled off an $11,000 raise!”

Ladies Get Paid provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay, and power in the workplace. 

Learn more about LGP here.
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