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Newsletter 7.19.19


Ava Duvernay stated on Twitter: "If your dream only includes you, it's too small." As a filmmaker, this is surely true. She must ensure that film production not only includes actors that accurately represent the people who lived through something, but also includes a diverse crew, working together to create something bigger than themselves. By nature of being part of a diverse world, we must learn how to work, collaborate, support one another and rally people around a shared vision or cause. We often fall short if we cannot relate to others on a personal or professional level and help one another through conflict. This past week, news was circulating around "the Squad" in the House of representatives. The divide between women like AOC, Pressley, Tlaib, Omar and Pelosi contributes to the notion that you can only go so far being divided vs being supportive of one another. Instead of being calculative, we must be helpful and supportive. A dream is only as big as the team behind it and it takes a village of many women to get sh*t done, well. 

In pursuit of bigger dreams,
Maya Frai, Founder of Let's Hear It

The latest news on women.
Why There Are Only Two Women On The 2019 Next Billion-Dollar Startup List
“The list, which Forbes has been producing in conjunction with TrueBridge Capital Partners since 2015, has never been a bastion of female-led businesses. But in 2018, there were six. And with organizations like All Raise focusing on getting capital in the hands of female entrepreneurs and continued discussions (and even laws) around female representation at the board and c-suite levels, momentum seemed to be building. ” Forbes, July 16, 2019
Christine Lagarde Faces a New Challenge in Europe
“Ms. Lagarde will become the European Central Bank’s president just as it is losing some of its finest economic minds. Ms. Lagarde’s supporters point out that she has spent eight years at the I.M.F. and certainly learned a lot. One of the I.M.F.’s main functions is to monitor the economic performance of member countries, and the fund played a crucial role in preventing the collapse of Greece during the eurozone debt crisis.NYTimes, July 16, 2019
Meet the women behind NASA's historic Apollo 11 launch
“Tuesday marks 50 years since three men in space suits set off on the greatest scientific adventure of all time. As the astronauts of Apollo 11 headed to the moon, the women of NASA were blazing new trails on Earth. Poppy Northcutt, Joann Morgan and Margaret Hamilton were trailblazers, "hidden figures" critical to the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Morgan said it was life-changing. "What it said to me and what meant so much to me is, 'Hey, I am really now part of this team,'" she said. "I was accepted. And that meant a lot."" CBS, July 16, 2019

Publication features on women and their careers. 
Photo: The Cut.
Interview with Sue Chan, The Food-World Entrepreneur

“When I first moved to America from Taiwan, I didn’t want to be different, so I tried as hard as possible to assimilate. It’s what you want to do as a young immigrant. Now that I’m an adult, I’m proud of my heritage and it’s important to me to support my culture whenever I can, especially in this political climate. I’ll do that by volunteering with Apex, which is a local charity working with underserved Asian and immigrant youth. I’ll also get together with friends and clients. We eat at some of the city’s best (and most legit) spots, like China Cafe.”

If you’ve heard of Mimi Cheng’s, Contra, or Wildair, it’s because of Sue Chan. As the founder of Care of Chan, a top New York City food-culture agency, Chan represents some of the biggest brands and chefs in the restaurant industry. Her team executes top-notch events for movie premieres, fashion soirées, and product launches, Read the full interview here.
Op-eds and letters on advice, experiences, and inspiration.

Part of me understands the frustration of Democrats who find the squad maddening. Leftist criticism can be uniquely grating to liberals, especially the kind that treats disagreements over strategy as differences of morality. And some of the newcomers’ rhetoric has been stupid and irresponsible. Still, it’s Pelosi’s responsibility — not that of four insurgents who’ve been in Congress for only six months — to bring the party she leads together. She came to power with a promise to go after Trump, not the left. 

Michelle Goldberg, "Please, Pelosi, Fight Trump, Not the Squad" –– NYTimes

Because cautionary tales are just as important as success stories.
Photo: ABC Radio.
The Drop Out Podcast with Rebecca Jarvis

"You've got this really smart female CEO ... who's going to make herself super rich and who's going to do a wonderful thing for the world. Right? It is a great story. You want it to work. We all want that to work."
– Avie Tevanian, Steve Jobs' former right hand at Apple who originally invested $1.5 million into Theranos 

I read WSJ Reporter John Carreyrou's "Bad Blood" and didn't think the story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes could get more riveting – until I listened to the 6 episodes in this podcast. After listening, you truly feel disappointed in the fact that so many women were rooting for Elizabeth, as she served as a new example for a woman leading a billion-dollar game-changing business. Being a woman made that even harder where she even adopted a low baritone voice to make herself seem more masculine. However, Elizabeth was willing to do whatever it took to achieve her vision and sacrificed her own moral compass in lying to the public to get ahead.

Learn more about her story here.
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