The Coeur Group February 2017 Newsletter; new board, upcoming events, and new members along with member spotlight on Peter Smith.
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The Coeur Group Newsletter: February 2017

New Board

Join us in congratulating the following Coeur Group members on their new board member positions.
  • President - Bobby Myers of Northwest Council for Computer Education
  • Vice President - Matt Anderson of Tapley Cabinets
  • Secretary - Brent Schreiber of Clearwater Summit Group
  • Treasurer - Michael Pereira of Umpqua Bank
  • Duke - Marcus Mitzel of Young Construction
Upcoming Events
  • The Coeur Group is participating in the K27 Sgt. Moore Memorial Fund. You can join us by donating at:
  • The Coeur Group will be installing our next Locker at Skyway Elementary in early March.
  • The Coeur Group will be assisting with the install of Playground Equipment at Children's Village this Spring.
  • The Coeur Group's 5th Annual Duck Derby will take place in late Spring.
  • The Coeur Group is doing a locker remodel on Coeur d'Alene High School's Viking Vault in early Summer.

Welcome new members

We would like to welcome two of our newest members, hear in their own words why they joined:

Sam Johnson: "Dustin brought up membership with the Coeur Group to me, but I’ve heard about it for years. I know they do some great work, so it was a no-brainer to accept the invitation.  I’m excited to be a bigger part of the community and do something constructive."

Aaron Gabriel: "I have been following The Coeur Group's community involvement in recent years and have had interest in being a part of it. I think the core of your mission is to help the community first and ourselves and our business's second. I think that approach is solid and something I can be proud to stand behind."
Peter Smith
Peter Smith

What is your current job and tell us a little about what you do? 
I'm a lawyer at Smith + Malek. My practice focuses on business and real estate. I'd say more about what I do everyday but I don't think I can make it very interesting. But I know how to draft a contract, sue people and create a sewer easement however I haven't figured out how to get out of a traffic ticket.
How long have you been a member of The Coeur Group and what is your best experience so far? 
I've been a member of the Coeur Group since we all met at Ben Miller's office at 1st and Sherman. Someone smarter than me can figure out the year but it was some time ago. The best experience so far was preparing for the candidate forum and coming up with questions we wish we could ask...but there was no way Jimmy would ever let us ask.
What's your favorite moment of your career to this point?
The argument at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Smith v. Obama was an amazing experience. But, I have to say, the best part of my career so far was my wife Anna saying "I'm kidding" after she said she didn't see my name on the Bar Exam pass list.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In the winter, skiing and right now watching Frontier on Netflix. In the summer, biking and trying to hit a golf ball straight. The rest of my free time is spent trying to get my iPhone charger back from my kids and working on being an active listener. 
Why would you recommend The Coeur Group to a colleague?The The Coeur Group is making the world a better place and having fun while doing it. An added bonus is someone in the group always knows someone who can build a great deck or do a gentle vasectomy. 
Aaron GabrielSam Johnson
Aaron GabrielAaron Gabriel
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