The Coeur Group Newsletter: January 2016 with, Borah Elementary, the Locker Project of the Month and Chad Parson Member Spotlight.
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The Coeur Group Newsletter: January 2016

Locker Project of the Month

Borah Elementary
I would say the items which are most often used from the locker program are pants and underwear for students (boys and girls) in grades K-2, ages 5-8. Oftentimes we will have students who have a toileting accident here at school who do not have a change of clothes. We do our best to get in touch with parents to bring in a new pair, but if we are unable to, we try to find a set which fits them. Unfortunately we often do not have a pair that fits them and we have to make do with what we have. We could certainly use more of these items.
Another item we seem to not have enough of is winter gloves. Students enjoy playing in the snow, but many of them do not have winter gloves and as a result their hands get very cold. We encourage parents to send gloves with their children to school, but oftentimes students show up to school without them. At this point, we have given out all of the gloves which have been donated to the school.
Snow pants are also another hot ticket item. There are many students here who could use a pair that do not have a pair, and our resources for them are very limited. Lastly, we give out many snow boots as well.
I gave a pair of snow boots to a student yesterday who was walking around in 2 foot snow drifts in very thin loafers that looked like slippers. Unfortunately I did not have a pair that fit him, so I had to give him a pair that was a few sizes too big for him. However, he was very grateful and is wearing them to school again today. He told me his parents are divorced and was on a visit out of state to see his other parent and left his boots there. I told him he could use them until he got a pair and then bring them back to me. 

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Chad Parson

What is your current job and tell us a little about what you do? 
I am the Owner of Excelsior Creations, a web design company specializing in cutting edge websites with style, dynamic multimedia animation, content management systems, web hosting, search engine marketing and robust database applications.
How long have you been a member of The Coeur Group and what is your best experience so far? 
I have only been a member for around 3 and a half months but in that short time I have very much enjoyed the camaraderie displayed by the group. Getting things done but having fun at the same time is something every group should strive for and The Coeur Group has it in spades.
What's your favorite moment of your career to this point?
I honestly love what I do (which I believe is rare) so I have a hard time pinpointing one favorite moment. Creating something from just an idea can be challenging at times but it is also very rewarding when you have the breakthrough and make something just right.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I wish I had more spare time than I do! In the limited time I have though I enjoy seeing new places (hiking locally and traveling nationally) with my family, watching a good movie or TV series with my wife and getting in a workout, preferably some kind of sport, with my friends.
Why would you recommend The Coeur Group to a colleague?
New connections which can increase business through referrals, helpful advice and new-found friendships are just some of the reasons a group like this would be helpful to anyone looking to join a networking group.
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