High Dreams March 2016, Equality
The United Nations has determined the theme for International Women’s Day 2016 as Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender EqualityI would also like to bring gender equality to your agendas this month, since I believe that the prerequisite for any sustainable and human centered organizational development is gender equality. Gender equality is possible only when the different behaviors, wants, and requirements of each gender are equally honored and accepted. This means having equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities in every area.
In order for gender equality to become the DNA of your corporate culture rather than a nice idea popular in your organization, it has to be an important part of your vision. This necessitates that the corporate strategies are established with the goal for maintaining gender equality, implemented unyieldingly and the results followed up decisively. As you execute this, you have to carry out programs to raise awareness and to resolve issues about “unconscious prejudices” concerning gender equality in every level of your organization, starting from the top.
In the vastness and diversity of our world, instead of the superiority of a gender over the other, to highlight the differences to empower and to proceed together towards higher goals with strong impact, I would like to invite you to reflect on the following questions and to take action to move gender equality forward with the wish to create corporate cultures whereby we feel gender equality embodied in our cells instead of celebrating International Women’s Day for one day in the year:
In your organization,
  • How much do you sincerely give priority to gender equality?
  • What are the unconscious prejudices about gender equality?
  • What types of policies, education possibilities, measuring and assessment systems can you develop in order to move forward with gender equality?
  • How can you make role models and leaders who have made gender equality their goal more visible?
  • How can you encourage more leaders to embrace gender equality?
Be equal with love.
Aylin Bozkurt Tüzmen
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