Interview with Qalqalah

TAP x Qalqalah قلقلة x Switch (on paper) 

Read about TAP's beginnings, our latest programs, and how we are positioning our curatorial practice amidst the current crisis in Lebanon in this extensive interview with Qalqalah for Switch (on paper).
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*Image credit: Raymond Gemayel, infinity pool, part of Art Interventions on Dalieh, Beirut, 2017.
Voices of a Forgotten Network: Episode #3 is out!

Podpoems by Nadim Mishlawi
Commissioned by TAP for
Art, Ecology and the Commons #AEC #ملاذ

Within, beneath, and across the urban fabric of Beirut are a plethora of different systems, many of which unseen, that continue to influence the perpetual preciousness of the city’s political landscape. In the series of “Podpoems,” Voices of a Forgotten Network, sound becomes a vessel through which to reconsider how these invisible and often ignored ecological, organic, and synthesized systems of influence remain significant despite their ethereality.

Listen to Podpoem 01:
The River

Using only sounds recorded on location in the concrete shaft that is the Beirut River with conventional microphones and less conventional hydrophones and electromagnetic sensors, this first piece merges the bleak soundscape of the river today with a synthesized, imaginary sonic world created from those same sounds. As the sonic terrain transforms, the grim story of the river, and the lost opportunities in presents, is told by different voices from Beirut.
Listen to Podpoem 02:

Mushrooms are spawned from a diverse network of mycelia growing underground, and it is only when the conditions are perfect that mushrooms stem from this network, often defying the expected. Taking this very rudimentary idea, the second piece reflects on the notion of defiance as an act which may or may not similarly stem from unseen, and often unexpected networks. The piece presents the existence of mushrooms, as ordinary fungi to mind altering hallucinogens, to reconsider that which inspires defiance.
Listen to Podpoem 03:
Borj Hammoud

In this piece, filmmaker Vatche Boulghourian recounts the story of his grandparents’ exile from Anatolia after the Armenian Genocide, and their resettling along the Beirut River in the area of what later became known as Borj Hammoud.

Click here for transcripts in english.
Join us for three public events in Nice in collaboration with thankyouforcoming


20 November - 4 December, 2021 
Thu., Fri & Sat. / 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier, 06 Nice

A film screening curated by TAP in the framework of Video Art Festival OVNI 2021 "A lion in my room": 
Ellipses, a conversation with Omar Amiralay (44' with english subtitles)
by Sandra Iché co-directed with Nesrine Khodr

Free entry.
For more information, click
here or visit Facebook.


25 November, 2021 / 6:30 pm
Villa Arson, Av. Stephen Liegeard, 06 Nice

Together in Agony we Persist (TAP): Curatorial Practices and Extreme Crises

Free entry.
For more information, click
here or visit Facebook.


27 November, 2021 / 10:00 am
Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier, 06 Nice

Not in the same boat: Residencies / hosting artists in exile or in a state of emergency

with Amanda Abi Khalil (TAP Founder), Claire Migraine (thankyouforcoming, ACROSS Residencies), Nesrine Khodr (artist and filmmaker, resident at Foundation Camargo), Marie le Sourd (General Secretary, On the Move), Nasri Sayegh (artist, resident at Villa Arson)

Free entry.
For more information, click
here or visit Facebook.

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For more detailed information on all events and participants, click here.

These events are organized by
thankyouforcoming as part of ACROSS #33, a nomadic curatorial residency carried out by the Arts en résidence - National network / with support of the French Embassy in Lebanon and the NAFAS programme / co-financed by the ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Culture.


Image credits:

01 | Film still, Ellipses, a conversation with Omar Amiralay, Courtesy of the artists.

02 | Courtesy Temporary Art Platform. Art Ecology and the Commons, Beirut, August 2021.

03 | Artist Maxime Hourani, waterfall of Boiçucanga during the emergency relief residency ‘’Make yourself at home’’: Radical care and hospitality organized by Temporary Art Platform in the aftermath of the Beirut Port Blast. October 2021, Boiçucanga, Brazil. Courtesy of Temporary Art Platform.

TAP at the Mosaic Rooms in London
Fadi Mansour, Dreamland (Still), 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

Art, Ecology and the Commons Video Art Program

1 December - 19 December, 2021
The Living Room (Al-Madafeh),
The Mosaic Rooms, London

Our Art, Ecology and the Commons Video Art Programme is traveling from The Study Room of the Bossa Nova Hotel where it was first shown as part of our ten-day #AEC program, to The Living Room of The Mosaic Rooms in London this December.

From the disastrous impacts of the present Lebanese chaos to suffering territories in the Global South, this moving image programme curated by TAP aims to sensitise us to threatened ecosystems, while exploring togetherness as resilience. Don't miss it as part of The Mosaic Rooms' monthly film programme in The Living Room (Al-Madafeh) in the exhibition
Stateless Heritage by DAAR – Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti!

Film programme:

The Line (Mustapha Jundi, 2013, 3.5 minutes) observes the urban border, river and highway of Beirut River. We are offered glimpses of daily life along this ribbon of water and concrete.

Dreamland (Fadi Mansour, 2017, 13 min) opens a critical narrative on the refuse crisis in Lebanon and its impact on water and soils.

Land of Friends (Carolina Caycedo, 2014, 38 min) is filmed in Colombia alongside the ‘Yuma’ (Magdalena River) and the collective territory ‘La Jagua’.

Pawòl sé van (words are wind) (Minia Biabiany, 2020, 13 min) is a video poem which brings together different voices to discuss land reclamation and resource extraction.

INTHEMOUNTAINS (Giorgio Orbi, 2018, 26 min) pays tribute to the collective memory of underground dance music and the ever-metamorphosing alpine landscapes against a soundscape of Radio Cortina’s broadcasts.

#crisisbillboards (Randa Mirza, 2021, 5 min) witnesses the deepening crisis in Lebanon through observing the billboards which stand decaying amidst the country’s collapse.

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For more information, click here.

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TAP (Temporary Art Platform) is a nonprofit organization committed to making another world possible, by affecting social change through contemporary art. Founded in a region of unrelenting volatility and absent cultural policies, TAP curates the conditions for communities, private bodies and governmental institutions to recognize that contemporary artists can be allies in driving enduring social change amidst precarious contexts. In the process, TAP creates accessible tools and production opportunities for contemporary artists, whilst rendering their practice porous and participatory, within and beyond the field of art.

We have been facing an unprecedented deficit, threatening the sustainability of our institution since the beginning of the global and Lebanese economic crisis. We are however committed, more than ever, to making another world possible, by mediating exchange and prompting the unexpected.

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