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Our Vision: Inspiring and Uplifting Every One of Us to Transform the World!
Volume 18, Issue 8 B -- August 15, 2018

From the Board


Creating Community

Sandy Rinehart, Board Treasurer

A couple weeks ago, Rev. Marsha Megdadpour visited the Center. She is our founding Minister for the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley that began as New Horizons Church of Religious Science. They began meeting in 2000 and incorporated in 2001 when they had the required 50 members.

Lots of things have changed thru these 18 years but our purpose remains the same. Our Purpose: Celebrating divinity, embracing humanity, and creating community. These exact words have been our purpose for the whole 14 years I have been attending the Center.

I love the part about creating community. The Centers for Spiritual Living have changed their guidelines to allow virtual communities. I guess these people can Skype their service. I am sure that is great for people who are isolated (without local Centers) but I would miss the camaraderie of physically being in the same place. . ...

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Practitioner's Corner


Releasing Self-Judgment 

Lea Alvarado, RScP

No one is harder on ourselves than we are.  We make one little mistake and we beat ourselves up thinking that we’re a bad person. We can be gentle with our friends and those we love but what about ourselves? Being a part of a spiritual circle makes it even harder because we hear messages about peace and love, messages about seeing the face of God in others, and messages about our thoughts and how they create our life. We immediately get concerned the moment we have a negative thought or do something we deem as “unspiritual.”  We judge ourselves harshly and shame ourselves for example because we didn’t bless the person who cut us off but instead, said a few choice words under our breath.
Being spiritual isn’t ever about doing life perfectly or behaving perfectly. There is no God looking down on us judging us for the choices we make.  This is not the God we believe in. Our God is loving, kind, forgiving and gentle, supporting us and guiding us in our life whether we behave perfectly or not.

Being spiritual is about making conscious choices and dedicating time to spiritual practices and growth but there will be times when life happens and we just can’t choose anything other than a negative thought or a negative action. We are human and we live in a world where there are lots of human beings doing some very bad things in the world and at times, we will react to those things negatively. We are first and foremost spiritual beings but our human side will always be in conflict with our spiritual side. It’s part of being in this existence. ...

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My Good is unfolding in all aspects of my life.  I know that nothing else has power or reality.  God is all that is.

 ~~~Rev. Tara Steele

Upcoming Sunday Services

August Theme: Spiritual Mind Treatment - The Form

Sept. Theme: Spiritual Mind Treatment - The Feeling

Date: August 19, 2018 
Topic: Affirmations and Denials in Affirmative Prayer
Speaker: Rev. Jyoti
Musicians: Elizabeth Beasley & Karen Karsh

Date: August 26, 2018 
Topic: Simple Acceptance - Believe What You Pray
Speaker: Rev. Jyoti
Musicians: Beth Williams & Karen Karsh
Date: September 2, 2018 
Topic: Prayer, a Labor of Love 
Speaker: Rev. Jyoti
Guest Musician: Susan Clark

Special Guest Musicians


Elizabeth Beasley

with Karen Karsh



Sunday August 19


Beth Williams

with Karen Karsh



Sunday August 26


For info and songs click here.


Susan Clark


Sunday September 2

For info and songs click here


Center Calendar

Aug 16   Third Thursday Spiritual Forum 7:00 pm
Aug 19   Sunday Service 10:00 am
Aug 25   Special Event: Beth Williams in Concert 6:00 pm
At Rev. Jyoti and Mary's House. Limited seating, buy tickets!
Aug 26   Sunday Service 10:00 am
Potluck after service! At Mike and Carol Farrell's house
Aug 28   Special Event: Destiny Circles Workshop 6:30 pm
Rev. Jody Stevenson.  At the church, see announcement below!
Sep 2   Sunday Service 10:00 am
Sep 5   First Wednesday Meditation for Peace 6:30 pm
Sep 9   Sunday Service 10:00 am
Sep 9   Special Workshop: Trust Your Next Step 12:00 pm, after service, see announcement below.

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum

Multi Dimensional Healing

Thursday, August 16
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Many people have magical/ mystical experiences, and a strong curiosity for the unknown. However, the unknown is simply something outside our current, limited knowledge. Because of deeply conditioned beliefs, many tend to discount or explain away- using that limited knowledge- all that we don't understand. Yet with a little bit of new knowledge and an open mind, belief systems can fall away and open up awareness. In this talk Bette Hanson shares her own personal story of discovery, and shows how energy and conditioning work to create our reality. And you'll experience these universal dynamics in a demonstration of energy healing. Energy is an often misunderstood concept because of the way our beliefs about it were formed. Blocked energy is dense, contracted and heavy, so the healing follows a proven process to ground, relax, energize, release, re-pattern and integrate - creating a uniquely effective and powerful space for deep movement to occur. Learn more about energy in relationship to our dimensionality and how one modality, VortexHealing®, defines and restructures our energy system with Divine intelligence. Bring your questions. Let go of expectations and be open to experience. More information at . For an inspiring dive into spiritual healing, click on "articles".

Presenter Biography
Bette Hanson is a seasoned holistic practitioner certified and experienced in VortexHealing®, an advanced form of Divine energy healing. As an empath, intuitive healer, channel and higher consciousness mentor, she is devoted to serving people and the planet with Earthwork. Earthwork brings in peace and raises consciousness by awakening Divinity within. She offers personal sessions, group healings, workshops, relationship clearing and home/space/land clearing /blessing. Bette’s private practice is based out of the Longmont/Boulder area of Colorado and she facilitates events throughout the country. For details visit

House Concert and Appetizer Potluck
Saturday, August 25th, 6:00 pm


At Rev. Jyoti & Mary’s House
Limited Seating- sign up now!
 Tickets are $20

Indie singer songwriter Beth Williams is an ACM NOMINEE for BEST NEW FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR whose songs have charted in Billboard, Cashbox, and Americana, as well as various European charts.  With 8 albums on her own Willow Creek Record label, Beth is the owner of Hill Country Recording Studio and a session singer for studios in Nashville, Texas and Colorado. She has been described as a “Hippie Bohemian Cowgirl”. Since Feb. 2017, she has had her own Internationally syndicated radio show, “Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show: Where the Colorado mountains meet the west Texas wind and beyond”. It has been picked up by over 30 other stations & counting! Listen to dozens of past Episodes of the show here. For more information about Beth and her music, click here.

There is limited seating, so get your name on the list soon!  Sign up this Sunday on the sheet in the lobby or contact Rev. Jyoti (303-668-0411 or Directions to Rev. Jyoti and Mary's house will be provided.
Bring an appetizer to share.  Drinks will be provided.

Potluck After Service

Sunday, August 26
At the Farrell's House!


Join us for the potluck after the service at Mike and Carol Farrell's house. Their beautiful home and gardens are located about 10 minutes from the church, in Broomfield. Directions to their house will be available at the Sunday service. This is a great time to enjoy the community and get to know each other better. Come even if you don't bring food. We always have enough! And there are always great surprise dishes!!

Special Workshop:
Destiny Circle

9 minutes for 90 days


Rev. Jody Stevenson

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 
6:30 – 8:30 p.m

Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley
107 E. Geneseo St., Lafayette


Do you want a brave and dazzling transformation in your life? Come to Rev. Jody Stevenson's workshop August 28, and get started with Destiny Circles and your personal Vision Book. Spend just 4.5 minutes each morning and night for 90 days focusing positively on these five Destiny Spotlights:
  • Vibrant Health: having the energy and vitality to love and create your destiny
  • Harmonious connections: our connection with all of creation, the people, plants and flowers, rocks and minerals
  • Financial freedom: the potentiality of doing what you want, when you want, how you want.
  • Loving trusting relations: a person needs only one other to believe in them, to “have their back,” to love them unconditionally
  • Soul purpose: the expression of your talents, skills and dreams. It is the fulfillment of your Dharma.
Who can Join? A person who is willing to:
  1. Commit to 9 minutes a day of focusing on a daily spiritual practice: 4 ½ minutes in the morning and 4 ½ minutes in the evening for 90 days.
  2. Create five destiny spotlight vision pages (we will show you how) and look at them during the 4 ½ minutes in the am and pm.
  3. Support their Destiny Circle Soul Partners in consciousness.
  4. Ponder a NEW inspiring quote daily for 90 days.
  5. Tithe for 90 days to your Sponsoring Church.
  6. Welcome more success into YOUR life.
Each attendee will be given a beautiful Vision Book, at cost of $35 (made payable to IRL – Institute for Richer Living). In addition, each attendee will pledge to tithe to the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley. For more information about Rev. Jody Stevenson, click here.                                
To register:  contact Rev. Jody Stevenson at JODY@JODYSTEVENSON.COM or sign-up on the Destiny Circle Sign-up sheet at church. 
Please register by August 26th, so we can create a Vision Book for you.

First Wednesday Meditation for Peace

Wednesday, September 5; 6:30 pm


Join us Wednesday September 5 at 6:30 pm as we meditate for peace. Meditation will last about 45 minutes and will give you a spiritual boost to start the month. At the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley, 107 E. Geneseo St., Lafayette.

Facilitated by Laurie Lee, RScP.

Special Workshop

Trust Your Next Step:
Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks


Facilitator Kelly Robbins RScP, MA
Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley

September 9, 12:00 - 2:00 pm, after service


When you are cutting Fresh Tracks versus following the trail of others, you see a huge improvement in the results you achieve. In this space beyond the boundaries of comfort you discover that you can live your divine purpose, create with intention, and live in flow rather than forcing outcomes. Your life is more fulfilled because you have the confidence that comes from trusting yourself and listening to your intuition. You have the consciousness to take your right next step.

Developing a true understanding of Universal Law – what it is and how it works – in addition to recognizing the structures and patterns in your life that support your current results, are pivotal awareness’s to creating the life you desire. When you live your divine purpose, approach life as a fun adventure, and trust your next step you, too, can achieve your goals and create your own Fresh Tracks.

Key Take-Aways:
  • Understand the role cause/effect plays in your results
  • Learn when to follow in the steps of others and when to cut your own FT
  • Discover where you stop (at your Edge) and why
  • How to consciously use Universal Law to your advantage
Presenter: Kelly Robbins

Kelly Robbins, MA, an award winning author, business coach, and speaker is the author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks. Kelly also publishes The Edge, a free e-zine that provides Universal tips and guidance that ultimately helps you discover the confidence to cut fresh tracks in your life and business. Over 17 years ago Kelly made the tough decision to quit her corporate J-O-B and to create her own Fresh Tracks by starting a business and working from home while raising her three daughters. Kelly Robbins Coaching is her fourth successful business and she now helps others create the same results in their lives. Kelly holds a Masters in Applied Communication with an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Denver and is a licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living.

CSL Boulder Valley August Outreach

Plates for Pets

Plates for Pets is a new pet food delivery program sponsored by Coal Creek Meals on Wheels in partnership with VCA All Pets Animal Hospital in Lafayette. 
On the last Monday of each month and throughout that week, clients who have signed up for the service receive a one month supply of food for their animal(s) (cats, dogs, fish, and rodents) along with their own delivered meal.

Why are we doing this? Because pets are very important to our clients.

Furry, feathered and scaled friends help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction, promote physical activity, and reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. Furthermore, many homebound people are forced to give up their pets because of an inability to care for them. That’s where this program comes in.
They need unexpired, unopened pet food for cats, dogs, rodents, and fish.

For more information about Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, click here.
For more information about Plates for Pets, click here.
For more information about the VCA All Pets Animal Hospital in Lafayette, click here.

We have a Lending Library!


Use it to expand your spiritual reading resources

The Center’s lending library has been blessed by the many wonderful book, CD, and DVD donations we have received, and are still receiving, from the congregation. We are grateful both for your donations and to be able to serve as a source of spiritual wisdom for those who wish to borrow from our shelves.

Borrowing Books
We do have a process in place for working the shelves: There are two bins on the shelf for books. One is marked “Donations,” the other is marked “Returns” as shown in the picture to the left. We use the honor system for people to check out books. For this, we have a check-out sheet, attached to a cardboard “clipboard,” for borrowers to fill out when they borrow a book and again when they return it. This clipboard rests between the plastic bins. When books are returned, we ask that they are placed in the bin labeled “Returns.” Linda Carlson, the Lending Library Librarian, will return the books to the shelves, to ensure that they are correctly alphabetized. Books are shelved alphabetically by author’s last name, then alphabetically by title, if we have more than one book by the same author. We have two alphabetical lists, one for books and one for audio resources. These lists are stapled together separately and kept on the shelf with the clipboard. These can be perused by borrowers if they want to quickly see if we have a specific book or audio resource.
Donating Books
When books/media are donated, we ask that they be placed in the bin marked “Donations.” Linda will process the donations and shelf them.

Love and Light from Linda the Lending Library Librarian!

An Ongoing Art Workshop
After Sunday Services

Healing Arts

Not held on Potluck Sundays
or when other special events are scheduled



Welcome to a relaxed, enriching series of Art workshops. Whether you attend once, or many times, your creative spirit will enjoy experimenting with Visual Art. Release your creative spirit, heal, and thrive emotionally and spiritually!
  • No pre-registration required
  • $10 per 1-hour session
  • ($15 for child w/ adult)
  • Starts at 11:15...11:30, after Sunday service, in the Kids/Art Room.
  • Contact Carole for more information - 303-872-4976

Ecclesiastical Staff

Reverend Jyoti DeVernie 303-668-0411
Lea Alvarado RScP 303-704-7763
Barbra Babcock RScP
Jim Babcock RScP
Laurie Lee RScP 303-449-5452
Kathy Nunemaker RScP     303-931-8313
Kelly Robbins RScP 303-460-0285

Board of Trustees

President: Catherine Snider
VP &Treasurer: Sandy Rinehart
Secretary: Linda Williamson

Pastoral Care Needs

If you or someone you know needs prayer or support, please call Rev. Jyoti at 303-668-0411.

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