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First Flights for Kids 2018 a success!

Jul 09, 2018 08:53 pm

On Saturday June 16, 2018, the club held its 10th annual AFC’s First Flights for Kids event.

We had nine aircraft participate in our awesome fleet which included the new addition of a turbine helicopter (thanks Ryan!) which added some new interest to the event.

Thanks to all the volunteers and pilots who participated.  We had a good mix of newer members, “not-so-new” members and some “potential-new” members too.  It’s your efforts and generosity that allowed over 140 kids to get their first taste of flight in a small airplane.  To date, the club has flown well over 1000 kids in the last 10 years!  Well done!

Below in the article is a small sample of the awesome pictures taken by our photographer.  Here are links to the entire collection:  Children  ,  Candids.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for next year’s event on Saturday June 15, 2019 !


Mark Thibault & Ron Becker
AFC’s First Flights for Kids


FAA Updates Guidance on Flight Reviews

Jul 09, 2018 08:35 pm

While the Flight Review is not mandatory in Canada, the FAA sees value in having them required for all US pilots.

Click here for an interesting article from Boldmethod discussing the recent updates the FAA made to the process.


Four Loss of Control Survival Scenarios

Jul 09, 2018 07:17 pm

Loss of control isn’t a good thing when it comes to flying.

Click here for a good article from Plane&Pilot on it.


Pilot shortage extends to Canada

Jul 09, 2018 07:10 pm

Things are getting tough for smaller operators looking for pilots.  Click here for the article from Flying magazine.


An interesting single-seater.

Jul 09, 2018 06:13 pm

Just Aircraft have released a new design that might make flying more affordable.

Click here to read the article from Flying magazine.



Chuck Yeager on Air Combat

Jul 01, 2018 12:12 pm

In the video below, famous pilot Chuck Yeager talks about air combat in three eras of conflict, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.  The footage came on a VHS tape included in the deluxe version of Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat flight simulation game released by EA back in 1991.

Also featured is a video of the game itself. It was unique in that it allowed you to pit a fighter from one era against another. Flying a F-4 Phantom against a Focke Wulf FW-190 is not as easy as it sounds.

I logged many happy hours in this sim back in the day and it remains a classic. Enjoy.


Mark Thibault


FlightChops and the Harvard.

Jun 30, 2018 08:58 pm

Very cool journey with Steve Thorne, aka. FlightChops, as he trains in the Harvard.


The Story of Aviation’s Largest Piston Engine

Jun 24, 2018 09:05 am

Click here for an interesting article from Tested on the largest piston aircraft engine in the world.


The Rudder – It Gets No Respect!

Jun 19, 2018 05:52 pm



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