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President’s Column – January 2019

Jan 06, 2019 11:19 pm

Happy New Year, fellow Abbotsford flying club members!  The New Year means different things to different people. For most people, it means resolutions with the goal of becoming a better person.  On my daily dog walks, evidence of this appears in the form of a flock of joggers who I have noticed running around the neighbourhood.

In the past I used to make a resolution every year to fly more, to eat less, exercise more and work at being a better husband and father.  By the time July rolls around, I would have made a few minor changes but typically I’ve settled into a groove and the changes aren’t as noticeable.  For the past couple of years, I’ve just started setting out regular times to reflect on how things are going and work out how to make things better.  The constant approach seems to work better for me and gets me to ensure that I’m balancing my duties and the things I value based on the situation at hand – rather than one I may have imagined back in January.

So what self-improvements does your situation allow for?  Are you going to volunteer more?  Are you going to spend more time with your family?  Are you going to try to make new friends?  The holidays provide a time for reflection, but are you prepared to set up times during the upcoming year to reflect, take stock and recalibrate?

With respect to the club as a whole, we have a lot to look forward to this coming year!  We have our special events like Wings and Wheels, First Flights for Kids, the Airshow and a number of weekly TGIFs (some of which follow a theme).  We have a year of flying to look forward to – weekend flyouts, events at other clubs, air races and our new aircraft to fly.  There are also a number of new members who I’m sure it will be good to get to know over the coming year.

I wish you all the best in 2019 – may you be blessed with blue skies and fair winds for all your flights.

Yours truly,


Elevator Failure At 4500 Feet In A Cessna 150

Jan 06, 2019 12:37 pm

Click here for an interesting article from Air Facts Journal about how an instructor handled an elevator failure during a training flight.



AFC New Year’s Party

Jan 04, 2019 09:16 pm

The  New Year’s dinner party that was organised by Clark Closkey was an overwhelming success.

The table centrepieces were made by Jeanette Campbell. We had real table cloths, courtesy of Leanne and Murray Webb.

44 steaks were served with salads, onions and more than 20 pounds of Jill Greystone’s mushrooms. There was also a great selection of desserts to choose from.

The dress code turned out to be an exercise in elegance. It looked more like a captain’s dinner on a cruise ship instead of a club function. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

Adrian did a head count at 1030 pm and out of 44 people, 42 were still there. It appeared that everyone had doubled up on their Geritol.

Happy new year!

Adrian, Ken and Chris

Adrian, Clark and Chris

Cheers from Clark!

Ton hard at work

Cheryl and Bevan

Didn’t see a thing, didn’t hear a thing, Didn’t say a thing!

Everyone get into the picture! Devin, Vanessa, Sophia and Liam

MISTER Palmer!

Dave Van Ember and Mary Ann from Chilliwack (Dave maintains Chris’ Yukon)

Clark with precious cargo!

Valerie at the mushroom station

Duncan and Chris

Jill prepping her wonderful mushrooms!

Ken the grillman

Ken and Clark

Tables are laid

Ladies hard at work; Barb, Jan and Linda

Man, Fire and Food!

Waiting for supper



Mach Loop fly-bys

Jan 04, 2019 08:47 pm

Some awesome footage from the famous Mach Loop in the UK where NATO pilots fly low-level through the hills. The footage below includes the Airbus A400M transport and the 2018 CF-18 demonstration jet in NATO livery that appeared at the Abbotsford airshow in 2018.



AFC Christmas lunch at Meadowlands

Dec 24, 2018 02:54 pm

The annual AFC Christmas lunch was once again held at Meadowlands Golf Course in Chilliwack. about 35 members and spouses attended and the meal was once again top-notch.

Hats off to Gerry Crapo for organising this once again. It is much appreciated!


Wind storm at YXX

Dec 22, 2018 05:20 pm

As most of you know, we had a pretty heavy duty wind storm move through the Lower Mainland on Thursday the 20th of November. There was not as much damage as there could have been considering the winds at times were gusting more than 60kt!

The most serious damage that was reported was on the hangars in the compound that the AFC manages. Manned security was put in place almost immediately and the damaged doors were repaired quite quickly. Good to know that the roofs are in good shape!

Picture credit goes to Daryl Francoeur from Facebook/ BCGA


Writing down ATC instructions.

Dec 21, 2018 08:33 pm

Cool video from Aviation101’s channel on how to use shorthand when writing down ATC instructions.



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