March 2017 Huntley Film Archives Newsletter
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The Tinned Tudor Feast

If there’s one example of post WWII excess, it’s the restaurants on luxury cruise ships of the late 1950's. The particular films we’ve chosen for this month’s newsletter demonstrate how ocean liner chefs really went to town during Atlantic crossings. A far cry from ship’s biscuits of old, or even the powdered eggs of a mere decade before, these culinary masters put the medieval banquet back on the menu, reinventing it to suit the stomachs of a new breed of consumer.  
With the new freedom in fabric allowance, which ushered in swing skirts, came buffet feasts and food embellishment. But unlike the nostalgia for vintage gear and home baking which has been sweeping the nation recently, the dishes in these films don’t make one yearn for a lost culinary past, despite such fashionable leaps in food presentation - Roasts so encrusted with ornamental piping they could be mistaken for sweet gateaux, for example; or a delectable cornucopia of glazed thingimijigs; and what marine buffet would be complete without a trout located somewhere amongst an assault course of tinned fruit ornamentation? Bon appetite..!
1950's Cruise Ship Gastronomic Delights.
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Marine Buffet On The Queen Elizabeth 1950's
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Russian Revolution

In stark contrast to the first half of the newsletter, this month marks the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution in Petrograd - the end of Tzarist rule and the beginning of a new era of Russian government. Huntley Archives holds a wealth of material illustrating the vast picture and complexities of this era of Russian and Communist history: footage of weary soldiers sitting in frozen fields on the Eastern Front during World War I; the royal pageants of Tzar Nicholas and his family, contrasting with images of poverty stricken workers existing under feudal conditions; And thence into the riots of revolution where we see footage of Alexander Kerensky ushering in a new socialist government; Vladimir Lenin speaking forcefully to Bolshevik revolutionaries; and finally the euphoric sugar coated parades stimulating enthusiasm for Joseph Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union.
1930's Stalin Watching Youth Parade.
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1910's Lenin & Bolshevik Revolution

1917 Kerensky's New Government & Riots
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